Friday, September 7


Last week, we tossed Laika into the sink for her first bath. Click and enjoy 5 minutes of unfathomable cuteness, along with what's left of your Friday.

Oh, and the CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade deadline is today! If you were part of the trade, make sure your mixes are mailed out by the end of the day! Again, if there are any problems with communication, please let me know and I'll take care of it. It's my hope that there will be 18 mixes in 18 mailboxes for 18 smiling faces throughout next week. Make it happen! Also, if you want to reward my hard work by sending me a mix, just send it out to the address I mailed all of you earlier on in the week.

Also, Geek Kon 2007 is coming to Madison this October, and they're bringing with them a Guitar Hero II Tournament! Never one to pass up the chance to prove once and for all that the CDP is the greatest cyber-shredder in the Midwest, I've been offered a spot in the competition. Here are the official rules, straight from the Geek Kon Gods themselves:

"The Guitar Hero II Tournament is limited to 16 competitors. The difficulty setting will be Hard, and we will not be incorporating the unlockable songs. The preliminary round will consist of the judges drawing two songs out of a hat, and having the 16 competitors play both of them. The 8 competitors with the highest combined score will be seeded 1 through 8 in the tournament, based on their total preliminary score."

"The tournament will be best two-out-of-three songs, with the finals being best three-out-of-five. In each match, the higher-ranked competitor will have the option of picking the first and third songs, with the lower-ranked competitor choosing the second song. In the finals, the higher-ranked competitor will get to choose the first, third and fifth song, with the lower-ranked competitor choosing the second and fourth. The winner of each song will be determined by highest score."

"Once you choose a song to play in the tournament, you are not allowed to choose it again for the remainder. However, randomly-drawn songs in the prelims do not count, as well as songs chosen by your opponents. Winner take all."

It's on, Geeks. I'll be bringing my own axe.

Finally today, I bring you this moment of zen from Facebook. This single sentence in my 'mini-feed' might be one of the funniest things I've ever read on the Internet:

Earl Peterson went from being "it's complicated" to "single".
No disrespect to Earl or his ex-girlfriend; it's just funny how a simple change in status can tell such a complex tale. I laughed pretty hard; it looks like something you'd see in the sidebar of The Onion.

Have a good weekend.

You leave Earl alone! :)

That hog takes a cute bath, I tell you what!
That hog hates you, because you won't hold her.
She loves me! When I come over by her, she totally digs it.
"Get in there deep"

You make sex jokes about hog-washing? You disgust me CDP.

If we *had* Guitar Hero 2 contests over here, I would own all. I'm halfway through expert, and Ihave 5 stars on every song (exept 'Surrender', which I do not get) on hard mode.

And who's Earl Peterson?
Earl is just a random Facebook friend. It's the automatically-generated message that all of his friends get when he updates his profile that made me laugh so hard.

I sincerely wanted the Missus to scrub that damn hog right down to the marrowbone. It makes for good viewing.

Way to go on GHII; that's pretty good. I've 5-starred Hard Mode, and I'm 2 songs away from completing Expert. I would have done it months ago, but Rocks The 80's came out and took over for me.

I'm training right now for ways to maximize my score. Considering that I've played all of these songs about a hundred times, I'm happy to report that I'm setting new personal high scores every day. Geek Kon, here I come!
"I don't get Surrender." I love that :)
That reminds me of the commercial we saw for 3:10 To Yuma last night. The announcer guy was rattling off all of the positive reviews the movie has received from critics, when I heard:

"Christian Bale and Russell Crowe are unbelievable."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as an actor, isn't being called 'unbelievable' the absolute last thing you want to hear from someone?
Yep. It's a rotten thing to say to an actor.

In related news, where the F is everyone?
Putting the finishing touches on their mix-tapes, I assume.

Friday's usually are like this when Lost isn't on. I'm surprised you've checked in so much; you're usually a little more low-key this time of the week.

I got my Brewer tickets in the mail today! Add that to my 4 Raw tickets and 2 Architecture In Helsinki tickets, and you've got yourself one broke young man.
I think I want to get my eyebrows put on permanently. One of my coworkers has it done and it looks really really good.
Pardon me? Like a tattoo? Like Michael Jackson?
Alas, I have no mix-tape to make. I'll just make one with songs I never listen to and play that, PRETENDING that someone sent it to me.

I play Guitar Hero more than my acuall guitar. I'm that kinda guy.
Yes, like Michael Jackson. And I'm going to get a wax nose too.
Carrot, you sadly missed the mix-tape deadline. However, I want to make it an annual/bi-annual thing.

I hear you, with all of the instruments I have in the house, I play GH the most.

Hathery, no face tattoos or wax noses. In fact, nothing on the face at all that carries the term 'permanent.'
I just dropped my mix CDs in the mail. Since they are only going to Sun Prairie and Milwaukee from the downtown Madison post office, hopefully they will be received tomorrow.

I'm pretty happy with the final result. It was a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. I found it was really hard to make a mix for someone I don't know. I usually like to make them more personal affairs.
I watched Laika's bath with the volume down (as I am in my workplace of doom), and all I could think of was "Washing the hog! Washing the hog!" in a Beavis & Butthead voice. Is that wrong?

