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Ken - By Request Only - The Complete Story.

Ken - By Request Only.

If you're not familiar with the legend of 'Ken' by now, you're about to be. The album cover widely considered to be the 'Worst Of All-Time' has been an endless source of humor to hipsters like myself, cementing its place in Internet Infamy by being featured in every 'Wost Album Cover' list and book on the planet.

When the CDP compiled our own list of the Worst Album Covers Of All-Time, By Request Only came in at #2. It was one of our most popular posts ever, and did nothing but spread the Internet Phenomenon that was Ken.

Who was this guy? What was on the record? Was it even a real record? These were the questions that filled message board threads for years, as outsider music collectors and Internet historians debated the merits of this one and only photograph. Mere sleeves of this record were said to be going for big money on eBay. Surely, it was too good to be true. Just a little too nostalgic, just a little too funny, perhaps. People wanted their hands on this album, but nobody even knew if it actually existed.

Until now.

Snopes, the Internet's premiere Urban Legend website, has finally cracked the mystery of By Request Only, actually tracking down Ken himself for the straight dope. Besides Snopes, I'm confident that the CDP is currently the only place on the Internet where you can see the entire story of Ken from beginning to end.

First off, this album is real. The first big clue came when the album, vinyl and all, went up on eBay and sold for $150. This gave the world their first look at the back cover of the album, along with the actual record itself.


Finally being able to see the back cover of By Request Only opened the floodgates of information. We got a track listing, an idea of the musical genre it entailed (Christian), a personal message from Ken himself, a last name (Snyder) and full contact information! Things were going well for us Internet investigators.

The next step, of course, was to break the fourth wall and actually track this guy down. Did Ken know that he was an Internet Celebrity? Was he aware that By Request Only was making big bucks on eBay and considered the worst album cover of all-time?

After some more digging, a Ken Snyder who matched the description and location of the album recording was linked to a church in Sheldon, Iowa, along with an updated photograph and contact information!


Surely, this was the same man. Now, not only did we know that the album was real, we also knew that Ken was still alive and well, spreading his message of faith throughout the Bible Belt. This was a very good thing.

Eventually, someone had the balls to make the phone call, and contact was made. Here's the Snopes entry on said conversation:

"Talked with Ken, he said he was somewhat aware of the notoriety, but was surprised to hear about the eBay auction and wanted a link. He hadn't received any calls about it, hopefully I didn't start anything, he's a really nice guy."

Contact with Ken! The Internet truly is an amazing thing.

After this conversation with Ken, he was happy to know that people were still interested in his music, and actually put up the LAST 4 COPIES OF BY REQUEST ONLY THAT HE HAD. In the eBay auctions, he actually put 'Worst Album Cover' in the title, so it's clear that the man has a very good sense of humor about this. In fact, shortly after finding out this news, Ken's daughter posted on the Snopes board and offered this information:

"Hey, I'm Ken's daughter. Just thought you would like to know my dad has loved reading these sites about him. That record is from 1976. He used to travel and sing all over the U.S., and that was one of his records he sold. He only has about 4 left now, decided 'why not try selling them if people are actually interested in buying them?' He called me up immediately after he got a call saying that one of you had told him his record sold on eBay. He knew the album cover was under "Worst Album Cover" but didn't realize he was the talk of people online. Crazyness!"

So, that pretty much brings everyone up to speed. The album is real, Ken is real (with a great sense of humor), and he's selling off the last 4 copies of By Request Only known to exist. He's even going to sign them! I love it when mysteries like this end with happy endings, although I am a bit sad that the Internet has halted yet another great Urban Legend.

Ken - By Request Only. Solved.

You should also know that I'm getting myself a copy, and I don't care the price. I'm currently the highest bidder on one of the auctions that ends tomorrow. I'll tell you how I did when it's over.

I'll be mildy disappointed if one of the CDPeons don't outbid you on said album only to hold you ransom to its greatness.
As long as one of us gets a copy.

Of course, the next logical step is to interview Ken.
And the next, next logical step is to use your USB turntable to spread the album's goodness to your loyal following.
If I win it, I will. No questions axed.
*shakes head* It's funny, but is it CREDIT CARD funny?
It's like he's staring into my soul. Make it stop.

Ken pwns all. Ken is Superman. Ken can lift a house.
Ken rocks. Krocks.
Oh, don't act like you don't know what time it is! This is Ken, man!

The two things about this cover that strike me the most are 1), the shot on the right is most certainly in an outhouse, and 2), the shot on the left is a crude, carved stone figure of the man on the right. This is widely regarded as the worst album cover of all time, and just sleeves of this album go for big money on Ebay.

