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The CDP's Top 15 NES Games Of All-Time.

Top 15 NES Games Of All-Time.

If you're reading this on Monday and not in the distant future, my Internet connection is currently shut down, and my computer is sitting in a shipping crate on the way to the all-new CDP Headquarters (location unknown). The moving process has been slow and trudging, and I didn't have enough time to write a Lost Monday that I was anything close to proud of.

Another way to say it is that Lost Monday was nowhere near the top of my Priorities List.

So, in substitution, here's a far-better essay I've been working on for a few weeks; The CDP's Top 15 NES Games Of All-Time. It's loaded with links, clips, pop culture goodness and various other things that will entertain you thusly if you have the patience to check out everything I've thrown into it (and if you are a child or man-child of the 80's). Please enjoy; the CDP will return when Headquarters is fully functional. Thanks, and enjoy the next few days.

It should also be noted that this is a list of my favorite NES games, not some be-all-to-end-all list that I think you'll agree entirely with. Furthermore, if you feel the need to explain in detail why Castlevania was better than Metal Gear, chances are that we're going to end up being friends anyway. Let's go.

Pre-Countdown Honorable Mentions go to: Castlevania (for being scary), Contra (for being extremely difficult without the Konami Code), Ghouls-'N-Ghosts (for being absolutely impossible), Ninja Gaiden (for the kickass storyline), Final Fantasy (for being Final freaking Fantasy) & Double Dragon II (for the Cyclone Spin Kick).

Super Mario Bros. 2.

15. Super Mario Bros. 2

SMB2 is hard. Really hard. Interest-rate mortgage calculation over 30 years, adjusted for inflation with PMI included-hard, as far as this guy is concerned. In fact, I've never actually won SMB2 without the assistance of a certain Game Genie-esque device that allowed me to leap over levels and attack Wart with Matrix-style bullet-time speed. Furthermore, SMB2 wasn't even a Mario game until it was repackaged for American audiences in 1988 (and was featured in the first issue of Nintendo Power, which I proudly own).

That all being said, the music, cartoonish boss appeal and multiple-character selection were all fairly groundbreaking at the time (not to mention the bizarre androgeny of Birdo), and I put many a controller through the drywall trying to reiterate myself with the jumping scheme and new Mario features. I played this game so much as a child, that I named my cat at the time 'Meowser,' a take-off of the bad-ass SMB2 boss, Mouser.

Don't laugh, asshole, I was 7. It's still one of the more clever things I've done.

YouTube Goodness - The Mouser Battle.

Ring King.

14. Ring King

Where to start with the awesomeness that is Ring King? The fighters that ranged in color from Simpsons yellow to nearly-dead E.T. gray? The knockouts that could literally eject your opponent from the stadium? Or how about the most unintentional sexual act in NES history, the imfamous 'cornerman bob-n'-weave?' Ring King was a game that was simple to play (the button-mashing controls assured that first-timers could kick any seasoned pro's ass), which meant that the multi-player tournaments were always a blast.

An underrated NES party game, especially when two n00bz would duke it out for the first time. It normally looked like a Toughman competition; just two guys teeing off on the other's face until someone up and died. And what's more fun than that?

YouTube Goodness - Knocked Out Of The Stadium.

R.C. Pro-Am.

13. R.C. Pro-Am

There are many NES-related moments that we can all, as retro gamers, remember fondly. In my opinion, there was never anything funnier than watching someone attempt to play R.C. Pro-Am for the first time. The control scheme, completely impossible to explain or understand (until it became a permanently ingrained part of your central nervous system), virtually assured that the first 20 attempts at Track 1 would consist of 90-degree pinwheeling into every barrier, wall or oil slick in existence. Once you got it down, you were unstoppable, but when your friend took the reins for the first time, the epic failure was pure bliss.

Special attention goes out to the Yellow Car and its 'impossible speed' bursts in later stages of the game; one of the first examples of outright 'cheating' by computer AI. Go to hell, unnamed driver. You're the reason my trophy room is full of bronze wrenches.

YouTube Goodness - Opening Tracks & The Trophy Room.

TMNT2: The Arcade Game.

12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

I have an extremely fond memory of attending a birthday party at Aladdin's Castle in the 3rd Grade (remember when arcades used to be amazing?). Myself and my three closest friends pooled our ridiculously large amount of game tokens into a small mound under the TMNT cabinet and went to town, winning the game two times in a row.

