Wednesday, February 20

Lost Wednesday - Pop Crunch Edition.

Well, here you go. My first foray into 'Soup'-esque television writing. I'll get a lot better at this in the future, I promise. Time will tell if the fine folks at Pop Crunch want more from me or not.

Last Sunday, I was approached by Pointless Banter's Kevin Palmer to write a Pop Crunch Show script focusing on Lost. Kevin has been Head Writer on the show for awhile, and was a fan of Lost Monday, so was kind enough to lobby and get me in for a trial run. I had less than no time to get it written, so I was forced to scrap my typical Lost Monday this week to focus on it (that won't happen again, regardless of what happens).

It turned out nice enough, but yeah, I'm capable of limitless awesome possibilities in this medium now that I know what to expect. So if you like to see the CDP make money and take on new, popular projects, be sure to say nice things, give Pop Crunch a peek and rate this puppy 5 stars.

Thanks much. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

(PS - I'm aware that the writing credit went to Kevin Palmer. I know. It's okay.)

They just started putting credits on the end and that was a preprepared thing. Since I was the only writer on the show they just had it set to go like that...

I just wanted to make sure that I explained it before people lynched me.

You did a great job!
I'm gonna lynch you Kevin, but in the naughty way. Thanks for getting the CDP on board with this!
Does it involve twizzlers? If so sign me up.

No problem... anything to expose people that have talent...
Yeah, thanks again, Kevin. You da' man!

Lost Monday AND Pop Crunch Lost Wednesdays? Can the blogosphere handle that much CDP Lost goodness? Only time will tell.
Damn those brown recluses...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Well, even though I'm not a really big Lost fan I feel I'm caught up due to your fatastic Lost Mondays.

I think its actually alittle more understandable when the person relating it to me is atractive and female.
It's not a shot you, I'd just like to see less of you.

MOE - It's the best theory I've come up with so far. Or maybe she's just a lackluster actress.

No. It was a spider.

CAVEMAN - I agree with you. I also like that I can make her say whatever I want.
anything to expose people that have talent...

You're already a better man than half of Hollywood, which seems hell-bent on relentlessly exposing us to exposed, talentless hacks. You know the ones I'm talking about.

CDP - Well done and congrats! I enjoyed it immensely. Do not take your new-found power to make a cute girl say whatever you want lightly. It is a serious hilarity!

Also, I'm seriously enjoying the Explosions in the Sky CD. Un/fortunately, it seems to be complimenting my winter blues quite a bit. But in a lovely way.
Awww. Good job - one more step towards making it big time and leaving all us little people in your wake. (When/where does Pop Crunch air, or is this an internet only type thingy?)

Nice quasi-mullet on Matthew Fox.

And speaking of exposed, talentless hacks... <--- Lindsay Lohan joke goes here
MAUS - Thanks! Pop Crunch is internet-only, with a massive YouTube page and a Technorati rating of something like 1300. They're a pop-culture, celebrity gossip-type site that is venturing into TV episode-specific recaps. Who better than yours truly to write Lost jokes?

Don't answer that. My dignity is on the line, here.

EMILY - Thanks! With any luck, I can do this on a weekly basis as a compliment to Lost Monday. Our train to Global Domination rumbles forth.

Explosions In The Sky will make anything you do seem like a life-altering experience. They make your life a movie, and my goodness, are they romantic to listen to in the dead of winter. I understand and agree completely.
Great script, and it was cool to see some of the jokes from the last Lost Monday get in there...

...but that woman...just...someone please kill her...
I repackaged a couple jokes from last week due to time constraints, indeed. It's a totally different voice and style than what I'm used to, so now that I know what to expect, it should be a lot smoother should I get another episode.
Another mix-tapeless day for Moe. You broke my heart, Kenny.

Are you kidding me? Again!?

"Can I play? Mine will be shipped timely this time, I promise." - KENNY (01/15/08)
Kenny, I feel a mix-tape shun coming on...
WILL - I apologize for implying you were the Kenny of this mix trade. I forgot to take Kenny into account. My B.
Perhaps I'm alone here, but this PALED in comparision to your Lost Mondays. I laugh out loud reading that, week after week. Maybe it's because I wanted poke that chick's eyes out with a blunt object...but still. I miss the old you!

