Friday, June 13

The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #3 Drawing.

CDPWorldwide Mix-Tape Trade #3.

It's go time, kids!

After extensive laboring, uploading e-mail addresses and building one of those spinny-wheels with the Bingo balls in them, I have come up with the 26 pairings for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange #3. Everyone who signed up has someone that they will create a mix-tape for, and in tune, they have someone who will make one for them.

The pairings are as follows. The drawing was random; a co-worker picked a number, and I eliminated the names, 'MASH'-style. I don't think kids still play 'MASH,' but that's neither here nor there:

DOMSAR will be creating a Mix for TWOFISTEDEDITOR
JT will be creating a Mix for FIONA
MOE GREENE will be creating a Mix for HEATHER
CAVEMAN will be creating a Mix for HATHERY
MIKE HOSS will be creating a Mix for SHERRY
CARROT DUFF will be creating a Mix for CARGIRL
THE CDP will be creating a Mix for SWOON QUEEN
E-RICH will be creating a Mix for REESE
SMEDLEY will be creating a Mix for HILBELINK
FEVERBLUE will be creating a Mix for EMILY MILLS
BENJAMIN will be creating a Mix for JULIA RUBIN
COMETSTARMOON will be creating a Mix for KATE CARILLO
HATHERY will be creating a Mix for MIKE HOSS
CARGIRL will be creating a Mix for MORGAN DEMPSEY
EMILY MILLS will be creating a Mix for BENJAMIN
KATE CARILLO will be creating a Mix for FEVERBLUE
JULIA RUBIN will be creating a Mix for JT
HILBELINK will be creating a Mix for MOE GREENE
TWOFISTEDEDITOR will be creating a Mix for JESSE RUSSELL
HEATHER will be creating a Mix for DOMSAR
REESE will be creating a Mix for CAVEMAN
SHERRY will be creating a Mix for E-RICH
FIONA will be creating a Mix for CARROT DUFF
SWOON QUEEN will be creating a Mix for SMEDLEY
JOHN JENKEL will be creating a Mix for THE CDP
MORGAN DEMPSEY will be creating a Mix for JOHN JENKEL

Wonderful. Here's what we all do next:

1. I will be sending e-mails out to everyone over the next few hours (give me at least until around noon today to finish), reminding them who they need to create a mix-tape for, and what that person's e-mail address is. For example, your e-mail from me will look a lot like this:

"John Jenkel, you will be making a mix-tape for the CDP. His e-mail address is Please contact him and get his mailing address."

2. It will then be up to the creator of the mix-tape to contact the recipient and get their physical mailing address. For example:

"Hey CDP, it's John Jenkel. I'm making you a mix-tape, so give me your mailing address so I can send you some sweet-ass tunage!"

3. One you get the mailing address of the person you're sending a mix-tape to, MAKE IT AND SEND IT!

Everyone has a buddy; it would really suck if someone gets left out because you suddenly decided to go deadbeat on them. My goal is to have ALL MIX-TAPES MAILED OUT BY MONDAY, JUNE 23. Now that you know who you're making a mix for, you should have plenty of time to whip it up and get it mailed out within 11 days. If someone gets left out, I'll feel personally responsible, so please don't make an ass out of me, or I'll publicly ostracize you here on the CDP.

4. If you're having a problem contacting anyone, an e-mail address is dead or anything else goes wrong, feel free to contact me and I'll sort it out. I'm pretty neat like that. Of course, once you receive your mix-tape, sound off in the comments section so we all know the status of everyone's packages.

5. I always mention this (and I'll mention it again in your e-mail), but if you're looking for an easy way to thank me for inventing something as uniting and awesome as the Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange, I would love a copy of your mix. Chances are more than likely that I'll even review it here on the CDP. My mailing address is as follows:

PO Box 865
Sun Prairie, WI

Thanks in advance; I'm looking forward to hearing your mix.

You should be receiving your e-mails before noon today (Friday). So get out there, create a rad mix-tape and send it off to your partner before the 23rd!

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your weekend. I have a garage sale to manage.

sound off in the comments section so we all know the status of everyone's packages.

...giggles uncontrollably...
That's a pretty weird co-inky-dink right there. Now I acually have an expectation to rise to.

I'm honored and privileged to be receiving a mix from Hathery.

I even like Buckely's Hallelujah. It's really in a special class of covers that really, reall work.
And I just remembered that I got Sherry's mix on the first-go round. Nice how things are coming in full-circle.

And I'm sure that Julia is going to miss my mix this time.
HOSS - Hathery was excited about making a mix for you. I think you'll appreciate the covers she enjoys.

DUFF/CARGIRL - Y'all got lucky, because I actually re-drew the names last night (there was a last-minute addition that I couldn't keep out of the Trade), and this is what popped up.

