Monday, June 9

Oh-Wee-Oh-Wee-Oh-Oh, I'm Making A Mix-Tape.

CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #3.

1. If you wish to be included in the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange #3, simply let me know in the comments section or via e-mail ( If you haven't already participated in a Mix-Tape Trade, make sure to include your e-mail with your request.

2. For those who are interested in participating, but hopelessly out of the loop, the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange breaks down like this:

a) You will create a Mix-Tape, attempting to follow the specific theme set by yours truly (see below). Be creative and do whatever you want within those parameters.

b) Everyone will be chosen a person at random who they will send their Mix-Tape to. I will put everyone in contact with each other via e-mail on the date of the deadline, so they can work out proper mailing information. The goal is for everyone to receive a Mix-Tape in their mailbox by a specific date, sent to them by a random CDP reader.

Simple as that, really.

3. If you have already asked to be included for Mix-Trade #3, whether that be via e-mail or through the comments section, you don't have to tell me again. So far, we have about 14 people signed up, and I expect that number to stay a little lower than the last go-round.

4. The theme for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange #3 is...Cover Songs. Create a mix of your favorite cover songs of all-time; be creative and see what you can do with such a seemingly limited set of parameters. I'm extremely interested to see how everyone tackles this particular Mix-Tape Trade.

Now, if you don't have an extensive collection of cover songs, or don't think you have enough decent ones to create a full Mix, don't worry! Just include all the covers you care to and fill the rest of your Mix with whatever you want. The goal is to stay close to the theme, but above all, create something that's neat to listen to.

5. The deadline to sign up for the Trade is THIS WEDNESDAY. I'm moving quickly with this one, so if you're not already on board and want to be, shoot me a comment or send me an e-mail before Wednesday!

To recap:

1. Sign up for the Mix-Tape Trade.
2. Create a Mix-Tape of Cover Songs.
3. Names will be drawn on FRIDAY to determine pairings.

We'll go from there, so keep an eye on the CDP, get signed up by Wednesday, watch for the drawn pairings on Friday and get brainstorming on the perfect Cover Song Mix-Tape.

Any questions, comments or concerns? Sound off in the comments section or send an e-mail to Enjoy your day.

Totally. I don't know what I was thinking, but I can't deny my initial idea. I'm rifling through my CD collection as we speak, trying to figure out something that will work.
Degree of Difficulty = No more than 10 Me First & The Gimme Gimmes tracks per Mix.
I like the theme. I've always liked covers if they're interesting and add a new twist to a familiar song.

Also, might I suggest that people who sign up and never actually send a mix to their assigned partner be reprimanded. I'm thinking we give them a time-out after a stern talking-to and a severely disappointed look. That or some tickling until they wet themselves.
Awwwwwww, man.

Cover songs?

This is way to tempting to be left out of.

I'm in.
I want Carrot Duff's CD.
Our heroine finds that a cover mix-tape mash-up is just the incentive she needs to stop lurking.

Count me in.
I'm in. And now I have something to do today when I don't want to be working anymore.
DOM - This time around, if someone goes deadbeat, they'll be publicly outed on the CDP. Don't sign up if you don't plan on seeing the Mix Trade through. Of course, as the Trade progresses, I'll always be available through e-mail to put out fires and keep people in constant communication.

DUFF - You got it, man. For the record, after a good night's sleep, I'm excited about the theme, too.

CARGIRL - Even if you don't draw Carrot Duff's name, maybe he'll be a British gentleman and send it to you anyways.

TWOFISTEDEDITOR - Welcome aboard, and don't you dare be a stranger to the CDP! If you haven't already given me your e-mail address, try to get it over to me by Wednesday so I can add it to the list of participants. I won't share it with anyone but the person who draws your name. I'm nice like that.
JULIA - Awesome. I really liked your last mix. You're in!
The scene: early morning in the Hoss Hacienda. MikeHoss is getting ready for work, Mrs. Hoss is checking her blogs.

