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The CDP's Top 20 Albums Of 2007 - 5-1.

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Here we are again, kids. The CDP's choices for the Top 5 albums of 2007. As always, the list is compiled only of albums that I have purchased (not borrowed, browsed or stolen) and were released in 2007. I am not a music critic, I am a music fan, and the list is personal preference and opinion only; not a chance to boast my hipster cred. Ready? Let's do this.

Before we get down to business, here are five 2007 albums that I have not yet purchased. Had I owned these albums sooner, perhaps they would have been on the list.

The National - Boxer
Saves The Day - Under The Boards
The Good Life - Help Wanted Nights
Shout Out Louds - Our Ill Wills
The Go! Team - Proof Of Youth

I created the above list specifically to preemptively address why Boxer wasn't on my list. Now you know.

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5. The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour
Read about the album here!

Even at their most mediocre, The Weakerthans can smoke most bands out of the water with their brilliant lyrics and emotional melodies. While Reunion Tour wasn't on par with their 2003 Album of the Year, Reconstruction Site, it proves that they're still one of the best in the business. 'Night Windows' instantly takes its place among one of the best songs they've ever written, thus making it one of the best songs you've ever heard.

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4. Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere In The Between
Read about the album here!

This was the album that was supposed to suck. Thomas Kalnoky was finished; creatively unable to write an original song. Cashing in on past fame. Nope. Somewhere In The Between smashes all dead-scene stereotypes about ska-flavored punk and gang melodies, boasting one of the most monumental and towering artistic statements of the year. The horns are some of the best I've ever heard. The lyrics are insightful and the multiple vocals are fist-pumpingly powerful. Overall, I'm just really proud of these guys.

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3. Patton Oswalt - Werewolves And Lollipops
Read about the album here!

Not just the funniest album of the year, but honestly one of the best stand-up albums I have ever heard. Patton has the ability to take simple things and make them epic. If you think that's an easy task, it freaking isn't (it's what I try to do almost every day on the CDP). If you're not one that purchases stand-up performances on CD, it comes with a DVD, as well. Brilliant, current, indie and worthy of envy.

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2. Polysics - Karate House!
Read about the album here!

Look, we all know that Polysics have held the title of Greatest Band In The World for quite some time now. While Karate House isn't their best album (the untouchable For Young Electric Pop), you still cannot even approach these guys in any realm of punk, new-wave, noise or power pop. It was my honor to finally see them live this year, and it was worth all of the hassle it took me to get to them. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, Polysics.

Before we get to the CDP's pick for 2007 Album Of The Year, here's a quick look back at previous CDP Album Of The Year winners:

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2003 Winner: The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site
2003 Runner-Up: The Postal Service - Give Up

Reconstruction Site and Give Up are two of those albums that never seem to go out of style for me. Give Up was underrated in that it pretty much created and revolutionized a genre, and Reconstruction Site has been consistently voted one of the best Canadian albums ever made (proving once again why we all need to move to Toronto as soon as we can). I stand by these choices wholeheartedly.

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2004 Winner: Arcade Fire - Funeral
2004 Runner-Up: Communique - Poison Arrows

Communique formed in the ashes of Lookout! mainstays American Steel, and while they're currently on hiatus, Poison Arrows did the dance-punk genre right, with just the right mix of heart, attitude and booty-shaking to stand above and beyond the rest. Funeral is quite simply one of the top 5 greatest albums I have ever heard, period.

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2005 Winner: Of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins
2005 Runner-Up: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

I think most of us got caught up in the CYHSY! craze in 2005. I can't say that I listen to this album anymore; in fact, it sort of annoys me nowadays due to playing it raw all that year. The Sunlandic Twins represented the perfect balance of the old and new Of Montreal sound, and it's still probably their best album, start to finish.

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2006 Winner: The Velvet Teen - Cum Laude!
2006 Runner-Up: P.O.S. - Audition

POS put together the best hip-hop album I've heard in the last 10 years, and I still bust it out almost every week at one point or another. His punk mindset, flow and intelligent anger is breathtakingly poignant and worth everyone's time. Awesome stuff.

I'll be completely honest with you about this. Cum Laude! is essentially sexual intercourse on a CD. For most of my life, I've been looking for an album that could pull this surreal fantasy off convincingly, and The Velvet Teen accomplished something that I really didn't think was possible. This album will transform you, if you let it. Done.

Okay, can I get a drum roll, please? Oh, and maybe a shield to protect myself from flying vegetables?

The CDP's pick for the Best Album of 2007 is...

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1. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Read about the album here!