Girls were gently patting the sweat off of our brows and assisting us with generous sips of Mello Yello as we stayed focused and united. I was Donatello; I was always Donatello. It was one of my most treasured video game achievments; I think we pumped $80 into that damn machine.

I can't even remember who's birthday it was that day, solidly proving that the best memories aren't necessarily the ones that you purposely set out to create.

YouTube Goodness - Rocksteady's Got April!

The Legend Of Zelda.

11. The Legend Of Zelda

If you ever find yourself talking to me at length about something I couldn't care less about (and chances are that you are), The Legend Of Zelda theme music is probably running through my head on a constant loop. I'm ashamed to admit that I jumped on the Zelda train a little late in my childhood, but the joy and reward was just the same. Summer nights spent in a friend's garage, drinking copious amounts of Kool-Aid and listening to C+C Music Factory on the boom box. It's what memories are made of.

Come to think of it, I don't think I ever got that C+C Music Factory tape back. I have a phone call to make.

YouTube Goodness - One Of The Best Commercials Ever.


10. Excitebike

The overwhelming frustration of overheating mere inches from the finish line. Creating a custom track that launched you directly into a wall on purpose. Tripping up opponents just before an obstacle that sent them slo-mo tumbling for fifteen seconds straight. Excitebike was one of those games that absolutely everyone had, so we're mostly united in our gaming experiences.

I was playing Grand Prix for the Atari 2600 a few weeks ago (a game that I called 'Grand Pricks' in 1988, because I didn't know any better), and it made me long for Excitebike; the image of your character standing yards away from the Top 3 finishers, head bowed in shame, is one of the more psychologically damaging moments of failure in early gaming history. They should have just showed me a picture of my mom getting kicked in the stomach by Darth Vader; it may have hurt a little less.

YouTube Goodness - Knocking Out Track 5.

Tecmo Super Bowl.

9. Tecmo Super Bowl

Forget Madden. It's well-documented that Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest football game in history. Tournaments are still held all over the nation on a weekly basis, and YouTube clips of 500-yard, quarter-length scampers are plentiful. This is the game that will keep the fond memory of Christian 'The Nigerian Nightmare' Okoye in my head forever, as the game designers simply threw their hands in the air one night and said, "You know what? Screw everything; let's just make him impossible to tackle."

That, my friends, is awesome. "No fair; you can't be the Chiefs!"

YouTube Goodness - Superman Okoye Destroys The Colts.

Mega Man 2.

8. Mega Man 2

Taken from the Mega Man 2 Wikipedia page: "Mega Man 2 was named by GameSpot as one of 'The Greatest Games of All Time.' It was also honored in Nintendo Power's 'Top 200 Nintendo Games Ever' list, ranked at number 33. Creator Keiji Inafune claims the success of Mega Man 2 is what made the Mega Man series a hit that continues to spawn sequels."

I couldn't have said this better myself. Furthermore, I can't tell you how many 'Wood Man' jokes I've made over the years. Heh-heh....'wood.'


YouTube Goodness - The Timeless Introduction To Mega Man 2.

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

7. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Well, here's one we can all probably agree on. The cast of characters was comedic and all-encompassing. The 'Dream Fight' code is etched in our subconscious until the end of time (right off the top of my head: 007-373-5963). The sweat-drenched survival of the first 90 seconds with Iron Mike. Trailing behind Doc Louis' bike while jogging in a pink tracksuit past the Statue Of Liberty. King Hippo. It's all here.

Punch-Out!! is one of those games that I will still be playing and enjoying when I'm 50, and maybe by then I'll get the timing down with Super Macho Man. I once had to dodge his 'Super Spin Punch' 38 damn times in a row.

As a side note, I didn't actually win this game until I was in my late teens, and as I celebrated this long-awaited accomplishment alone in my bedroom, I became acutely aware that good memories are worthless unless they can be shared. Hours later, however, I lost my virginity, so I'd say it was a pretty good day for me.

YouTube Goodness - Iron Mike Gets Owned.

Super Mario Bros.

6. Super Mario Bros.

I once read an IGN or GameSpy article proclaiming that "Super Mario Bros. IS gaming." This is unquestionably true; it launched a rebirth of video gaming that has been doing nothing but pick up steam and generate billions of profitable dollars from losers like me for the last 22 years. I cannot offer anything that hasn't already been said in praise of SMB, nor can I properly convey its importance to technology and global culture.

