Friday, October 5

You're The Bomb, And You Blew Up On Me.

I can't look you in the eye.

Last weekend, me and my entourage went to the EAA, the largest recreational aviation facility and museum on the planet. It also happens to be near my old hometown. We took the MINI, which was less than comfortable for Benjamin, who's about 6'3". It was worth the compromise.

Don't forget your sticker.

We went during the Packer game, so the place was virtually deserted. This is really the only time I choose to go to places like this; when I'm guaranteed not to be bothered. I'm running out of 8x10 glossy prints to sign for fans, and I don't feel like buying more until after Christmas.

Not the original CDP.

The only person we conversed with was a World War II veteran who told us about the plans to invade Japan if the Atomic Bomb wouldn't have been dropped. It was amazing to hear a story from someone who was there, and still wanted to talk about it. Most veterans won't.

This plane killed people.

The Missus hadn't been to the EAA since she tagged along on a field trip back in the 3rd grade. When she returned home afterward, her mother asked her how the trip went. Her reply was, "It was nice, but there sure were a lot of planes there." Sometimes, she's not so quick on things.

Nothing has really changed.

We saw a Star Wars prop donated by George "Uber-Dick" Lucas, we crashed the flight simulator a few times, checked out some WWII propaganda footage and basically had our way with the place. It was a decent and cheap day out for a group of hipster nerds in their 20's.

You know, just general bombing.

I don't know if there's anything 'general' about dropping a bomb on something. I've always been taught to never point a weapon at something you didn't intend to kill. So even in wartime, there shouldn't be anything 'general' about mass murder and destruction. I guess I'm a wuss.

The season ended that night.

Last Friday night, the Milwaukee Brewers ended their playoff run with a loss to the San Diego Padres at Miller Park. My Red Sox are still alive and well, but it would have been really nice to see the home team make the playoffs for the first time in 25 years. Maybe in 2032, perhaps.

Majestic bastard.

If you believe that you own a cat more majestic and regal than Gabriel, you're a God damn liar.

Please sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Friday. You can say hello to me at Geek Kon this weekend at the University of Wisconsin Campus; I'll be destroying everyone in the Guitar Hero tournament from 10-1pm Saturday morning. Have a good weekend.

I'm getting pretty sick of my Mac-altered photos looking like crap on a Windows PC. When the pictures look bad, then I look bad. When I look bad, I get angry and breaky.

Apart from that, 30 Rock and The Office were off-the-charts brilliant, and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS RETURNS TONIGHT!
Some quick Office riffs, here:

"Dunder Mifflin already has a website, and frankly, I don't see anything wrong with it..."

I drove my car into a *beep* lake.

The slow reveal of Creed with his dyed hair (using all the printer ink, BTW).

Jim just waving over at Ryan when Pam reveals that they are dating. I never equated myself with Jim before (I’m more like Ryan), but that is exactly how I’d react in that situation.
I think that DID happen quite a few times when we were in the band and older dudes from other better-known bands would hit on me...:)

Seriously people. I DARE you to prove you have a cat more majestic than Gabe. This is an open challenge. I need photographic evidence. All evidence should be emailed to for immediate consideration.

P.S. If everyone would just buy a Mac, we wouldn't have to worry about your pictures looking like poo on a PC. If they look gorgeous on a Mac, that's all that matter. PC's be damned!
I put all this time into Photoshopping and re-sizing these photos on the Mac, adding text and flattening and whatnot, and for what? To have them look like pixelated dump on my PC.

This is especially frustrating because my hair was looking pretty good that day. How am I supposed to get new female fans with photos like this?
I haven't been to the EAA since I was in 4th grade. We then went to visit the Oshkosh airport, which, of course, was deserted. At that time they had some parakeets upstairs. I'm not sure why they had those there.

The Office was pretty great, although I thought the driving the car into the lake thing was a little over the top. I get they did it so Michael could prove whatever f-ed up point he was trying to make, but it still seemed kind of forced. Maybe that was the point.

I would like to believe that my Siamese cat is as majestic as Gabe, but then I remember that he's cross-eyed and quite often has his tounge sticking out. He might be what some would consider "slow."
Okay's the thing. I really just want to see what your cats look like, whether they're majestic or not. I especially want to see this cross-eyed meezer with the tongue sticking out. Please forward all cat pictures, majestic or otherwise to Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

CDP--how about a "share your pet" post? That would be fun! Right?
Okay's the thing. I really just want to see what your cats look like, whether they're majestic or not.