Mrs: Oh yes.
Mike: What?
Mrs. TheCDP. looks up at smiles at Mike Cover songs.
Mike: Ha! Oh yes.

Cuz what CDP doesn't know is this: I was going to do all cover songs on my last mix and he threw the love theme in there. I just couldn't make that work. So I said to the Mrs that I was making a cover mix this time, theme be damned.

So I'm in. As you probably already guesses.
Ooooh. A serious challenge. I probably have enough covers to put on a CD. Some of them might actually even be halfway decent. But I'm staying out of the trade again. I have so many other things going on I can't in good conscience say yes knowing there's a pretty good chance I'd not be able to follow through.
HOSS - Wow, that's sort of cosmic. You're in, and I'm assuming that you're probably almost finished with it already.

MAUS - I respect that. Gotta know your limits. It would appear that after everyone gets a few minutes to let the idea percolate, they start to get excited about it. Same thing happened for me, but I was up until midnight last night looking for suitable covers, and man...
OOh, a lurker de-lurked! Woohoo! :)
The Mix Trade tends to bring out the lurkers, and I likes it.
The Mix Trade tends to bring out the lurkers, and I likes it.

I think that is how I was delurked. So welcome, twofisteditor.
I believe so. I wanted to do something this Summer along the lines of 'De-lurker Wednesdays,' where we try to get a different reader to join the discussion every week.

Time will tell if I ever decide to put this brilliant plan into motion.
I almost feel like this is a subliminal apology to me since you destroyed my first mix for having not one, but TWO, covers on it.

Of course, I'm gonna enjoy the HELL out of making this one...
Love it.
Cargirl - Your more than welcome to recieve my tape, but don't get any great expectations. Just because I enjoy doing it, doesn't mean I have to be any good.

I think that's going to be my new catchphrase.
MOE - It actually kind of is, albiet in a parallel way. I remember doing an interview with Pointless Banter in January where I said that cover songs had no business being on a Mix-Tape, mainly in that it doesn't allow you to get an accurate feel for the band you're trying to present to your listener.

Since then, I've mellowed out about the concept of introducing bands on a mix, and focused more on themes and moods. Also, I really love cover songs, and it was betraying of me to be such a jerk concerning their inclusion on Mixes; therefore, an entirely cover-themed Mix Trade was born.

JT - It's growing on me already; not so much in the mix that I create, but I'm looking forward to getting a mix or two more so than ever.
DUFF - Damn, I think that's my new catchphrase, too.
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Trying this again - in English this time...

I just realized that if I did make a mix CD of covers, a good percentage would be songs done by (and in the style of) New Found Glory. I suppose this is also a good reason for me to exclude myself from this event.
At least one NFG cover song will be on my Mix, no doubt about it. I love stuff like that; this Trade will rely heavily on guilty pleasures.

Tell you what. You don't have to be 'officially' in the Trade, but if you feel like whipping up a mix of your favorite covers for the hell of it, I'd be tickled pink to hear it. I get the feeling I'd enjoy it.

PO Box 865
Sun Prairie, WI

I'm already working on it. Taking a sick day from work. I have the Martian Death Flu.
Ooo, I'm pretty psyched about this theme. I may even (because I'm a horrible twat of a vain woman) through in my old punk band's cover of "The Song That Never Ends".
Wow. "Through" isn't even pronounced the same as "throw." Not sure what happened there.
EMILY - Just do what I always do - blame the batteries in my wireless keyboard being low and sending the wrong signals.
How many songs by The Dan Band are allowed? I may just make a copy of the CD.
I'm glad that people are excited about it.

JT - You gotta watch out for that Martian Death Flu. The only cure is a stern probing.

EMILY - Do it. I've thrown my old band's stuff on a mix or too, as well. I always sandwich it between the two worst songs on the Mix, so it seems better than it really is.

