Friday, November 2

Six Months & 298 Pages Later...

65 Poor Life Decisions.

Keep your ear to the street, friends. The book is done.

Thursday, November 1

Facebook Funnies! (Volume 7.)

Facebook Funnies!

Hello, and welcome to another installment of 'Facebook Funnies,' where we get to peek into the personal lives of Facebook users by simply keeping an eye on their Mini-Feed. It's wacky! It's hilarious! It's Facebook Funnies!

Today's Facebook Funny comes to us from 'Julian.' This was his updated mini-feed on Tuesday evening:

Julian left the group "See? Bill Does Have Friends!"

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for the next hilarious installment of Facebook Funnies!

Volume 6.
Volume 5.
Volume 4.
Volume 3.
Volume 2.
Volume 1.

Wednesday, October 31

CDP Wayback Machine - Halloween 2007 Edition.

I So Spooky.

This year, I got a little lazy, and wore what I pretty much wear every day to work. I decided for a modern, hipster-style American Psycho appearance. I think it gets the job done, and yes, I'm standing in the hallway of an Elementary school with a disguise and plastic chainsaw. How I'm not in jail is beyond me.

Due to today being the Best Holiday Ever, I'm corking your cry-holes with a classic CDP rerun. Please sit back and enjoy the most humiliating Halloween of my entire life, with...

October 15, 2005 - "It's My Costume."

Tonight, I'm headed off to the Dane 101 party at the High Noon Saloon. I hope to see you there. Please sound off in the comments section and tell me how you plan to spend this most joyous of days. I don't know how tonight will turn out, but I took Thursday off, just in case.

Happy Halloween, kids.

Monday, October 29

Don't Wake Me Up.

The Joy Of Sox.

The Boston Red Sox won the 2007 World Series.
My hands are sore from playing Guitar Hero III all Sunday.
The finishing touches are going into the CDP Book as we speak.
Halloween, the only holiday that matters, breaks the week up in style.
Big thangs poppin', little thangs stoppin'. Straight ballin', y'all. I'm all bout' it.

Please sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.