Something tells me that 'By Request Only' means his set list consists of about half a song before he's quickly escorted back to his customized barstool, where he's fed vodka tonics for the remainder of the night. Then at 2am, he'll stumble back into the ballroom, fart into the mike and fall off the stage.
That was from my 'Worst Album Covers' post from awhile back, BTW.
His hair kind of reminds me of Laika's quills when they lay flat.
Hedgehog Head. The same thing happens to me whenever I wear my Red Sox cap.
Well...that's all news to me.

But as usual, The CDP overloads me with more pointless web based info.

...and I don't know what I'd do without it!
Probably go on to become a Pulitzer Prize winner or humanitarian of some sort. It's good we're keeping you away from that riff raff.
Now if we could only find out the 411 on all those other worst album covers.
No kidding. I need to track down Heino.
oh god, I hope you do end up getting it and sharing it because I want to hear this album so bad. Knowing it is real is great but I need to hear it to be truly satisfied, haha.
Any chance we could get an upload and hear the album?

that is my

Ken Snyder Appreciation Society Group on facebook

Feel Free To Join :D
UPDATE: I lost the eBay auction, but will continue to look for copies of By Request Only as they pop up online.
Great article, but you imply that Iowa is in the bible belt. Being an Iowan who has recently transplanted to the middle of the bible belt I can assure you that Iowa is NOT in the bible belt.

Wikipedia’s map may show a hue of red in SE Iowa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible_Belt) but this is inaccurate.
Holy cow, I grew up in Sheldon, IA - it's a town of 5,000. I bet my parents know this guy!
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I live in southern minnesota, and he played a concert at my church when i was like 7 or 8. I remember my mom buying the album after the concert, for less the 20 people lol, I found the album moving a few years ago, a friend saw it helping me and hung it in his family room, i then photo copied it and actually have a tshirt of it.
Im in north missouri. thats ware i liv. i wood pay anything for copy of it to sho off. is yer friend still seen by you. i have differnt album from him i dont want. i herd it to meny times that one has fansy cuver for it with album.
LOL I grew up in Sheldon most of my life, and I went to school with his son, Tim.

Ken and his family even sang at our church once
How the hell did you not include '80s-tastic bombshell Janny's "Stronger Than Before"? http://www.brokenwings.org/html/janny.html I found this on cassette in a thrift store in the '80s. I've never listened to it.
I wonder if this album would do any good if he re-released it in a digital format on iTunes or even on CD Baby.
Well how did it end? Can you share the songs with us?
Ken- By request only has hit the net! It's out right now, and should be spreading very soon.

1. He Loves Me So
2. I Heard Footsteps
3. Modern Religion
4. Rise And Be Healed
5. Medley (Holy Spirit Flow Thru Me, Come Holy Spirit)
6. Love Beyond Compare
7. Walk With Me
8. Light At The End of the Darkness
9. I'm Going Back
10. I Want To Live My Life For Jesus
Ken is real now

i want the rapidshare link u pricks

You're welcome.

Here's the TRUE story behind Ken and his album. It's all the result of a conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels of the American government. The TRUTH must be told!!!!

Considering the man is my father, I decided to feature him in my latest video. check it:

hey! i had no idea of all the hullabaloo surrounding KEN, but when i saw his album cover a long time ago, i always thought that, if ever i have an album i will make its cover in honor of, in reference to KEN. so, here it is:

thanks for this article!
Thank you for this article! I haven´t laughed so much all week! Especially glad to know that Ken is a man with a sense of humour - others would not have been pleased with the "worst album cover" honor on almost the entire internet :)
No joke here... may 20th 2012, pastor Ken Snyders church has a special guest... the singing little person lowell mason. Lowell was once called the singing midget and his record covers also frequent worst album cover websites. Two legends under one roof, in Sheldon, Iowa, May 20th 2012. See you there!
I was just watching Cobert and a picture of this album flashed on the screen. I couldn't believe it. My mother has a copy of this album. Ken came to our church and sang when was a kid. My mom bought a copy of his album and tortured us with it for years. I can't wait to tell her that her Ken album is worth more than her old Elvis records.
This dude was just featured on an episode of "Dooms Day Preppers".
Great article! So there are copies left. But does he still have that groovy '70's polyester SUIT????
I hope there is still someone monitoring this. I'd like to get in contact with Ken. Can someone please pass my info on to him? I'd like to get a copy of the music to I heard Footsteps. It's one of my top favorite songs. I can't sing it at church since I don't have the music nor can I find it anywhere.
I have two of his albums and covers in the plastic, still. "Ken by Request" and another, but cant remember the name. However, it is as bad as the "ken by requeat" cover. Funny i still get notifications on this blog.

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