I think my CD will probably get in the mail later than anticipated, despite all of my best intentions. I started off strong, but life has kind of gotten in the way and the project went to the back burner. It'll get done and in the mail as quickly as I can make it happen, though.

And I have one thing to say about perma-brows (or artificial perma-anything): just think of how that will look when you're 60.
CDP, as with the hog, you really can't tell me what to do. Sorry. If I decide I want permanent eyebrows, permanent eyebrows I shall have.

My mix tape is going all the way to the big city--LA! woohoo!
Julia -- I know what you mean about making a mix for someone you don't know at all. You'll be the judge on how well I did, but I think it came out good. I think you will get it tomorrow or Monday.
It was a national mix-tape tradymajiggy anyway, I'm sure I could have been an exeption, but it's all goooood.

I'm back at school now anyway, so there's to much avoiding homework to be done.
JULIA - Thanks for sending a mix my way; I appreciate it. I'm assuming it's just a bunch of Mediocre At Best songs, though. :)

MAUS - You didn't really miss much with the sound down; just the 4 of us saying arbitrary things and the sound of running water.

Do what you need to do with the mix-tape. Since it's just going to me, I'm fine with waiting a little bit.

HATHERY - You need to make sure that everything on your face ages at the same rate, unless you're going to look terrifying when you're older. Everyone will think that you're giving them an evil look or something, like when Uncle Leo got his eyebrows singed off.
I totally was going to put a Mediocre At Best song on but I was having issues locating the CD. By the time I realized where it probably was, I was almost done with the mix and I was too tired to dig for it in the basement (I maybe haven't finished unpacking from when I moved in with my boyfriend a year ago).

And the fact that it's buried in the basement is in no way a disrespect to Mediocre At Best; in fact I was pretty impressed with that CD considering how old ya'll were when you made it.
Yeah, a group of savants we were.

I put 2 M@B tracks on Cargirl's mix, merely for entertainment and trivial value. I wrote half of those tracks when I was 16, which means that we're now old enough for a 10th Anniversary Reunion Tour.
Yes, indeedy, the mix tapes are on the way to Moe and CDP. I'm sure you will both laugh and nod appreciateively when you realize the theme I adopted. I even tried to arrange the songs in a specific way, but not sure how well that panned out.

If nothing else, I suspect you'll appreciate the album art.

Laika is cuter than I thought, especially with the drinking of the bathwater.
JT - Laika takes people by surprise. You think she'll be all ugly and stuff, then BAM! She looks at you and your heart turns to pudding. I have the same effect on sad, sad women.

Your mix-tape has a theme? Where did you find 20 different songs about PBR? Bravo, good sir!
You're not far off, my friend...
The better question is where did he find 20 songs about VDR, as his theme is actually the Virginia Declaration of Rights. How little you know about JT. How very little you know.
She's right. CDP, sometimes I feel like I don't even know who you are anymore...
Boy, if I had a nickel for everyone that's said that to me this week, I'd be munching on nickel soup for months.
frickin' love nickel soup!

Today, I received mixes from Julia, Mike Hoss, Benjamin & The Missus. Thank you so much!

In true mix-tape fashion, I will listen to all of them individually, in their entirety, in one sitting. I'm in the midst of a busy weekend and don't want to short-change the mixes, so I will wait until I've received each mix that is planned on being sent to me, and listen to one a day.

I'll let you know when I've listened to them. Thanks again!
Love the artwork BTW, Julia!
You should receive my mix by Monday or Tuesdaym unless of course, the people from the Chilean Dance Patrol intercept it. Damn CDPs.

I'm eagerly awaiting the Nationwide Mixed Tape, Volume Two. I'm hoping for a theme-based assignment led by or leaders, CDP and Hathery.
Can't wait, Moe!

Yeah, we're going to do this again for sure. I was thinking we could do Volume II around Valentine's Day; nothing but love songs, baby.

I'm watching UFC 75 right now. WHOOOOT!
Thanks! I actually took that picture last week with my new fancy schmancy digital SLR camera. The fly zoomed in at the last minute. It definitely made the picture.

Sadly the mail-person did not bring me any presents yesterday. I have high hopes for Monday though. High in the sky apple pie hopes. Especially since you got your CD from Mike. It must take an extra day to get all the way to the West side (we represent).
Now I'm all excited about getting my mix tape from Kenny.

My mix tape/cd should be arriving to you on MOnday or Tuesday as well, unless the Canadian Dice Police intercept it. Damn CDPs, indeed.

Did the Missus mail your mix to you or just hand it to you?
The Missus just told me that her mix was on our iTunes. It was sort of bittersweet, but I accepted it all the same.

Just got back from the Packer game. 1-0, baby!


On Tuesday, I'll be visiting the folks, and on Wednesday I'll be writing an entertainment piece for That, along with all of the mixes being sent about, makes me a happy man.
I wouldn't be so sure about your sign making it through the Corey Dillon Pyramid. I've heard that it's a real bitch in Wisconsin. Damn CDPs.
Oh, and Jon Jansen's ankle was Z-Rayed at Duke.

I sunburned my face like crazy at the Packer game; if I am on TV tonight, I'll look like a burn victim.

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