Nobody say a thing, just back out slowly and nod reassuringly.
Hey, anyone that sends me a photo of their cat will have it featured on the CDP, no doubt. Me and the Missus are one of those weird cat couples that subscribes to Cat Fancy and treats our meezers like royalty.

Weird, but tolerable in small doses.
My cats are dead.
I don't want Garbage, I want Sprinkles.
BluStaCon put his cats in the freezer while they were still alive, pass it on...
Bob Vance has an office cat now.
My boyfriend really, really wants to rename our new kitten Garbage. I told him I'm OK with that.
Send the photos!

JT, where are the Peeber pics?
I didn't care for last night's episode for the most part. The whole thing, with Ryan being a giant douche, and Michael being even more of a retard than usual, just didn't seem to flow at all.

On another note, I think Peeber is pretty awesome, but she is not old enough yet to be majestic. Peebr update, coincidentally, has been posted.
Hathery - I had a male lynx point and a female lilac. The male, Summit, was majestic. I will send a photo. Both were tragically taken from me before their time.
If Peebr ever gets gaseous after a good, long kibble-munch...I demand you refer to her as "Pweeper."

We have a lynx point and a blue point. I would love to see pics of your meezers, regardless of their deceased status. :)
Blustacon - Yeah, if you have any photos you want the world to see, we'd love to see those cats. Sorry about losing them, BTW. I'm already thinking about what I'm going to be like when my cats die, and it's going to be ugly and pathetic.

Summit is a pretty badass name for a cat, too.

Peeber Anne rules. You should teach her how to drink Mint Juleps.
You should get a wee tiny PBR shirt for her. That would be adorable.
I think I should actually teach her how to make mint juleps.
Watching Kenny make them, I felt like I was watching an episode of Beakman's World. That cat would make millions.
If Pweeper makes them anything like our cats do, you do NOT want to drink them. As much as they try, I just can't convince them to keep the kibble out of there...
Hey CDP, I hadn't noticed until today that we look like we could be related.
Hathery - Those cats put kibble into everything they make. They just don't get it, you know?

Will - I know what you're saying. When I put on the hipster glasses and mess my hair up, we're passable as relation. Your thumbnail pic in the comments section looks a lot like me in its small capacity. I often double-take.

I used to look like Todd (and his cavalcade of whimsy), but I stopped dying my hair black a couple years back. Furthermore, he doesn't comment anymore, so I'm all like, whatever, dude.

My cat isn't remotely majestic, so you'll get no competition there. I'll see if I can dig up a photo that truly displays her most evil and nefarious well as her organ-grinder's moustache.
Mail the CDP the hard copy when you mail him his mixtape :)
Hey CDP, I hadn't noticed until today that we look like we could be related.

Me and the slackmistress could be related too--we have the same car and everything! I mean, she's super-gorgeous, and successful, and guess it's pretty much just the car we have in common. But yeah--we're like sisters almost!
I think you guys are our alternate universe counterparts.
Nah, just your Midwestern counterparts. :)
I like when Michael screamed for five minutes about the turtles ...

... and I have 80 million cat pictures, some of them might look majestic ...

Caitlin, send me the cat photos!

So, are me and the Missus a Midwestern Will and Nina, or are you two a California CDP and Missus?

We'll settle this with drinks and dessert in Nebraska. I'll get my keys.
Am I even on CDP? What's with all the cat luvin' all of a sudden?

I could try and get a picture of my neighbours cat. It's fat and ginger, practically the definition of majestic.

CDP!!! The Sugar Puffs were eaten my sister, so I'm forced to go out and my more. I don't even know why I'm gettin so worked up about this. I mean, I'm sending a box of cereal to America for some guy who's got a fetish for the honey monster.

How I love the internet.
Carrot, I agree. This was the Missus' idea, and I don't think it's as entertaining as she does. My apologies.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about these Sugar Puffs. It was such a fond memory of London, and I also dig that everyone there seems to love the stuff.
There is nothing more entertaining than cat pictures. NOTHING!

(I don't have much in this world, okay? Give me this...)

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