Vanity is indeed a bitch.
JT - It goes without saying that you should use your best judgment when it comes to overusing a single band on a Mix (it is a mix, after all), but it's really completely up to you.

I'm putting a three song limit on anything by Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, myself. It was tough, but the Mix Trade is all about sacrifices.
I'm putting a no-song limit on anything by Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, just to prove that it can be done. :)
Always the trendsetter.
DUFF - Just put some cool British songs on there that I've never heard of. I am pretty excited to get a package with those Par Avion stickers all over it.

Hoo-rah for overseas postage.
I thought I didn't know any covers, but now that I think of it...this might be good. I'm gonna have to put my thinking cap on.
Mmm-hmm, this is all going to turn out to be pretty neat.
while I love all things CDP I'm going to pass on this one. It's a great concept but my wife tells me she won't go to the post office for me.

I may post something along these lines online though.
Fair enough, Will. Now that I live more than ten feet from the Post Office, I too have trouble working up the ambition to go and check the ole' CDP PO Box.

I'm real excited about the theme. I'm a total cover song freak...which I guess is kind of lame, but whatever. I do what I want. Bluegrass version of Gin and Juice anyone?

Yay for the theme - looking forward to the exchange!
I knew this idea was awesome from the start. I take it all back.
Hells yes.

Count my ass in.
You're in, Morgan.

Damn, I thought for sure that we'd have less people than Mix Trade #2, but we're already past 20 and the deadline is still two days away. Simply awesome, kids.
Covers?! Brilliant!
Count me in!

-Heather N
My mix is already at 23 songs, after just a few hours.

This will be fun, especially the cover art.
HEATHER - You're in!

JT - I had approximately 50 songs that I was rifling through last night, and I'll probably get it narrowed down to about 25 by the time I get to bed.
Actually, I've found some covers that I need to figure out if I can work them in. So, no, my mix is not done, but I have started.

JT -- I don't even want to think about the cover yet. But I do know what the name will be.
JT - If the cover of your Mix is an assortment of various covers of other covers, I'll cover right in my covers.
CDP - Almost forgot to check in and make sure your HQ made it through the biblical flood unscathed. I assumed so, what with you being a good friend of Jesus and all.
I finally have a chance to rifle through my Richard Cheese collection.

The HQ made it through with flying colors, like so many Dreamcoats. We couldn't have got out of our apartment fast enough...I'd hate to know the absolute nightmare that is going on in that basement right now. *shudder*
If a song features the original artist on a remake done by another artist - although the original artist may not be considered the primary performer on that track - does this fall under the category of "cover"?
Fine, come up with a great mix tape idea and drag me out from underneath my rock. Count me in.

I was going to wait until I had a particularly witty joke for my first comment but I'd probably be waiting a few more weeks for that to actually happen.

You can thank Moe Greene for bringing me to the party.
CAVEMAN - Lounge Against the Machine, indeed.

MAUS - You can use your best judgment; if you think it's considered a 'cover,' then go for it. You're not going to be 'officially' included in the trade, however, right?

E RICH - You're in! Just make sure I get your e-mail address before Friday. Don't be a stranger to the CDP, and welcome aboard!

Because he referred someone to the CDP, Moe Greene gets a free set of collectible CDP beer steins bearing my image and likeness.
First time I stopped by and I'm already jumping in ~ woo hoooo! This is gonna be gooooood.
Nope...not official. I was just scouring my MP3s last night and had to ask the question, since I have at least two songs where it would be more of a "duet", I guess. But I do have a cover of a duet.
REESE - You're in! Thanks for sending me your e-mail address, and don't be a stranger to the CDP!

MAUS - I gotcha. My current selection has actually ballooned from 50 to 55 songs last night; I have a lot of refining to do this week.
Sheesh---I'm pretty sure the idea of this being a smaller mix-tape trade backfired. Yay! :)
No kidding. We're up to 24 people.
Let's just go ahead and make it a clean 30.
I'm pretty sure the idea of this being a smaller mix-tape trade backfired.

