Friday, March 2

Lost Friday - "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead."

Lost Friday, bitches.
Season 3 - Episode 10: "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead."

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss, and hoo-freaking-ray for that.

I was a little skeptical going into this week's episode, as I'm sure most of us were. At the end of the day, however, I quite enjoyed it, regardless of its complete lack of plot development or mythology. What 'Tricia Tanaka Is Dead' did correctly is remind us of why we watch this show in the first place; great characters that we want to see interacting and bouncing off of each other.

Or in this case, pop-starting a VW bus and drinking 30-year-old light beer.

We got to see people that we haven't seen in months (and in the case of Rousseau, almost a year). We got another much-needed Hurley episode and we almost- almost, reclaimed our faith in Lost.


Hey, let's Thin & Meager it up!

The Thin And Meager.

Okay, here's the scoop this week, kids.

A friend of mine is staying at CDP Headquarters for a few days, and effectively sleeping in my office. This is making it understandably difficult to get in here for long periods of time and 'get my write on.' While next week will bring back the typical satire and ass-smackery you've grown to love and appreciate every Lost Friday, I'm going to have to punt on this week's episode.

Look on the bright side. There wasn't too much plot development this week, and if you need me to hold your hand through this one, chances are you haven't understood any of the other episodes, anyway.

You can get a nice and sterile recap here. I will, however, Break It Down for you.

Break It Down!

4 - Sawyer was absolutely rife with insults this week. Examples include:

"International House Of Pancakes," "Jumbotron" and "Snuffy," in reference to Hurley.

"Jiminy Cricket," "Munchkin" and "Oliver Twist" in reference to Charlie.

He also refers to Roger as "Skeletor," exclaims that Jin is "Hooked on phonics," and goes on to explain to him the three things that all women need to hear. Add that to a Little House on the Prairie reference, and you've got some good stuff, here. I also liked Hurley stating that the Dharma Beer was older than Rocky III, maybe even Rocky II.

8 - When Hurley's father came back into his life, Hurley said "I'm not going anywhere with you." Those were the exact same words that Waaaaaaalt! said to Michael when he returned to his life. I just wanted you to know that I pay more attention to the show than you do.

15 - Like I was saying before, good characters make an average show a great show. In this episode, all we really saw was Hurley attempting to reclaim a little bit of faith in himself and the island. That was all we needed, however, as I found myself far more interested and captivated than last week.

My standing theory is that any episode without Locke and Sayid sucks. Even one line is better than nothing, and we got that this week. And Sun, too! What have I done to deserve such a bonus! Shouldn't she look at least a little bit pregnant by now?

16 - I can't wait for the flashback episode where they show the island in the 70's, during the peak of the Dharma Initiative. It had better happen at some point. Actually, the cast should just do a 70's throwback show, with wigs and everything. Or a musical. That always seems to bring in the raving idiots during Sweeps.

23 - Roger's head getting wedged and snapping off was about the funniest thing I've seen all week. It was the nonchalant attitude of Jin and Hurley that made it so humorous. Also, the surprise reaction by Sawyer (who was flat-out awesome this week) was gold.

42 - Claire was parading around the fakest looking baby in the history of Fake Television Babies. Watch it again, and laugh your ass off at the sight of this rigid, plastic monstrosity. It was like a miniature Courtney Love, with maybe a few more moving parts.

Enough of this, let's look ahead to next week. Tiny Spoilers Ahoy!

Enter 77.

4 - Next week's episode is titled "Enter 77." It will be Sayid-centric. Expect torture and tank-tops abound.

8 - The official preview from ABC reads: "Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a strange structure and its mysterious inhabitant. Meanwhile, Sawyer competes in a ping-pong competition to get back his belongings."

Seriously. That's what it says.

15 - Producer Carlton Cuse sez: "The connection between the Others and Dharma gets revealed in Episode 11. We will be visiting another Dharma station soon. The map becomes less important, because when they visit this new station, they'll be getting some new information that helps them understand where the Dharma people lived and where their stations are."

That sounds promising. This truly looks to be a good old-fashioned mythology episode, which we really need right now.

16 - Again, this should be a good one. Sayid, Locke and Kate find the Dharma Flame Station, and also run into out eye-patched friend from a few episodes ago. Expect a new Dr. Marvin Candle video, and more hatch-like goodness.

23 - Concerning the flashbacks, Damon Lindleof sez: "We learn about Sayid's time in Paris and find out what happens to a torturer when he's forced to answer for past sins."

Thanks, Damon. You're an inspiration to our entire organization.

42 - While this doesn't have anything to do with this episode in particular, I'll have you know that the next several episodes of Lost look to be extremely promising as far as the overall vernacular of the show. Here are just a few of the topics they'll be covering over the next couple months:

Locke's paralyzation.
The return of Shannon and Boone.
A Nikki and Paulo episode that may actually turn them into fan favorites.
Is Claire Jack's sister?
Another Juliet episode that picks up right where the last one left off.
The inevitable death of Charlie.


Well, there you have it; another Lost Friday in the can. Sound off in the comments section, or write to me at Also, don't forget to check out The Coconut Internet along the way. As always, here are links to every Lost Friday this season. They'll tell you what you want to hear, and spoon you while you sleep.

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Tuesday, February 27

The Funniest Thing I've Ever Said.

The funniest thing I've ever seen.

When I was 10 years old, I was eating lunch with a group of friends at school.

They were conversing, wasting the afternoon by throwing lame jokes back and forth.

I spaced out for a few seconds, pausing to watch a girl that I fancied as she walked by.

During this space of no more than 5 seconds, a question was asked of me by my group of friends.

I wasn't listening to them, and had no idea what they had asked me.

When I turned back around to acknowledge them, they were all staring at me, waiting on what my answer would be.

Not caring enough to have them repeat the question, I improvised, shrugging my shoulders and saying "It depends."

I was met with no less than 3 straight minutes of uproarious laughter.

Milk squirted out of one guy's nose. Another guy fell off of his chair. Another guy was crying.

I maintained my deadpan demeanor, honestly unaware of what had just happened.

This only made them laugh harder.

I never asked what the question was, but it's probably best that I don't know.

And that was the funniest thing I've ever said.

Sunday, February 25

Settle In, Kids.


This was the view from the window of the CDP Headquarters office this morning.

Looks like I'll be in here for awhile.

God, I'm hungry.