Tuesday, October 16

Facebook Funnies! (Volume 6.)

Facebook Funnies!

Hello, and welcome to another hilarious installment of 'Facebook Funnies,' where we get to peek into the personal lives of Facebook users by simply keeping an eye on the Mini-Feed. It's wacky! It's hilarious! It's Facebook Funnies!

Today's Facebook Funny comes to us from 'Franklin,' and was kindly submitted to the CDP by Dane 101's Bessie Cherry. This was his updated mini-feed on Monday evening:

Franklin removed "Dancing on stage with the Flaming Lips" from his interests. Franklin added "Bluegrass on a Sunday morning in the Fall" to his interests.

How quickly we age, Franklin. How quickly we age.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for the next installment of Facebook Funnies!

The Door County photo post is on the way. The CDP should have its 250,000th visitor sometime today, which damn near brought a tear to my eye.

Volume 5.
Volume 4.
Volume 3.
Volume 2.
Volume 1.

Wow...I don't know that I'd want to hang out with that person at all.

(Sorry if I already know you and hang out with you, person in question)
You don't know this person; it's all good, yo.

Should I turn Facebook Funnies into a CDP spin-off site, and have readers submit their favorites whenever they want? Could be a good source of work-free entertainment for your truly, and I could publish them in those little books you see at Urban Outfitters.

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You already know my opinion on this, love.
Perhaps by the silence you have your answer?
Heh-heh. I'm telling you, Facebook Funnies has a devoted cult following, and those who understand the social commentary think it's hilarious. These people include myself and Fred Armisen.

On a different topic, the CDP is celebrating its 220,000th visitor today! How cool is that? That's an average of about 6500 hits a month since February of 2004.

Not to be out-done, the Wild Stallion v3.0 rolled over to 100,000 miles on my way to the airport this morning.
The Mini Stallion needs an oil change, and I'm trying to find a place in Madison to do it.
Heh-heh. I'm telling you, Facebook Funnies has a devoted cult following, and those who understand the social commentary think it's hilarious.

Your butthole is exposed, for all the world to see.
In 2008, I'll be creating a ton of "I can see your butthole" merch, including t-shirts, bumper stickers and coffee mugs.

Butthole-mania will sweep the nation, mark my words.
I, for one, cannot wait. In my opinion, there can never be enough butthole talk. I'm not even being sarcastic.
I am disgusted and intrigued.
No you're not...you know how much I enjoy poop and butt talk. It's one of my most disgusting and endearing traits.
Don't you two live together!?

And Hell yeah! Bring on the buttholeness! I'm all open!

God, I've made at least 10 sex jokes today. What's wrong with me?
You'd fit right in here in Wisconsin, that's pretty much all we do. Brits do it with more subtlety, though.

Not counting Benny Hill, of course.
Don't you two live together!?

Prove it!
"Being married to the Missus is like being married to my best friend...and he lets me feel his boobs."

I couldn't resist a Simpsons quote.
Well, they certainly don't seem to share equally in the parenting of Laika the hedgehog. That in itself may be enough to contest the validity of their union in some jurisdictions...
That hog would be just a quilled skeleton if it were up to the CDP.
Sounds like a rad Halloween costume, if you axe me.

Skele-hog sounds like Skeletor's pet.
Even if she was a skele-hog, she'd still be adorable.
Do you think she could show Skeletor the error of his ways?
There is nothing she can't do.

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