CDP threw down a big challenge and I'm glad many have taken it up.

As I said yesterday, I kinda have a head start. I tweak some of the tracks last night and got it down to 17. I need to tweak the order, but wow -- if I say so myself.
My entire mix will be covers of parodies.*

* No, it won't.
HOSS - Looking forward to it, that is, if you're nice enough to send a copy my way, or I happen to draw your name. I always enjoy your mixes. They're very optimistic and Nebraska-y.

MOE - A parody cover band? Brilliant!
CDP -- I was planning on sending one your way.

In fact, let's make this one step further. If you get 30 people, why not send your mix to 2 people? Okay, it would be more postage, but it's easy to rip another copy and then you get two totally different mixes? I'm just saying . .

They're very optimistic and Nebraska-y.

I'm not sure what Nebraska-y means but you must think it's a compliment.
Awesome, thanks. It was a compliment, by the by.

I tried to figure out the mathematical logistics to randomly draw one person to make a mix for two people with no overlaps in selction, and my algorithm generator (ie: brain) started bleeding.

I genuinely like the idea though, and as I'm always trying to refine the Mix-Tape Trade each time, I'll do what I can to make it a reality the next time around.
I'd totally Facebook-stalk Enrique Iglesias. Especially now that he got rid of that facial growth.
I Facebook-stalk everyone. It's just so damn easy. Furthermore, everyone does the same thing to me, so it's a two-way street.

I keep my address and phone number off of there, for obvious reasons.
Okay, I'll leave Dwight Yokam on the mix, but I'll also keep Rage Against the Machine. I don't want it to get too Nebraska-y.

I tried to figure out the mathematical logistics ...

Dude, just write a computer program to randomly choose names, enter everyone in and . . . wait, that's how computer nerds like me would do it.

On another note, a conversation by blog comments is a lot better than working.
Write...? Program...? My head a-splode.
Cargirl - I'll have to get my sister to help me with that, but I'd be more than happy to.

It took a lot of will power, but I managed to take 'Hurt' out of the playlist. This mix-tape is proving to me much harder than I imagined.

So many good reggae cover bands. I can't decide between Dread Zeppelin and Radiodread.
HOSS - The CDP: Decreasing office productivity since 2004.

HATHERY - I actually draw the names MASH-style with a pad and paper, but still, it's hard work.

Do kids play MASH anymore?

DUFF - I was wondering how many mixes would have 'Hurt' on there; I admire your maverick trendsetting.

How was the Foo Fighters show, by the way?
Foo Fighters were utterly brilliant thanks. We didn't have the ideal seats, but I doubt there's a band on the planet half as good at entertaining an audience. Dave cracked jokes, Taylor sung a couple of songs, and there was a 20 second triangle solo. You really can't ask for more than that.
I saw footage from their 'Skin & Bones' tour where they made the custom percussionist rock the cowbell for the duration of 'See You.' It was pretty rad, and Dave Grohl is an incredible frontman.

How was 'Everlong?'
Triangle solos are the best.

Well, I've got my mix tape up to 13 songs. I don't know how some of you have to trim off songs...maybe I just put too much thought into it.

(what I'm saying is that I'm more thoughtful than all of you)
I agree---I'm at about 5 songs right now!
Mmm-hmm, you're probably a better dancer, too.

You'll get at least another full week to wrap up the mixes, so take yer' time. Like I said, I have over 50 songs on the longlist, but I'll probably cut it in half tonight.

WEDNESDAY, 06/11 - Signup deadline.
FRIDAY, 06/13 - Names drawn.
MONDAY, 06/23 - Mailing deadline.
At 8 songs myself..

Moving to Napster's Cover Radio station for inspiration...

Is that cheating?

Can you cheat at mix-taping?
I don't think you can cheat. If you think about it, this Trade is causing the creators of the Mixes to dig deep and perhaps discover new things themselves. Pretty cool stuff.

