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CDP Mix-Tape Trade Wrap Party (Part 7).

Mix-Tape Trade Wrap Party - Mike Hoss.

Ever since the CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade ended a couple months ago, people have been harping on me about reviewing their mix. Time constraints were getting in the way at the time, but while I'm waiting for my book to go to publication, I have a week to really sit down and pick apart these works that CDP readers were kind enough to mail to me.

I set the rules for listening to and reviewing the assorted mixes as follows: I would write in complete stream-of-consciousness mode while each song played (hence the poor grammar and possible spelling errors), and stop writing as soon as the song was over. Any pausing or skipping tracks was not allowed. I was listening for songs that I liked, along with the general flow and mood you'd expect from a decent mix-tape. I listened to every mix through headphones and without outside distraction.

My seventh reviewed mix belongs to Mike Hoss; a kind, intelligent family man from Nebraska, who's blog was so jam-packed with technological jargon that it gave me a nosebleed. Here we go.

1. Pretty Angry - Blues Traveler

I've always liked Blues Traveler. Before they got big, after John Popper lost nine thousand pounds, always. He can write a good song, sing his heart out and play the harmonica like absolutely nobody else out there. I don't know what the theme of Mike's mix is, but this is a good opening track, somber and slowly-moving. Clocking in at almost seven minutes, Mike has taken a 15 track mix and stretched it out to over an hour. Woah.

2. Agenda Suicide - The Faint

If you're from Nebraska, you have to put some Saddle Creek on your mix. Where I thought Mike would go with a Bright Eyes, Cursive or Broken Spindles, he goes straight for the throat with the buzzing opener to Dance Macabre. 'Agenda Suicide' is a great intro to The Faint; a band that should be mandatory listening for anyone who wears eyeliner.

3. Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

The Man In Black rides again, with this timeless number from a timeless album. Musicians just don't play in prisons anymore; I wonder why? Forget it, I'm done talking about this track; it's too cool to be background music, I have to stop and give it all of my attention.

This seems to be a rather free-form mix-tape, which is fine with me. Multiple genres tend to unite together if the song selection is right, and so far, so good.

4. Red Dragon Tattoo - Fountains Of Wayne

Pre-Stacy's Mom, these guys were pretty rad. They took the best hooks and melodies from classic bands like Big Star and Teenage Fanclub and just ran with it. I also like the quirky, funny lyrics and sarcasm. If I were a halfway-decent songwriter, I'd probably be in a band that sounds exactly like this.

5. Mockingbird - Derek Webb

This is my introduction to Derek Webb, and I'm left fairly pleased. The churning acoustic guitar and uplifting lyrics take you into a huge chorus, followed by another buildup, more instrumentation and a spine-tingling payoff. Feel-good stuff, right there.

6. Sick Of Myself - Matthew Sweet

Whoo! I love this song. A super-underrated track from Matthew Sweet, this song is played in my car at least once a week to this day. It's mid-90's rock nostalgia never ceases to bring a smile to my face, and the lyrics are almost identical to a song I wrote back in High School. Look, it's .99 on iTunes, just do yourself a favor and pick it up; you will not be disappointed.

7. I'm Always The One Who Calls - Pedro The Lion

A guy from Nebraska that loves Pedro The're not a fan of Let's Eat Paste by any chance, are you, Mike? I don't think it's possible for David Bazan to write a song that's not touching in some way, shape or form. His warm, longing voice and guitar work always manage to suck me in and keep me listening to the very end.

8. One Angry Dwarf & 200 Solemn Faces (live) - Ben Folds Five

I like the 'live' interview footage interspersed around this classic Ben Fold's Five track. This was the first BFF song I had ever heard, and I was instantly hooked from that point forward. Ben Folds has written an insane number of my most favorite songs of all-time (Brick, Best Imitation Of Myself, The Last Polka, Gone, etc.), so he's untouchable, as far as I'm concerned.

9. Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

I'm glad I paid for this song the same amount that I paid for In Rainbows....nothing! No, I'm just kidding Radiohead; I just get sick of how awesome everyone tells me they are. What's more, I don't like that they think they are as awesome as everyone says they are. That being said, if this slow-burn track had ended a minute earlier, it would have been a classic. Instead, it's just indulgent, which makes sense when we're talking about Radiohead.