First-time commenter.
Hey Jennifer! Don't be a stranger to the comments! I appreciate that feedback. Heck, I appreciate any feedback, really.

Without question, it's a totally different medium than Lost Mondays, and I want everyone to know that LOST MONDAY WILL CONTINUE AS PLANNED, NO MATTER WHAT. What I do for Pop Crunch will exist separately; it just so happened that I only had time to write one script this week, and the notice was extremely short.

To recap: This is not replacing Lost Monday.

Hope this puts everyone at ease!
Yeah, I've got to cool as that was and all, it sounded different read off by someone else than it plays out in my head. I'll probably get used to it and it might even grow on me, but I'm glad Lost Monday will stick around too.

(I wonder if CDPeons were the only ones to truly appreciate the subtle nuances of the Hurley ham reference?)
I agree. If you think it was weird hearing those jokes out loud, imagine how it felt for me.

The 'ham withdrawl' joke was for you guys, though.
You should reference a bad CDP joke every week.

for example: "(whatever character) must have gone to Duke"
This comment has been removed by the author.
If I get to do another episode, I'll work a Duke joke in there somehow.

Maybe even something butthole-related.
That would be a FARK'ism. A CDP'ism would be Locke telling Ben he can see his butthole.
Jack telling Locke he can see his butthole. Sawyer pointing out that Jack's butthole has it's own mention in the credits. And Sawyer watching Kate let the tip show.
Maybe even something butthole-related.

Please do.

This is fantastic, I really hope you get to do more.
Caveman let her go!!!

Welcome back, Cargirl.
Thanks, Cargirl! I hope I get to do more for the sole purpose of writing 'Easter Egg' jokes.
MOE - Kenny mailed out her mix to you last week. Might wanna give it another day or so, but yeah, it's out there somewhere.
The FCC probably intercepted it.
Where's the snarky photo comments? Where's the CDP feel that I've come to know and love?

Why is some annoying woman talking to me about Lost?

The only reason I come here and read the Lost recaps is so I can re-read them at the end of the season and laugh my ass off.

Now I have to watch Sarah "non-descript" East on a much more impersonal, grating format.

Maybe you could do your regular thing AND contribute to them? Maybe? Please?
Good job. Maybe she needs a laugh track. But otherwise I really liked it. Looking forward to another webisode!
ANIMAN - Thanks for the compliments and concern over Lost Monday. I can assure you that the absence of Lost Monday this week was a one-time deal, and will return to glory next week. Whatever I do for Pop Crunch in the future will be completely separate from my Lost Monday awesomeness. Scout's honor.

DOMSAR - Thanks! I'm looking forward to more episodes, too!
I think it was good for an on-the-spot, first run-through. The only thing that was a problem, for me at least, was that I kept trying to imagine how you would've read it, (and your intended timing)compared to how the girl read it, and they didn't synch up.

She wasn't bad, but it's tough for semi long time readers to accept someone else's voice for your stuff, that's all.
Absolutely agreed, IMS. I've gotten a lot of e-mails from people saying, "You should just host!" Of course, that's not possible or even probable, but I appreciate the sentiment just the same.

The good parts were good, but the not-so-good parts were a combination of me doing this for the first time (in a hurry) and joke delivery/timing. Comedy is touchier than surgery; everything needs to be perfect, or it will be noticed and exposed. Kinks get worked out along the way.

I think the problem was that I tried to plug my 'Lost Monday voice' into something completely different in substance, style and satire. If I am to do more Pop Crunch stuff, it will stand completely separate from anything else I do. It has to, otherwise people will keep comparing it to Lost Monday, and that ain't healthy.

What kills me are the folks that thought it was 'too mean.'
Relieved to hear Lost Mondays are not being replaced. And I welcome any jokes about Duke (which is correctly spelled, "dook," btw), as I am a UNC grad. Go Heels!

Welcome back Lost Mondays!
Go Heels, and go Lost Monday! W000T.

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