Neon Bible is no Funeral. In fact, I had a very hard time choosing the album of the year, due to me not being able to find that one stand-out album in 2007. In the end, I chose Neon Bible for a number of reasons, the most of which being that it's the best beginning-to-end album that I've heard all year. Some tracks lag slightly. Some tracks are incredible. They all serve a purpose, however, which makes the listening experience worthy of your start-to-finish attention.

'Intervention' is one of those songs that makes you remember what purpose music should serve in your life. The mere opening blast of the century-old pipe organ resonates in a staggering and sobering way, leading you into one of the most emotional and orchestral tracks the band has ever created. The familiar 'No Cars Go' has been revamped to describe the recent evolution of Arcade Fire, reminding you just how far they've come in a few short years. Other stand outs like 'Black Mirror,' 'Keep The Car Running,' 'Antichrist Television Blues' and 'My Body Is A Cage' keep Neon Bible as soild as possible until the very last note.

Neon Bible. The best album I've heard all year (also, #1 on many other respectable lists, including The Onion). Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

(NOTE: Cargirl over at the Cargirl News Minute has proclaimed me to be the 2007 Person Of The Year! I consider this to be a pants-peeingly awesome achievement, and I strongly encourage everyone to head over there and peek at the list. Thank you so much!)

The Hoss #1 pick of 2007?

Live at Radio City by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. It's sort of a "best hits lately" for Matthews, but if you love Acoustic Rock, it's a must. Matthews voice is in top-form, and Reynolds rocks more than usual on the acoustic guitar, which is something indeed. The recording quality is also top-notch.
Awesome, thanks for the input, Hoss. I strongly encourage everyone to sound off on their favorite album of 2007.
I think I'll buy the CDP as Person of the Year before I'll buy Arcade Fire as Album of the Year.

Arcade Fire jokes...they never get old.
Well, in my case, there was only one clear-cut winner. Arcade Fire already had their breakout year; this year was mine, baby!

...trying to resist.
It was the best album I heard all year! What was I supposed to do?

I can't believe that the biggest concentration of Arcade Fire haters on the Interweb would congregate on my very own blog. It's incontheeeevable.

Ah, it's okay. I guess I poked a little fun at everyone elses' tastes during the mix-tape trade, it's only fair that I get some in return. We're trying to run a fair society, here.
At least you didn't put Billy Joel's Greatest Hits at #1 for the tenth consecutive year like certain other bloggers we know.
Well, you went uptown ridin' in your limousine
With your fine Park Avenue clothes
You had the Dom Perignon in your hand
And the spoon up your nose
Ooh, and when you wake up in the mornin'
With your head on fire
And your eyes too bloody to see
Go on and cry in your coffee
But don't come bitchin' to me

I've held it in too long...I am also a devoted fan of William Joseph Martin Joel.
Damn, I like him too. If only for the 10 good songs he wrote.
I love when Patton Oswalt goes off on his cd at the guy who shouts during a quiet part of the act. Patton rocks.

Neon Bible didn't get that much play from me. No Cars Go was good but not mind-blowing. The album was a little forgettable to me, what with all the other good music out there. Although I can't knock your choice, because as you mentioned, it would be really hard to choose an absolutely stand-out album. There's no obvious front-runner this year, that I could see. Just a lot of good ones.
People in NY braved the snow to see the Hannah Montana concert. Maybe that's album of the year.
You're right, Domsar. There was no clear-cut winner this year, so I went with what resonated the most with me. What else can you do, really?

"You will miss everything cool and die angry!"
I was just reading Pitchfork's 'Best Tracks Of 2007' list and noticed that they put Arcade Fire's 'Keep The Car Running' on their list, but no mention of 'Intervention.'

Um, okay. I should have expected nothing less from them than to choose the Springsteen ripoff over the instant classic. That would have been far too predictible and mainstream. This, of course, coming from the same people who put R.Kelly and Jay-Z in their top 20.

Then, I saw that they put Of Montreal's 'The Past Is A Grotesque Animal' on the list, but no mention whatsoever of 'Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse,' a memorable single if there ever was one this year.

I never thought I'd have to do this, but...

Pitchfork = Juicebox-sippin' retards in the '07.
You know what? I can't let this go just yet. The fact that they couldn't find one space on the Top 100 for 'Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse' is insane. I listened to a good portion of ALL 100 tracks this morning, and trust me, there was room.

The countdown itself is for spotlighting single songs that do their job on their own, not to boost their fading cred for discovering some 12-minute 'artistic statement' from their new-favorite Swedish recluse.

Unbelievable. I guess they'd rather fawn over a one-track wonder that thinks it's cutting-edge to record himself farting on a comb and use it as a backbeat to his latest faux-nostalgic abomination. Complete with off-key, female vocals and plenty of cowbell, of course. Nothing more original than that.
Where is He Poos Clouds by Final Fantasy? Or Kenna's new, amazing album?