10. Hoochie Coochie Man - Muddy Waters

Heyyy....wait a minute....I think this blues song is about having sex! Okay, maybe it isn't, but the song just oozes with sweat and sleaze, to the point where women shouldn't even listen to it unless they're on the pill; it's that fertile.

11. The Obvious Child - Paul Simon

Another mix, another Paul Simon track. This sounds just like you'd think it would; tribal drums, funky guitar strumming and Mr. Simon doing what he does best. Nothing more to add here, I don't think. You either like him or you don't.

12. Joy - Lucinda Williams

Lucinda sounds seriously pissed off in this number, where she basically rips her former lover a new poop chute. The guitars and bass have a distinctly southern twang to them, and Ms. Williams gets more and more snarky by the second, until the gradually-fading payoff.

I like that Mike has a deep and varied style of musical enjoyment. While we don't match up in a few areas, I respect it, which is all you can really hope for when you try to get someone else into your tastes. The mix lacks a certain flow and overall mood, but the songs speak for themselves.

13. Out In The Street - Bruce Springsteen

I feel uncultured for not giving a crap about Bruce Springsteen. I mean, I like a few of his songs, but I just can't get all soggy for him like so many others do. To me, any band that so prominently features a saxophone loses major points in my book. That instrument needs to be collectively locked in a chest in the attic, never to be played again by anyone.

14. Desire - U2

As opposed to The Boss, I can fully get behind U2. I mean, Bono is kind of a self-important douche, and 'The Edge' is one of those names that is practically begging for you to punch them in the jaw, but they've written some timeless songs, changed lives and remained as cool as ever, even after Bono's unfortunate haircut for the bulk of the 80's. Good track; I had never heard it before.

15. The End - The Doors

The 12-minute finale to end all finales has arrived, and I sat through the entire thing. I wasn't drunk, I wasn't hopped up on the goofballs, and I wasn't wrapping my lips around a shotgun, either. I just sat back, closed my eyes and listened to a stupefyingly brilliant band doing absolutely everything right. It was worth it, and my patience was rewarded.

Great work, Mike. Time for stats!

Total Number Of Tracks - 15
Number Of Above Average Tracks - 6
Number Of Average Tracks - 5
Number Of Below Average Tracks - 4
Number Of Tracks That I Own - 5
Best Track - Sick Of Myself
Worst Track - Fake Plastic Trees
Total Score - 7.2/10

Tomorrow, I'll have another mix on the chopping block. Will it be yours?

Here are my liner notes which may or may not be of interest to anyone.

I do have varied musical tastes and there was no theme for this mix except I was going for the Most Eclectic Award. Did I succeed?

After I sent it, I was disappointed that I didn't put a jazz number on there. Yes, I like jazz, too.
I'm kinda now wishing I had had a theme too. I just picked out songs that i could listen to over and over. I'll try something creative next time.

I like what MH has done here. This mix is more about MH and his own eclectic musical tastes.
Oh, man. You know what happened? I his this list because I didn't want to ruin the experience for myself, then I never looked at it again because I forgot about it. Sorry about that; I did too good of a job not trying to mess anything up.

This was certainly one of the more eclectic mixes I received, maybe the most spread across multiple genres, no doubt.

While you are disappointed that Jazz wasn't included, I don't have too big a problem with the omission. :)

Again, I really enjoyed the mix, as I've enjoyed all of them thus far. Moe Greene and Will Betheboy have tough acts to follow.
Your comment about "Someone from Nebraska needs to include Saddle Creek" is very funny. Because Saddle Creek is an Omaha thing. Technically, Omaha is within the confines of Nebraska yet the rest of the state doesn't like to talk about it's largest city. And most Omahans aren't aware of the rest of the state.

All that said, I know many people in this fair city that don't know what Saddle Creek is. Yes, I believe they live under rocks.

Glad you liked the mix in all it's eclectic glory. I have to say I was a bit nervous after the first few because this wasn't heavy indie-laden.

And Miles Davis rocks!
Personally, I prefer John Morrison to Jim Morrison.

I'm pretty sure Omaha has a big zoo, so I need to go there.
Omaha sounds like the Madison of Nebraska. I understand completely. "A fairy bubble of sanity, surrounded completly in s#!t."

Okay, maybe not so much, but I still get it.