I own three albums full of Weezer covers alone, so I have a lot to wade through.
If I we're involved with this I'd offer $1 to anyone who would be kind enough to make a CD of non ironic covers.

Ironic covers get the second prize of a punch in the face.
Where on Earth did you find three Weezer covers albums?
Will is awesome, because he serves as a constant reminder that yes, I can always stand to be more cynical and grumbly about my musical tastes. He and the Missus operate on the same exact wavelength whenever I start yapping about music, not in that they share similar tastes, but that they equally hate mine.

Just so we're all clear, I find it to be amusing, informative and hilariously entertaining.

See, I happen to find non-ironic covers to be even more annoying than the silly stuff. The performer gets all serious about it and tries to milk some sort of newfound sentiment in someone elses' artistic statement; it makes me want to remind them that they didn't, you know, write the song.

Is it more embarrassing than a punk band covering a Backstreet Boys song? Not even close, but significantly less fun, for sure.

I'm already waiting behind the woodshed, whenever you're ready.
You are my fire.
MOE - Skunk Ape Records released one (The Beans and Wheelie were most famously on this one), Dead Droid Records released one (The Impossibles, The Stereo, Glassjaw, Dashboard Confessional, Midtown, The Ataris and others were on this popular one) and then there was some punk-offshoot comp that had the Angry Samoans and some other old-schoolers cover Weezer tunes.

I didn't actively search for these, by the way; they always just sort of ended in my hands whenever I hit the record stores in 2001.
All of the covers I am including are self-produced with me doing vocals and moutharp, my roommate on a cigar-box guitar, and a robot from the future providing the dopest beats you've ever heard.

I didn't get much sleep last night. Sorry.
@JT: "Moutharp" makes me feel dirty.

In my no-no spot.
JT - It's a shame you're lying, because that sounds like a winning combination; a robot traveling back in time for the sole purpose to make the world dance!

Kate is adorable. And she plays rugby, so she could most certainly kick my ass into oblivion for calling her 'adorable.'

I don't think I've been called that since my mom still dressed me in sailor suits.

Like, 2 years ago.
You're right CDP, nothing ruins a good song like sincerity and feeling.
CDP - I never said I was lying, just that I didn't get much sleep.

KATE - It should. I'm a dangerous man on the moutharp.
You're right CDP, nothing ruins a good song like sincerity and feeling.

There is no more appropriate response to this than "Oh snap!"
Apparently, Will's gentle gene was in his appendix.
KATE - I had a similar experience. I secretly think that my mom wanted her firstborn to be a girl.

WILL - Beh-heh-heh. You know what I meant.

If we're going to discuss unironic cover songs, the only one that instantly comes to mind for me would be the afformentioned Johnny Cash version of 'Hurt.' This is possibly the most modern and popular (and emotionally powerful) example, and it instills in me the idea that it's extremely hard to cover a song unironically and make it really, truly work. And even then, without the looming death of an American icon and a subperb Mark Romanek video to accompany it, it wouldn't have made such a blip on the radar.

Oh, and Jeff Buckley's cover of 'Hallelujah' is decent enough, although I never thought it was as good as people claimed it to be.

Aw, screw it. I'm sure you think I have no idea what I'm talking about. Me can't do nuthin right.

JT - What's the name of your band?

May I suggest 'No-No Spot?'
I second "No-No Spot".

I'd like to point out that Carl Lewis' cover of Francis Scott Key's, "Star Spangled Banner" was quite moving, too.
I third "No-No Spot" for the win.

And also demand some sort of creative consultant fee or something.
MOE - Every few months, I watch the SportsCenter clip of Charlie Steiner busting into fits of uncontrollable laughter after watching Carl Lewis butcher the National Anthem. It consistently brightens my day.

Michael Jordan's expressions on the sideline were also priceless.

KATE - You're entitled to at least 8% of all No-No Spot royalties. I've heard that JT's future robot is quite the negotiator, though.
it instills in me the idea that it's extremely hard to cover a song unironically and make it really, truly work.

