Friday, March 14

I'm Not Leaving You; You're Leaving Me!

Here's a little CDP-flavored Pop Crunch to lead you into the weekend. Minty!

Me and the Missus are headed north for a funeral today, returning Saturday night. Sound off in the comments section, play nice and enjoy your day.

The jokes ain't half bad, but I still wish the host would loosen up a bit. The outtakes at the end prove she can.

I'd tell you to have fun this weekend, but that would probably be, uh, rude.
They're in the process of tweaking the image of the show, the music/graphics, as well as the host, delivery and wider range of content. I think their future goal is to make it more like The Daily Show and less like The Soup.

As far as jokes go...we're getting there.

The Missus' grandmother passed away, and yeah, it's not the most attractive reason to travel up and visit the folks, but we'll make the best of it and remain optimistic. She's been doing well, but the news was quite surprising, so we'll come to understand everything tomorrow.

If you feel like sending any well-wishes or words the Missus' way, don't hesitate to shoot an e-mail to, or right in this here comment section.
Oh, that's too bad. My condolences. I went through that last year with my great-grandmother, and it was rough.

And speaking of rough...I have nothing specific that I could say I have against Sarah, but...yeah, the delivery could use a little work. You gotta feel the funny!
I think it's the timing that's hurting things, because the jokes themselves are pretty good.

Anyway, please send my very best to the Missus. Death, as a general rule, is a heap of no fun. Have a good trip, nonetheless, and return safely.
The Missus, your Grampa really isn't long as you can find a way to remember him.

(Paraphrased from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I'm not really good with the "heart-felt" stuff, but I sure do mean it.)

+5 nerd cred
It was actually my grandma, but my grandpa is gone too so the sentiment is still the same :)
Well, I feel like a moron...
It's all good. Just act like you were offering your condolences for the Missus' grandpa a few years late. A kind word is a kind word.

Speaking of kind words, Lost Monday will be written on the fly tonight as a result of our whirlwind weekend. We'll see how that goes.

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