Thursday, May 8

The Great American Milk Chug.

The Great American Milk Chug.

Today, I'm outsourcing my material to longtime CDP Alumni (and frequent drunk-dialer to CDP World Headquarters), Spork Nation's JT.

If you follow JT's blog, you'll know that he's been taking requests over the last few months for stunts that he can record and post onto the YouTubes. Last week, he tested the long-standing theory that it was impossible to drink a gallon of milk in under an hour. Sounds easy, right?

Here now, the scientific findings.

This clip has everything I normally look for in a great YouTube clip. Friends daring each other to do something seemingly impossible, anticipation, intrigue, a task that's logically doomed to fail, dry humor, and a little bit of vomit. It's an instant classic, and worthy of recognition.

If you like what you see, don't forget to head on over to Spork Nation and send JT a little love. After all, look what he did to entertain you!

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

The man. The legend.
He is blowing up the blogs in May '08.
Thanks for the notice that there might be vomit. I have to pass on viewing this, since I have an...aversion? seeing other people lose it. *shudder*
CDP - Thanks for showing the love, man. I promise to drunk dial soon. Also, I brought you a reader for once. Compton is my cousin.

MAUS - yeah, it gets pretty bad at the end. Luckily, there is plenty of notice.
I called my husband after reading this, because his brother-in-law has attempted to dare various people to try this stunt during two seperate family holiday gatherings. I believe he dared my husband's brother once and then the boyfriend of my husband's teenage sister - no one has attempted it yet, and my husband doesn't remember it, so maybe I'm suffering from a false memory thing.
COMPTON - Thanks for stopping by; don't be a stranger!

MAUS - The Missus is friends with a girl that has such a vomit-phobia that she goes into fits at the mere mention of it. She should go on Maury and work that out, but I suppose it's a rather common fear. Vomit is gross.

Let us know what your husband says about the clip!

JT - I think my favorite part of the clip was:

'Don't touch me.' was that bad.
My deep and abiding love and respect for all things milk will prevent me from ever attempting such a stunt, out of fear that it might sour me on the stuff for life.

Well done, though, JT! Way to take one for the team.
I also love milk. A gallon a week for me.
I also love milk, and was counting on our previously loving relationship to carry me through. Turns out milk is a whore.

Just kidding, milk. I still love you. Just not in gallon quantities.
Whiskey, on the other hand, is still okay in massive amounts.
I guy I worked with at WLUK named Clint actually did this in between the 5 and 9 O'Clock news.

He ended up going temporarily blind.
ah, way to be awesome J.T.

It is things like this that makes relations between The Spork Nation and Cavetopia (the name is a work in progress)so easy.
If only George Bush would make a video like this...We'd be loved by everyone.
BENJAMIN - Sounds about right. I'd attempt more stuff like this, but I have a vomit streak that's reaching epic proportions. It would be a shame to break it.

CAVEMAN - Cavetopia.

Patent Pending Patent Pending Patent Pending.

(Simpsons reference)
I wanted to see your utopia, but now I see it is more of a "Fruitopia".

(topping your reference with one of my own)
Some people say that The Simpsons changed their life. For me, The Simpsons created my life.
Haha! The Simpsons *IS* my life.
My sense of humor. My pop culture knowledge. My punk mindset towards pretty much every aspect of authority. If it wasn't for The Simpsons, I'd still be working on my family's dairy farm. I'd probably have a thick, midwestern accent, too.
I was just getting a hang of this "living thing" when the Simpson were created.
My parents thought cartoons at night were good for a developing mind.
Your parents were right. There's literally no explaining how much The Simpsons has shaped humor and mindset on a global scale. There's a reason that Time Magazine declared it the Greatest TV Show Of The 20th Century.

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