What I can tell you is that the first time I won SMB, I was horribly sick with the flu, and in my overly-hyper celebration, yodeled groceries directly into the box fan whirring in my grandparents' living room. Whatever splatteriffic result you're imagining in your head, I can assure you it was actually far worse. It still didn't deter my celebration; how could it?

YouTube Goodness - Amazing SMB Race.


5. Metroid

Metroid has been considered by many to be the greatest NES game ever made, for a number of reasons. The amazing weapons, storyline and unparalleled code system. The weeks of sleepless nights it took to finally take down the Mother Brain. The twist ending of having to escape the lair to avoid death, even after defeating the boss. And of course, the ultimate twist ending, revealing that our main character and bad-ass hero was actually a woman. That revelation alone transcended Metroid into the stratusphere when it comes to games that had a cultural impact, with endless sequels and legions of fans.

The first time I battled a Metroid, I distinctively remember yelping in terror. Those things were a goddamn nightmare, as I've always had a problem with things that latched onto other things and sucked their lives dry. Like David Spade.

YouTube Goodness - The Final Battle & Best Ending.

Metal Gear.

4. Metal Gear

The beginning of what is probably the greatest action franchise in gaming history. This one had it all: Spying. Traitors. Intrigue. Weapons galore. The glorification of cigarettes. The final twist and realization that your trusted boss has been setting you up for the fall from the very beginning, and it's up to you to take him out once and for all. My 'Official Metal Gear Map' is tattered and held together exclusively with Scotch tape and memories, but thinking back to insomniac weekends spent conquering this game is the perfect definition of childhood happiness.

This game is also noted for its 'Engrish,' with phrases such as "The truck have started to move!" and "I feel asleep!" Oh, and you get penalized if you shoot the prisoners that you're trying to capture, so try not to do that, even though they're sitting there, all tied up and pathetic. Show restraint, Solid Snake (To this day, I'm still baffled that the game designers decided to name their main character after what amounts to nothing more than an erection joke).

YouTube Goodness - The Opening Levels To Metal Gear.

River City Ransom.

3. River City Ransom

River City Ransom has received a cult following and legions of devoted fans (ironically) after being named the 'Most Underrated NES Game Of All-Time' by Nintendo Power magazine. And as far as start-to-finish, vague storyline-driven games go, this was one of the most fun games you'll probably ever play.

Follow the map, beat the piss out of every gang in River City and save your girlfriend. Rob the thugs, hit the stores to buy goods that will make yourself stronger. Nowadays, most games follow this structure; back in the day, River City Ransom was the only game in town. The music was tight, the locations were great, the weapons and violence were supreme and the replayability factor is off the charts. I still play this game.

YouTube Goodness - Basic Clip That Will Convince You Of RCR's Awesomeness.


2. Tetris

Here it is. The game that gave almost all of its fans Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The game that actually spawned a psychological after-effect known as the 'Tetris Effect.' The game that is so ingrained into our minds and memories that we can actually fantasize about playing a game. Tetris deserves to sit right next to Chess and Poker as one of the greatest games in the history of mankind; a premise so simple and addictive that it changed the lives of arguably billions of people.

It's f***ing Tetris, man!

YouTube Goodness - You're Nowhere Near The Best Player On Earth.

Super Mario Bros. 3.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3

February 12, 1990. I had just turned 8 years old one week earlier, and pooled every penny I had received as a gift and ran to Toys-R-Us. There, behind the glass, hung the greatest Nintendo game of all-time. Super Mario Bros. 3. After seeing SMB3 for the first time in Fred Savage film The Wizard the year before (and what a brilliant marketing ploy, by the way), I knew that it was my destiny to conquer this game like a five-dollar whore.

I had the strategy guide. I had the maps. I had the entire Summer to hone my craft, and indeed I did. In the Summer of 1990, I won SMB3 an astounding 100 times, something that I'd argue that nobody else has ever done. I'd get up in the morning, eat breakfast, play some basketball and win SMB3. The next day, I did the same; so on and so forth, until school was back in session.

As depressing as that may sound, it was actually quite amazing. Friends would come over and win with me. I'd win with one life. I'd win using no Warp Zones. I even won some levels by looking into a mirror. It was probably the best Summer ever.

YouTube Goodness - Mario! Mario!

Thanks for reading. Sound off in the comments section and let us know what your favorite NES games are.