CDP, this list is corrupt. Arcade Fire? REALLY?

Thanks for the ref, CZ.
I would be all up-in-arms with you, but I have no opinion.

However, in the interest of being a loyal CDPeon, I am pissed off in spirit.

Also, I am pissed off because I only made $28 last night at the bar. Slow night now that the college kids have gone home...
CARGIRL - He Poos Clouds was released in 2006, so it was exempt from the list. I didn't even know Kenna had a new album out, so I'll give it a listen on iTunes tonight. Fair? :)

Really, CDP? Arcade Fire? Really!?!

JT - Thank you for your support.

Damn college kids going home. That's always a pretty great time of year in Madison. It's like 28 Days Later downtown.
It should be mentioned that I saw one of Final Fantasy's last shows as a string player with Arcade Fire a while back. It was good stuff.
Damn college kids going home. That's always a pretty great time of year in Madison. It's like 28 Days Later downtown.

Yeah, on the one hand, I'll make less money at the bar. On the other hand, I can find parking and enjoy my drinks without having to murder frat boys.
Pitchfork = Juicebox-sippin' retards in the '07.

And don't you mistake that for Juiceboxxx-sippin' retards either. They're just plain-ole-Juicy-Juicy-sippin-spazz-bots.
That is pretty rad. I hope to see him someday, from what I hear he is amazing to see live. And I'm done with the Arcade Fire comments. It really was a good album.

28 Days Later in downtown Madison? That must be one of the most exciting things to happen in Wisonsin all year.
HATHERY - Correct. Juiceboxxx is a genius. Pitchfork has made a living off of other people's genius. Not only that but, proclaiming mediocre artists to be geniuses.

That's genius in itself, actually.

Anyone will tell you that I typically will follow Pitchfork and their taste-making to the ends of the Earth, but that crap was just inexcusable.

JT - Correct. It's like 'Christmastime for the Jews.'
That last comment was directed at the CDP.
CARGIRL - Funny you should mention that. About once a year, hundreds of people get together for a 'Zombie Lurch' to the Capital.

Everyone dresses up like zombies, and creates 'zombie protest' signs, like 'More Brains!' and zombies it up down State Street, hassling people, terrifying children and having an awesome time.

Madison rocks, and here's hoping you'll be around to enjoy it in a couple years.
Ever since Pitchfork allowed that review bashing Several Arrows Later to be posted, they fail in my eyes. FAIL!
Does anyone else but me find this new idead of having the Blogger logo pasted all over everything a bit self-indulgent? We KNOW it's's in the URL. Get over it.
A 'Zombie Lurch'!?

I'm pretty sure Surrey must be the most boring place in the universe. Without all your crazy Yanky activities, and all.
'm pretty sure Surrey must be the most boring place in the universe.

No, Harry Potter lives there.
CARROT - Yes, a Zombie Lurch. Do a Google search; there are tons of photos all over the place. I haven't participated in one yet, but that will change in 2008. It's my resolution, actually.

Also, Hathery really does think that Harry Potter lives there.

HATHERY - The Blogger insecurities are very unattractive. We get it; you're Blogger.
CDP - Just stopped by the house for lunch, the book arrived.

I'm going to try to find some egg salad in a vending machine so that I have plenty of "reading" time this evening.
Fantastic! I'm glad it showed up in a timely fashion. Enjoy.

You want to know the most screwed-up part? You reminded me that I really want an egg salad sandwich right now.
Please don't...the house is actually smelling okay right now.
Oh yes, the tried-and-true Poop Joke. A Hathery staple, and disgusting in every possible way.
Indeed. Someone on my speech team had an egg sandwich at our meet on Saturday. Let's just say, 'twas a long ride home for that boy.
Let it be known, I will NEVER say no to a poop joke. NEVER!

And let it be known just how amazingly fast JT got his book. That is If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will.
I've gotten to a point in my life where I can safely ingest egg salad without endangering the lives of those around me. My own private safety, however, is always compromised.

I can't say no. I'm getting two of them right now.

JT did get his book pretty quickly. Let that be incentive for everyone to send their cash in, now!
Indeed. Someone on my speech team had an egg sandwich at our meet on Saturday. Let's just say, 'twas a long ride home for that boy.

Did you stop for him on the way? Or did he use the bucket in the back? Or just throw a diaper on him?

Reminds me of a song . .

"Some people thing it's gross,
but it's really good on toast.
squirt, squirt
You endangered my life with the stench in the house.