Omaha Zoo = Win.
John Morrison = Win.
Dang, the prodigal CDP-fan returns home after a few months and finds himself name checked, Omaha talk, Derek Webb, and Pedro the Lion.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, tomorrow I'll be heading up to Omaha-ah, somewhere in middle America, getting right to the heart of the matter, it's the heart that matters most.
Hey Paste! It's been lonely around here without you, but can't expect a newlywed with a smokin' hot new wife to be hanging around on the internets much :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Wow, the return of Paste! It seems like every time I mention him, he shows up; like Beetlejuice with a better career. I need to find a way to harness this newfound power.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well. I hope that you and the Paste-Missus are busy, happy and healthy.

I had been meaning to drop by your blog to tell you that you've been officially thanked by name in the Afterword of 65 Poor Life Decisions (November 30). This isn't at all a ploy to get you to buy the book ($15.95; will ship by Christmas); I just didn't know if you were reading the CDP anymore, and wanted to throw some mad propz your way.
CDP didn't mention this, but the Pedro track is actually from a concert in Omaha. Bazan put the whole thing on the website for about a month. It's a great concert. Too bad it was in that hole in the wall Sokol Hall.

So, Paste, welcome!
My timing was nothing short of predominant.

Everything is well in Paste-land. I was getting behind at work and needed to hold off on a few of my favorite internet haunts while at the workplace, thus my absence. It hurts me more than it hurts you.

I'm glad your book plans have come to fruition, soon you will be the queen of summertime. Where's the best place to order it? I'm assuming that ordering direct from you will put the most dough in your pocket.

Me and Paste-missus (or Pastus as I like to call her) are heading to Nashville next week to see Nickel Creek's last show of their Farewell For Now tour at the Ryman. Maybe I'll take lots of photos and finally have something to blog about.
I thought Paste had been hospitolized from Proraso ingension.

Well I'll be a hydrophobic sailor... a hipster that doesen't like jazz.
I'm a hipster, not a heroin addict.


You'll be able to order the book through Lulu for $15.95 (which will be linked directly through the CDP come 11/30), or you can order a 'personalized' copy of the book directly through me for $20, and shipping is included, along with some other fun stuff like merch and whatever else I want to throw in the envelope.

Yes, ordering directly through me will put a few extra cents in my pocket, and you get extra stuff and free shipping to boot. Plus, sending money through the mail is very punk rock. I gotta PO Box and everything.

I will explain all of this in greater detail when November 30 arrives, but that's pretty much the jist of it. Either through Lulu or through me.

The choices are yours, and yours alone. You won 2 Pendants in the Temple Games; who's going first?
Well, it isn't really free shipping. It's more like $15.95 for the book, plus $4 for shipping and some random merch. It's a pretty good deal, seeing as on Lulu you'll pay $15.95 for the book, plus $4 to ship it (and it won't be personalized, and you won't get merch). Plus you have to wait for them to print the book. Either way, the book is going to cost you about $20 bucks total.
I should also mention that there will be a complete merch overhaul in 2008, so this remaining stuff is pretty much the last of its kind. Collect 'em all!
Why not buy some for your family and friends!?! Hurry, supplies are limited!

Visit the CDP Webstore now!

(imagine that being said by Don West)
There's no gift more appreciated than a messenger bag branded with the name of a blog they've never read before. I cannot possibly think of a more awful and depressing gift.

The book, on the other hand, makes sense.
Why not buy some for your family and friends!?! Hurry, supplies are limited!

Visit the CDP Webstore now!

(imagine that being said by Don West)

I prefer to imaging it being said by Adam West...or perhaps Ted Danson.
No Radiohead!?

Wow...there goes my mix-tape theme...

Not even 'The Bends' though?
or perhaps Ted Danson.

JT, if I wasn't already sure that global warming was going to do your state in slowly and effectively, I would come down there and lay the smack down on you.

Yep. I said "lay the smack down."
Not even 'The Bends' though?

I agree. The Bends doesn't suck.
I prefer to imaging it being said by Adam West...

And since I'm already way past the point of comment spam at this point and you brought up Adam West, I feel obliged to tell everyone for the 800,000th time that Adam West once told me that my name was pretty.
The Bends is pretty good.
Adam West told me my name was pretty, too. That was before I had my name changed from the original name my parents gave me, "KAPOW!"
Kapow Kendall. That works on many levels.

Now why would you have your name changed from Kapow???
It caused high blood pressure, and I was only five.
...and that's the story of the very first Thanksgiving.
God bless us every one.
Blevery one.

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