I totally agree -- nonironic covers are few and far between but, when you find one, it's a treasure. I do think that Buckley's "Hallelujah" is one of those. As well as the Byrd's "Mr. Tamborine Man" and Hendrick's "All Along the Watchtower." Of course, I truly believe that Bob Dylan's songs are better when he's not singing them, but that may be just me.
CDP/KATE/MOE - We're currently going with "The Scrotards," but if we wind up changing the name and focus of the band, rest assured that it will be to "The No-no Spot," and we'll be a Christian Punk Band.

You'll get 8% of our salvation.

I'm going to Hell.
Of course, I truly believe that Bob Dylan's songs are better when he's not singing them, but that may be just me.

Mike, I could not agree more.
JT/HOSS - Yeah, Dylan doesn't count. Leonard Cohen, either, perhaps.

"You'll get 8% of our salvation."

Oh, that was just brilliant. I almost missed that line, too.
We've reached the 100 Comment mark again, which can only mean one thing...

Arcade Fire sucks.
There's a local band that a former co-worker belongs to, and they do covers every once in a while...I think I have their version of the Replacements "Can't Hardly Wait" somewhere. Having a devil of a time locating it in my collection, though, so I may have to send an e-mail requesting a copy.

Arcade Fire sucks.

It's a trap!
To briefly explain the 'Arcade Fire sucks' thing, it goes way back to the first time the CDP ever reached 100 comments in one post. The Missus was railing on me about Arcade Fire (whom I consider to be just as good as the impossible hype that's been built up around them), and someone suggested that she be allowed to proclaim they suck as the 100th comment.

Since then, someone always says 'Arcade Fire Sucks' when we reach 100. Proof that I'm a good sport, I suppose.
Be forewarned...whoever gets my mix; it's going to have "Hallelujah" on it, so get over it man.

Arcade Fire sucks. Pweep! Where's Paste? I miss him.
Hey Will, I think for evidence of the CDP's "sincerity and feeling in covers being difficult" theory, he would like to direct you to matt pond PA's cover of "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea."

Oh, and that'll be on my mix too, so to whoever gets my mix...hope you like disappointing covers!
I also miss LetsEatPaste. However, everytime we mention him, he seems to show back up, sort of like Beetlejuice.

So maybe if we all try really hard...

Paste! Paste! PASTE!
I think that's the wrong mantra...


Didn't work.

Let's eat! Let's eat! PAAAAASTE!

Hmm. I don't know at this point.
"I think for evidence of the CDP's 'sincerity and feeling in covers being difficult' theory, he would like to direct you to matt pond PA's cover of 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.'"

Arcade Fire went to Duke!

On another note - I think somewhere in the liner notes, it should be noted who the original artist is, that way if it's obscure, we can track down the originals and compare.
I think Paste is like Tinkerbell.

If you believe in Paste, clap very, very hard.
...erm, not that Paste is a fairy...
I had the hardest time not leaving an ether trail at work today. The comments were calling to me. CDP: I actually may have a mathematic algorithm for you for double pairing with no overlaps. Give me a few weeks. (I am the original dork).

Also, can I sneak in a song by one band about another? I know that it's not strictly a cover, but it's a good one. Vote, internet!
I think, as this being twofistededitor's first mix, she should eb allowed to be creative and go fot it.

Also, clearly I am not working very hard. In fact, I have already had my first beer of the day.
JT - On my mix, I'll be including who the original artist is, so yeah, I think that's a good idea for those who wish to do the extra legwork. I'm an educator, first and foremost.

Paste isn't a fairy, but he once granted me three wishes in 2004, and two of them came true, so that's gotta say something.

TWOFISTEDEDITOR - You know what I like about you claiming to have an algorithm? The fact that you might not be kidding. My female audience rules with supreme nerdiness, and I love it.