The CDP is currently tied at #2 in the Blogitzer category on Blogger's choice with Dooce. Would someone please go and put an end to this RIGHT NOW?
MikeHoss, that was horrifying.
In honor of the CDP, the season of Beermas, and the fact that I'm feeling lazy, I have decided to take the rest of the afternoon off, crack open a cold beer, and begin the book.
Okay, Goddamnit. I need to clear the air on the topic of--

Crap, I made an unintentional joke.

Poop, I just made joke #2.


Why are you portraying me to be anything else but a masculine-scented gentleman, Hathery? You know it's the truth!

Dooce. I can't compete with that woman. Not because she's a better writer (not at all), just because she has the support of nationwide news media and about a million women.

So yeah, vote me above her. I'd appreciate that.

JT, I totally forgot about Beermas! Enjoy the afternoon off, and enjoy the book!
You're normally a fine gent, but when you eat egg salad...I can't explain what sort of foul-scented beast you become.
That is more than enough out of you. People are going to think I'm a pig. My house is a palace of cleanliness.
Isn't it cool how we get hours of social fun about egg salad and crap!?
I'm just more embarrassed than anything.
Isn't it cool how we get hours of social fun about egg salad and crap!?

You mean there is a difference?
I blame the WGA strike somehow.
I bet Tina Fey could make something out of this.
Tina Fey is the only person I know to have made a poop joke work on national tv...every single time.
AND she tapes her bra back together.
Talking about Tina Fey is worlds better than talking about poop, but it greatly increases the chances of me saying something that might piss off the Missus.

30 Rock did something amazing this season, which is surpass The Office as the Funniest Show On TV. They're now approaching Arrested Development in terms of sheer brilliance.

Remember that episode of 30 Rock where Liz was dating that younger guy? For those 22 minutes, I exchanged places with that guy in my head. In fact, I don't think I've switched back, yet.
Remember that episode of 30 Rock where Liz was dating that younger guy? For those 22 minutes, I exchanged places with that guy in my head. In fact, I don't think I've switched back, yet.

Is that why you've been so rude to me for the last month or so?
CDP, my friend, I will fight you to the death for Tina Fey.
I'm switching baaaack......NOW!

Man, as much as this mailorder thing has been amazing, I dread going to the Post Office this time of year. It's absolute chaos. Normally, I just check the PO Box and go home, but now that I'm shipping all of these things out, it's insanity.
JT - She's universally adored, it seems.
I like her more now that she does a better job of covering that scar on her cheek. I was always very distracted by that on SNL.
HATHERY- You have a point. Ugly people and people with hideous scars from tragic, dark events in their lives shouldn't be allowed on television, it distracts from the point.

JT/CDP- Tina Fey is my girl-crush. I adore her. If Tina Fey were mine, I'd make her write my English essays.
HATHERY- You have a point. Ugly people and people with hideous scars from tragic, dark events in their lives shouldn't be allowed on television, it distracts from the point.

Now you're talking my language.
Did you honestly just rag on Tina Fey's scar? I can't believe how far we've sunk the bar today.

/Still wants to know what happened, though.
30 Rock is brilliant, but i will beat the drum of my favorite show until you watch it. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, will you please watch it?

Seriously, if you don't love it you can punch me in the face. That goes for all of you.
I'll watch it, Will. After all the harping I do on people that don't watch the shows I recommend, I can't go and be a hypocrite.
Will - I'll take you up on that, based solely on the fact that I'll be in California in March or April. I've never punched a complete stranger in the face.

Not that I have anything against you, and I may even like the show. Still...
A free shot is a free shot.
JT - if you can honestly say you don't like it you can introduce your fist to my face. You are on your honor.
Not to worry. I'm an honorable man. Also, it has been recommended by several people who I share similar tastes with, so I feel fairly certain that I will not be punching you.

Unless I feel threatened or cornered, in which case my survival intincts kick in. And by "survival instincts," I mean I cry like a little girl, wet myself, and faint.
I'd pay to see you two fight. Settle this East Coast/West Coast feud once and for all.
Moe Greene turned me on to the CDP a couple months back. I've been reading for a while but felt compelled to comment today... I enjoy the blog for the most part but your elitist music tastes had me 75% sure you went to Duke...

anyway, I downloaded Neon Bible mainly just so I could make fun of your review to Moe Greene... to my utter disappointment, the album turned out to be great... and that really pisses me off.
Where is Moe, anyway???
I'd pay to see you two fight. Settle this East Coast/West Coast feud once and for all. we're speaking my language. CASH.
JOEL - Welcome aboard, don't be a stranger to the CDP!

Sorry about Neon Bible being awesome, I sometimes have a knack for these things. Buy Funeral, it will change your life.
Great to see I'm not the only one who knows just how good The Good Life are.

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