Thursday, June 28

I Will Never Be Your Woman.

Censored For Your Protection.

Don't bother me; I'm working. Here's a quick CDP Book Update for your punk ass:

I'm currently going through the best 50 or so essays; editing, re-writing and formatting as needed. I assume that this will run me through most of July. Once I get through that phase, I will give rough drafts to about 10 close friends and family, and have them completely tear it apart. From that feedback, I will make necessary cuts, minor changes and finalize the formatting.

I'm self-publishing this first book, so once it's ready to be put into book form, every single minute process needs to be done by yours truly. It's a slow and thankless process that forces me to read this crap a thousand times, until I virtually hate everything I've ever written, proclaim the whole thing crap and start over from the beginning. It's times like this I wish I had a real book deal.

Unofficially, I expect this bad boy to roll out in late August, early September. I figured the project would run me through the Summer, and it's starting to prove me right.

So, there you have it. I'll have photos of my new (old) car up soon, and I once again everyone sticking around and keeping me company while I work on this thing. I'll get back to the funny stuff someday. Maybe.

Have a good one.

(In the background of the photo: A bulletin board featuring many photos of me and the Missus, paintings of the Simpson family by the Missus, an extremely rare theatrical poster from MST3K: The Movie, a hockey mask, a new turntable with a Descendents 45.)

Wednesday, June 27

Dress Formally From The Waist-Up.

Y'all Bettah Axe Somebody.

The Live Video Chat returns on the hottest day of the year. Be ready.

Monday, June 25

The Wild Stallion.

See You In Hell, Wild Stallion.

I sold The Wild Stallion this weekend.

She was the 3rd car I've ever owned. I had her for almost 4 years, and she hardly gave me any problems. Sure, everyone under the age of 68 pointed and laughed whenever I drove by, but to Hell with that 98% of the population. I'm my own man, and I'm not defined by my long as the vehicle I have makes me look like an old-ass man.

You'll be missed, Stallion. I hope that the 6-foot-6 guy that bought you takes just as good care of you as I have.

So, what is car purchase #4, you ask? All will be revealed within the week.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Monday.