Monday, November 12

Could We Leave Before It Gets Bad?

Win...for cats.

This is what happens when the Missus is in charge of feeding the cat.

Sound off in the comments section, and enjoy your Monday.

My Monday is a lot like that picture, only it's kitty litter all over floor. I hope everyone else's is better.

Whatever happened to the Mixed Tape Review?
Yeah...what did happen to that review?

Also, why is the cat food that color? Is it radioactive?
Yup. That purple thing is the top of the cat food container that popped off when she dumped the food out. We both had a good laugh.

The food looks that way because I altered the picture a tad in Photoshop. I get bored on Sunday nights.

Okay, as far as the Mix Tape Review is concerned, I think it might be back on. I didn't have any time right after it ended, but since then I've been able to listen to almost every mix I received (I'm blasting Moe Greene's mix through the headphones as we speak). I'm thinking I can do it either this week or next. Rawk.
I can just imagine your cat thinking:

'We may have won the battle, but did we really win the war?'

(Halo reference)

I myself had a rather enjoyable Monday. There were a couple of crap moments (of which I may write in my blog...), but better than a kitty-litter spill.
According to the cat, she did just fine.
It looks like we feed the cat peas.
In that case, excellent Photoshopping.
CARROT - I loved how Gabe just took it for what is was worth, and started eating the food directly off of the floor. He's rad like that.

WILL - Exactly. My caption for the photo (if you mouse over it) is Win...for cats. I heard the ruckus, walked into the kitchen, shook my head and grabbed the camera.

HATHERY - Can you imagine the stools? Yuck.
Okay, as far as the Mix Tape Review is concerned, I think it might be back on. I didn't have any time right after it ended. . .

Why not? Did you write a book or something? *rimshot*
Your photoshopping really brought out the blue in Gabe's blue points.
HOSS - Beh-heh-heh. True 'dat. I didn't want to half-ass it, either. Now is a good time for me to dive in, so I don't slit my wrists waiting for the book to get back to me.

HATHERY - Proof that Gabe is indeed a Blue Point Siamese.
CDP, you're giving me comment envy today.
Speaking of cats, we've decided that Pebber is definitely a Maine Coon. She's learned how to open cabinets.
JT - More Peeber pics, ASAP. I love your cat!

WILL - It's been an okay Monday on the comment front, I suppose. I just dropped a literary deuce on your page a few minutes ago, yo.

However, I just read your wife's blog, and I really think that I should be envying you right about now. Which I am.
Congrats, Will.
Moe, Wisconsin plays Duke on November 27. I can't for the life of me remember the last time they've met.

Woah. That should be good.
Go Badgers!

Though, it must be said...

If Bo Ryan and Coach K were trapped in a burning building, I'd find Bo, dropkick Coack K, and throw Coach Ryan from the second story window. His leg would be broken, but he'd be alive.

I saw a little bit of Brian Butch the other night. Looks like he's actually got some muscle this year...
After the disappointing tournament crash of last year, I'll take what I can get in 2008.
You make a very good point sir. On a different note, I must support something my wife said recently and tell you that you really must get on the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" bandwagon. This thursday is the season finale but FX reruns them regularly and you can get season's 1 and 2 on DVD.
So not sure if you heard or not ... but Cafe Montmartre (right there in Madison) is holding a Guitar Hero competition on the 18th.
Which version of Guitar Hero?
However, I just read your wife's blog, and I really think that I should be envying you right about now. Which I am.

Oh, come off it. I'm not that horrible of a wife.
HATHERY - I didn't mean it that way at all. I was just saying that some things are more important than blog comments. We're not talking wife envy here, just envy in general.

WILL - I shall do my best to catch up on Sunny during the off-season. I need something new to watch during the strike.

BRUCE - Damn, thanks for the heads-up. I'll find out what version.
Finally, some sexual tension on this damn blog. I've been waiting over two years.
I fear you're going to be disappointed, Moe. I was kidding, as I'm well aware of the CDP's big-boy crush on the Slackmistress.
It just had to do with the content of her post today. I lul'd.
Or something like that.
As my mom used to say...this is going to end in tears.

Probably mine.
Anything for an audience :)
You crazy kids. I'm going to make myself a sandwich now.
I'm gone from teh Intranets ONE DAY (picketing at NBC, photos up shortly) and I come back to this?

Thank you for feeding my California-sized ego. I may not need residuals, I can feed off your love!

(If AMPTP is reading this, I'm kidding you bastards.)
If we're about anything here at the CDP, it's love. Well, embarrassment, actually, but the love is always nearby.

Again, keep fighting the good fight. We're behind you 100%, and I'm looking forward to the photo goodness.
That's what she said.

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