Also, I officially grant you the right to include your rule-bending track. Never mind that fact that I have absolutely no real control over your actions; you could poop in a Priority envelope and I'd still be excited that I got mail that day.
* you could poop in a Priority envelope and I'd still be excited that I got mail that day.

Please refrain from testing that theory...
It's a damn good thing Najeh Davenport isn't a reader of the CDP.

I don't know how to paste links on this thing, so google Najeh + Closet.

You won't be disappointed.
MOE - Oh, believe me, I've had to hear all about Mr. Davenport's drunken antics over here in Wisconsin.

For the rest of the readers, it really is something special. Look up to professional athletes! They're your better! BET-TER!

Oh, and TwoFistedEditor is naked in her profile photo. Just sayin'.
Oh, and TwoFistedEditor is naked in her profile photo. Just sayin'.

Why must you scare away the n00bz?
I just want an explanation, that's all.
She's just a n00d n00b. Leave her be.
I'm undecided - an all 'Blowin' in the Wind' CD or an all 'Ring of Fire' CD. Hmm...decisions, decisions...
Whoever gets Ryan should try to put covers of all America songs.
Okay, not so much naked as in a strapless top and not thinking too much before cropping the pic. Calm yourself, internets.

Though, if it turns your crank to keep thinking I'm naked, who am I to stop you?
REESE - Don't forget 'Yesterday' by the Beatles; can't have too many of those...

HATHERY - No band is interested enough in career suicide to cover a song by America.

TWOFISTEDEDITOR - I'm a man of simple pleasures. I also like your glasses.
Not all covers need to fall into the ironic or reinterpreting category. What about a band just doing a song because it fits their style. I'm thinking of the Replacements covering Big Star, The Oblivians covering Lightening Hopkins etc...

I probably have 200 examples of this at my fingertips and that's just on the PC I'm using now. As for Jeff Buckley's cover of that Leonard Cohen song it's good but I don't pop a Buckley boner over it. It's one of Buckley's better songs and I like it a lot but it's a fairly routine arrangement. see, this is why I don't comment here that much I feel like I'm raining on the indie kids parade but fuck it, Jeff Buckley is overrated there are better musicians who get ignored because they haven't died young.
Will, I totally agree with you on Jeff Buckley. I have the same argument concerning Kurt Cobain, but that sort of talk always seems to get me lynched. He was a major factor in the 90's and rock music in general, but....I'm not going to get into this any further. I'm not that stupid.

I hear you concerning respectable bands covering respectable songs by other respectable bands. I can't say that they stick out in my memory as much as the more grandiose buffoonery does, but I understand their significance.

I also don't mind when you pee on the party. First off, you actually don't, and secondly, you listen to a ton of lo-fi and sub-genres I know little-to-nothing about, and even if I don't listen to the stuff on a daily basis (or even seasonally, really), I like to remain a scholar of the game, if you will. Your curmudgeonly ways bother me none.
I have the same argument concerning Kurt Cobain, but that sort of talk always seems to get me lynched.

Yeah, my fellow GenX'ers have killed people for saying stuff like that. When Cobain died, a guy in the dorm didn't speak to anyone for a week. Cobain wasn't that good.
I love Jeff Buckley's music, and it has nothing to do with indie cred.

That is all.
Hey, you know what? Total CDP newbie, dropping by from Will Stegeman's site. And I completely want in on the MixTape exchange.

Yes, indeed.
Wonderful; you're in! Thanks for stopping by, and don't be a stranger to the CDP; I'll be drawing names on Friday.
Yeah, I didn't realize there was any "indie-cred" to be gained when I bought Grace. I just knew that I had heard Jeff Buckley and thought his voice was wonderful. I've also heard alot of the things that passes for music in the indie community, and it sounds like a lo-fi garbled mess being recorded in a fish tank. So I'll just keep my Jeff Buckley, thanks.
You're so innocent sometimes Hathery..with your liking voices and your hedgehog.
That's a good thing. I mean you're sincere.

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