Good collection, a treat for the kids...
You're joking right? please tell me you didn't just leave Legend of Zelda out of the Top 10 in favor of Excitebike!

And Mike Tyson's Punch out doesn't even land a spot in the Top 3?

This list is weaker than a jab from Glass Joe!
I was going to mention the Zelda slight too, but someone already took care of that.

I would like to put Kid Icarus in for an Honorable mention. I used to play the HELL (Hades) out of that game.

Nice list though.
As lame as it may sound, my personal, all-time favorite NES game was Bubble Bobble.
Ha! My Mom used to play that all the time.
I agree with Blu, JT. Bubble Bobble was weak.

I'm pretty disappointed in the Zelda issue as well. Zelda and Contra were two of my favorites.

Then again, I only had Zelda and Contra.
Although I was born 4 years after it's release I had a NES cartridge collection that rivaled God's.

I'm pretty much there with you on most of you list, but you really got to move Zelda up...

*still Tetris god*
Shit dude, you just brought back so many memories.

For the record, I say that SMB1 was the most difficult to win. I still haven't. Mario 2, however, I beat a number of times without too much trouble (and what a fuckin' lame ending), and Mario 3? Shit, son, I could beat that game in my sleep.

Loved Metroid, loved Excitebike, loved MT's Punchout. Additions to my personal list would be Double Dragon and Double Dribble, alike in name only but both totally awesome. Oh and Adventure Island and Mighty Bomb Jack. I loved those games, obscure as they were.

It's funny; we were the first kids in our area to get both Atari and NES, but then we kind of gave up on keeping up with new consoles. Really, after NES, do you really need anything else?
The fact that baseball stars isn't on this list is a travesty.
It's been a long time since I've commented...

I've been reading, no doubt. I was even preparing an emotional piece on how nice it is to come to work on Monday morning to reading Lost Monday.

It was missing this morning and replaced by something just as good, if not better.

I share the same sentiment as most everyone here in the fact that Zelda is far too low on the list. Honestly, though, it was Kevin that brought me back. I needed to see someone else mention Baseball Stars.

My Top Ten

1. Super Mario 3
2. Baseball Stars
3. Zelda
4. Mike Tyson's Punch Out
5. Wall Street Kid
6. Little League Baseball
7. Tecmo Bowl
8. Vegas Dreams
9. Paper Boy
10. Excitebike

The original Super Mario is above a Top Five list, though. Without Super Mario, we have none of the above.

I'd also point out that Tetris was, to me, much better for the Gameboy. I'm sure you feel the same way, too.

Lastly, I hadn't seen The Wizard in over 15 years until I watched it again late last year. Now, it's played non-stop in the family mini-van with our three kids reciting nearly every line (7/f, 3/f, 2/m)
Moe- Paper Boy Rules.
I think I'm in love with the new gladiator: Phoenix.
The wings were a bit much.

Jet's honest enthusiasm for her new role made me happy, though.
Moe Greene where you been at?!? I've been asking Ryan if you were dead, I missed you so.
I’m back at the office, and things at CDP World Headquarters are starting to take shape. Let’s see if I can blaze through these comments and keep this thread going; it has to last us a few more days while I catch up on…well, everything.

1. As I stated in the list, Zelda ended up lower on the countdown because I didn’t become a fan of it until later on in life. It didn’t get a proper chance to become permanently ingrained into my psyche. Furthermore, it’s one of those games that I’d probably never play as an adult. Doesn’t mean I don’t love it, though.

2. Excitebike is good for the ‘friend factor.’ You play with your friends, and it will keep you entertained for hours. At least it did with my friends; although Zelda was always somewhere in the mix. This, however, isn’t a list of my friends’ favorite NES games.

3. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Doesn’t deserve to be in the Top 3 because it’s essentially a memorization game with little-to-nothing concerning anything else. Don’t get me wrong, it rules like nobody’s business, but at the end of the day, it simply is what it is.

4. Kid Icarus was a good game, and it would have made my Top 20 list.

5. Same goes for Bubble Bobble. I truly did play the crap out of that game, masculinity be damned!

6. Contra was awesome, but I had a terrible experience with that game that I’ll shed more light on in my next book. It involves nudity, so you’re going to want to check it out.

7. I like that Cargirl had a NES with two games. I find that adorable.

8. There will be a Tetris tournament at CDP Headquarters this Summer. Keep an eye out for an invitation. I’m serious.

9. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that SMB2 was easier than SMB1, crazy. SMB3 is probably the hardest in terms of difficulty, but most of us have played it to oblivion at this point. Damn, I love that stupid little game.

