Sunday, September 23

It's Still Saturday Night To Me.

A Winner Is You.


It gets hard to read when the writing reaches your head, 'cos i keep looking at the wrong lines

Sucks. I got through this myself from time to time.
I rarely post on the weekends, but I was up late and thought this was interesting at the time....I'll try not to do it again.

I had been working on some Photoshop stuff for awhile, and my eyes started to fry and whatnot, so I just did this and went to bed. It worked!
If it weren't for your insomnia-induced writings, we probably never would have gotten together. God bless you, gadjitlink.
You too, huh? Yaaaay insomnia. I read a lot when I'm having "spells" - which usually coincide with unpleasant occassions and times of high stress at work.
Yup, I hear you. I don't think I'd be a writer if it wasn't for it, though, so I'm sort of indebted to it.

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