JT - Beh-heh-heh-heh...
E-mails have all been sent out by now, so let me know if there's a problem.
I am quite excited about this.
I played MASH a couple of weeks ago because my friends and I were bored ... it was quite fun.
Yeah, it's been awhile for me. I saw that there's an online version of it, but it really needs to be played with a #2 pencil and a spiral notebook if you want the predictions to come true.
...I'm still waiting on my Lamborghini.
Yup, Cindy Crawford, too.
One of my friends would like for as many people as possible to check out this blog post:

Watch the video and then leave a comment letting them know what you think of the "accident." This d-bag is monitoring the website we thing, so it'll really scare him if he thinks a whole bunch of people know he's trying to make false allegations about the accident. har de har har.

What fun on a Friday.
I don't think I made it clear...I'm on the side of the author, not the knob in the "accident." haha.
Since I am officially boycotting the post office and I'm opposed to ironic covers I have sat this one out but I did spend some time today putting together a half mix of covers that are awesome. You'll probably recognize a few of them. You can hear it by going to and then clicking on the songs.
HATHERY - That dude crashed his bike as a cause of typical driving conditions. He's not a victim; he was looking for a lawsuit.

WILL - Thanks for sharing, but I'm opposed to unironic covers, and...

Alright, I'm a dick. I'm enjoying your mix as we speak. It be good.
Thank you kids for commenting on the blog :)
Mike, if last time's mix cd is any indication, you're going to dig receiving a mix from The Missus.

If I wasn't in the middle of crazy work stuff the past and upcoming weeks, this is TOTALLY the kind of mix tape I'd have loved to participate in, again!
I believe my mixtape skills are good. But are they good enough for THE Hathery?
I got to rethink my entire game plan...
Hathery is a game-changer, that's for sure. She's a brutal critic.

Or, she's a sweetheart that genuinely enjoys anything given to her with positive intentions.

I haven't decide which yet.
Garage sales are the tool of the devil. We've worked our asses off all morning, I spent hours darting across highways and off-ramps to hang signage, andfor what?

So the neighbor kids can unfold everything and take all of our balloons. We haven't made a dime so far today.

Devil's tool.
Rummage sales are a pain in the ass. Just take everything to Goodwill and get the tax right off. It will save you hours (or days!) of your life that you will never get back.

That being said, I have been fool enough to hold four fundraiser rummage sales. Overall, the only thing the forensics team got out of the mix was sunburnt.

Hope you had more luck the rest of the day. I was eating free food at grad parties. And cake...mmmm...cake.
I meant write off. Yep, I teacher english real good like.
This comment has been removed by the author. more.

My boredom got the better of me, and I just read your Wiki biography. I got married on June 18 just 364 days after you did. (I think. I can't remember what year I got married. Sad, really.)

And by the by, has some poop stories. And little boys who stick their fingers places. Check it out.
So, like, let's hear about the garage sale? Did you ever sell anything?
HILBELINK - We're taking the remaining rummage items to Goodwill; luckily for us, the 'bigger' stuff sold this weekend, so it won't be too strenuous of a haul.

And yeah, my 4th anniversary is Thursday. Uh-oh.

HOSS - I sold a dresser, my old bike, a few clothes and little, if anything, else. Me and the Missus probably made $55 total, which probably breaks me even based on all the coffee, doughnuts and gasoline I had to purchase.

You should have seen me darting across traffic and on-ramps to put signs up; I cheated death numerous times, and it wasn't even close to worth it.

On the bright side, I got to spend the weekend in my garage, sitting with the Missus and trying hard to stay awake. It could have been worse.

Goodwill, here we come!
Oh, and is there anyone not rooting for Rocco Mediate in the US Open Playoff today? What an awesome finish last night.
I'm rooting for Justin Timberlake. Oh wait, that's not the same tournament.

Garage sales are for suckers. I have learned my lesson.
Thanks to a huge Reddit boost this morning, I'll probably finish out the day with over 5,000 hits. Not too bad for a day without a new post.

My Ken: By Request Only essay finally went viral.
U.S. Open...that is tennis, right?

I tease...actually, I am sitting in a grad class, and the guy next to me is watching the tournament on his computer. And I am doing jigsaw puzzles. We know how to earn 3 credits.
I'm also watching the playoff on my computer. Thank you, ESPN China!

Grad class sounds a lot like Kindergarten. I think I missed out on a lot of fun.
You should write Ken a thank-you note. I have his home address if you need it.

I'm not even joking.
I won't be doing that. My correspondence with Ken is over. That poor guy has been through enough.
This is seriously one of the greatest golf tournaments I've ever seen. Rocco Mediate (45 years old; ranked 148 in the World), is taking a one-shot lead into the 18th hole against Tiger Woods.
I've gotten absolutely nothing done since 1:30. Looks like it'll be another 15 minutes, at least.
90 holes, and still no winner. Time for Sudden Death.

Absolutely amazing. I'm loving this.
There's 25,000 people at that golf course just to watch two people. This is all very unprecedented. Their enthusiasm has been incredible. It sounds like Wrestlemania at Torrie Pines.
Erm, I misread that as "90 holes and still no weiner." beh heh heh.
I love it...I often misread words and insert weiners. And I meant for that to sound naughty.
My female readership rivals all others.

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