Friday, October 5

You're The Bomb, And You Blew Up On Me.

I can't look you in the eye.

Last weekend, me and my entourage went to the EAA, the largest recreational aviation facility and museum on the planet. It also happens to be near my old hometown. We took the MINI, which was less than comfortable for Benjamin, who's about 6'3". It was worth the compromise.

Don't forget your sticker.

We went during the Packer game, so the place was virtually deserted. This is really the only time I choose to go to places like this; when I'm guaranteed not to be bothered. I'm running out of 8x10 glossy prints to sign for fans, and I don't feel like buying more until after Christmas.

Not the original CDP.

The only person we conversed with was a World War II veteran who told us about the plans to invade Japan if the Atomic Bomb wouldn't have been dropped. It was amazing to hear a story from someone who was there, and still wanted to talk about it. Most veterans won't.

This plane killed people.

The Missus hadn't been to the EAA since she tagged along on a field trip back in the 3rd grade. When she returned home afterward, her mother asked her how the trip went. Her reply was, "It was nice, but there sure were a lot of planes there." Sometimes, she's not so quick on things.

Nothing has really changed.

We saw a Star Wars prop donated by George "Uber-Dick" Lucas, we crashed the flight simulator a few times, checked out some WWII propaganda footage and basically had our way with the place. It was a decent and cheap day out for a group of hipster nerds in their 20's.

You know, just general bombing.

I don't know if there's anything 'general' about dropping a bomb on something. I've always been taught to never point a weapon at something you didn't intend to kill. So even in wartime, there shouldn't be anything 'general' about mass murder and destruction. I guess I'm a wuss.

The season ended that night.

Last Friday night, the Milwaukee Brewers ended their playoff run with a loss to the San Diego Padres at Miller Park. My Red Sox are still alive and well, but it would have been really nice to see the home team make the playoffs for the first time in 25 years. Maybe in 2032, perhaps.

Majestic bastard.

If you believe that you own a cat more majestic and regal than Gabriel, you're a God damn liar.

Please sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Friday. You can say hello to me at Geek Kon this weekend at the University of Wisconsin Campus; I'll be destroying everyone in the Guitar Hero tournament from 10-1pm Saturday morning. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 4

Done Gone Getting Blowded Up.

My favorite local news clip ever. Enjoy what's left of your Thursday.

Wednesday, October 3

The CDP Is Not TMZ.

That Bitch From The Hills.

That bitch from The Hills looks like Karen Black at the end of Trilogy Of Terror.

Karen Black At The End Of Trilogy Of Terror.

That is all.

Monday, October 1

Meet The CDP At Geek.Kon!

Meet The CDP At Geek.Kon!

On Saturday, October 6, a nagging question will be answered once and for all: Who is the best Guitar Hero player in the Midwest? Is it a guy? Is it a girl? Is it that one Asian kid that lives at the arcade and plays Tekken 4 with his eyes closed?

Well, I believe that it might be me, which is why I'll be attending Madison's first annual Geek.Kon and staking my claim to the title of Guitar Hero II Champion. The tournament will run from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, and that's where you'll be able to find me, staring down my competition and filming footage for an upcoming documentary on the entire convention. They expect to have about 1000 people attending, so there should be no shortage of entertainment in the people-watching department.

The rest of the convention seems pretty much standard fare for a sci-fi/anime gathering. And while 99.85% of that stuff freaks me right the hell out (cosplay, schoolgirls, furries, etc.), I fully intend to wade into the crowd and emerge victorious, clutching the hollowed-out skulls of the 15 other souls who dare try defeat me. Pity them, for they did not know what to expect.

I'm in need of both an entourage and a cheering section for the tournament, which is where you come in. If you're coming to Geek.Kon or plan on being in the Madison area on October 6, please stop in, say hello and root for the CDP. I'll be handing out free swag and you'll get to be in my movie! Furthermore, you'll see history being made when I hoist my trophy over my head and declare myself the best virtual shredder in the tri-state area. Afterwards, drinks are on me. I currently have about 8 people confirmed for my posse, but there can always be more. Admission is FREE, by the way.

Sound off in the comments section and wish me luck; I've got practicing to do, and a book to complete.