10. After the NES, there’s barely any reason to keep up with new consoles. When I get sick of the Wii, I always go back to the old standby.

11. I’ve never played Baseball Stars. D’oh! I have some Wikipedia’ing to do.

12. Welcome back, Moe! I thought I had pissed you off or something. Nice list; Tetris for the GameBoy is indeed the superior version.

13. Paperboy was freaking awesome. Remember that song ‘Ditty?’ Still one of my favorite hip-hop tracks of all-time. Wait….what?

14. I will watch Gladiators tonight. Is the Evanator back?
This post has been getting a ton of traffic (because the Internet is fueled by nostalgia and lists). Here's what one commenter had to say over at Reddit:

"Metal Gear for the NES is an absolute abomination. To be in anyone's Top 10 NES games list you must be heavily clouded by nostalgia and peer pressure. Not a single hidden gem on that list, like Journey to Silius. What an average list."

Wow, geez. I wasn't training to be an elitist douchebag at the age of 8, dude. I was just playing games that I really liked, not attempting to uncover rare titles that would boost my schoolyard cred and impress irrelevant, miserable bastards on the Internet 20 years later.

Some people make me wonder. Who takes the time to spout something like that?
I screwed up and left RBI Baseball 2 off my list. For every bit of good that was Bo Jackson circa Tecmo Bowl, he was just as good as the CF for the Royals in this game.

It even had the fountain at Kauffman Stadium!!!
Man, remember when Bo Jackson was pretty much the most popular and mind-blowing athlete on Earth?
My great-grandfather suffered a brain aneurism when Bo made an appearance on Married With Children.

*that's not true
Yup, totally untrue. Bo Jackson never appeared on Married...With Children.

Damn, this moving process has been tough. I feel like I've gotten my ass kicked; like I accidentally stepped between Amy Winehouse and a rock of crack.
Bo Jackson most certainly was on Married...With Children...
Have we lost LOST Monday? You should keep it well into the season finale.
MOE - True 'dat. I was just being silly. I'm amazed by how decent Katey Segal looks in 2008.

JEANNA - Lost Monday shall return before the Season Finale. It's just been lost in the shuffle due to my move and other writing projects. This week's episode is going to be insane.
There was a new game on AG last night, I think it was called Rocketball. There is a possibility that someone could be decapitated during this game.
(Actual conversation with my Mother at the mall last weekend:)

MOM - What's a 'Code Yellow?'

ME - It means there's a missing child.

MOM - Oh, I thought that was a 'Code Adam.'

ME - Nope, that's when they just find the kid's head.

MOM - (Slaps me in the back of the head)
That's an insanely offensive joke. My apologies in advance.
I met Bo Jackson at a track meet once when I was in 6th grade. His daughter was there in a race and he came to watch. He was a douchebag and wouldn't talk to anyone.

Speaking of LOST, I'm a few episodes away from being done with Season 3, and I'm thinking I might miss the real-time finale. I'm trying to up my daily viewing time, but I'm also becoming a bit sensitive to sunlight and I'm losing sleep to images of Ethan Rom. I've also stopped bathing, started caking dirt on myself before school, I only dress in burlap, and for no reason I killed a man with a crossbow that I fashioned out of bones and sticks.

*that's not true
My favorite NES game is Lost Monday.

(actually, wouldn't an oldschool Lost videogame be hilarious? then at the end, you get to Jacob's cabin where Princess Claire awaits you-- and you get to spend a lifetime raising a special child!)
SQ, that would be amazing. I'd love to see Hurley all pixelated.
CARGIRL - Bo Jackson. That's neat that you got to gander at him, even if he was a douchebag. Meeting famous people sucks for that reason alone.

Part 1 of the Season 4 finale is Thursday, and the two-hour finale climax is May 29. You can do it! Get watching!

Hmmm, I was wondering why you were wearing all that burlap when I saw you on Friday.

SWOONIE - You make me laugh.

Lost Monday should return next week, depending on how hard I work on my house this week.

A Lost NES game would be amazing. The music producer in me is salivating at how rad the 8-bit theme would sound.
Maniac. Manson.
There was also a new game on AG last night called Vertigo. I was distracted by something (probably shiny) at that point, though, and can't vouch for its awesomeness/lameness. Rocketball, however, was amazing and could indeed lead to decapitation.

Also, the dude with one leg was mighty impressive.
A Gladiator with wings, a contestant with one leg, new events that could lead to decapitation, the triumphantly sexy return of Crush...I can't wait to watch this tonight.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phoenix is frightening and sexy in some weird awesome way.
I can't keep my eyes off those wings...
Monica and Evan were my two favorite contestants in Season 1, so I was happy to see that they won and decided to take them up on the offer to come back as Jet and Rocket.

For the record, there was never a time when I didn't think that Monica was sexy. You go, you hot mom, you!

Evan is certainly easy on the eyes, too. He's just so damn positive.
"Metal Gear for the NES is an absolute abomination. To be in anyone's Top 10 NES games list you must be heavily clouded by nostalgia and peer pressure. Not a single hidden gem on that list, like Journey to Silius. What an average list."

This criticism would have made sense if the list was "Top 15 Hidden NES Gems." What a d-bag...that person clearly didn't even read your intro which explained why you chose the games. I repeat, WHAT A D-BAG.

I enjoyed reading the list, and I've only played like 3 of those games in my life.
My next video game list will be the Atari 2600, so that should piss off even more people.
Do "Top 15 Movies" of all time, and put the remake of Psycho as #1.
It's seriously going to be the Summer Of Pop Culture Lists on the CDP. They bring in the traffic, the kids love 'em and I get to explain why my tastes are superior. It's why the Internet was invented.

Best diss in a rap song ever:

"Cuz' you're an original like Psycho starring Vince Vaughn!"

'Horns Of Destruction,' by 2 Skinnee J's.
That's what the D-bag thought of your list. He thought you were disallusioned by nostalgia. Yarf.
If I'm not disallusioned by nostalgia, then what am I?
I'm not going to let my adult Self alter the decisions that my childhood Self made concerning video game coolness. I'm sure my childhood Self's opinions were significantly more valid and airtight.
Yep. Some game you bought on eBay in 2006 at the age of 28 for $76.00holds WAY more significance than a game you received for a birthday present at the age of 10 from your aunt and uncle and played with your best friends for 36 straight hours with no sleep and still couldn't conquer. Yep. Sure does.

If I ever decide to become a rapper, my name will be D-Bag.

It would be fitting, I think.
You can be D-Bag and I'll be P-Tip. We'll be filthy.

Going to see Josh Ritter tonight? Anyone?
If I ever decide to become a rapper..."

I like how Emily's trying to lead us to believe that she isn't destined to become a rapper.

Good effort, Em.
I've personally been waiting for her to 'pop a cap' in someone's ass...
You make the Nerdcore beats, D-Bag, and I'll write the dopest rhymes this side of Young MC.
See, now, the problem is that when I think of "pop a cap in someone's ass" I immediately picture stuffing a baseball hat up someone's wazoo. This is why I'll never be cool.

Nerdcore, though, maybe I could do.
If you make me a beat, I'll write a Nerdcore rap about the CDP. We'll tour the globe; the French would love us.

Shoving a hat up someone's ass is the funniest abstract concept I've heard all day. I snortled.
Emily/CDP- You mean "popping a cap..." isn't hat v. wazoo?
I guess I owe some people an apology.
There you were, shoving caps where the sun don't shine, when all this time you should have been murdering them.
I always kind of picture "popping a cap in someone's ass" as using someone's butthole as a bottle-opener. Gross.
Ok! You win. I am officially done with my fascination with the phrase "pop a cap in ass"
Wow...I leave you people alone for a few days and this is what happens.

We see eye to eye on a lot of things. Awesome list.
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Oh man, great memories. I had so many terrible NES games - Friday the 13th, Monster Party (rare, but not good), freaking Hydlide - but I played some great games too and I couldn't agree more with SM3 being #1 - and also, love for The Wizard. If you like these kind of lists, check out
I would want to play Super Mario Bro. 3 and Excited Bike Game Arcade all day long ...
Stumbled onto your blog, great stuff! These games are a piece of my childhood in tangible form. If I hear a certain sound from Metroid or see a screen shot on some forum of games like these, I am instantly transported back to the NES days of my youth. Awesome choices, I agree on many. Blaster Master is another classic I would add, and yes, the Ring King cornermen always brought forth fits of laughter. I remember my Dad going, "Uh...whatta they doing?!"
Great work. be cool...

I'm also a fan of video games :D

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