Tuesday, July 29

I No Longer Believe In Brett Favre.

"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
-Harvey Dent.

I have a lot to think about.

Get Over It. 10 years from now you'll only remember the good times. This is the way professional sports works and it's always been the way it works. Nobody is guilty of doing anything but looking out for themselves. The Packers and Brett Favre owe you nothing.

Quick, tell me where Babe Ruth ended his career? How about Johnny Unitis?

Babe Ruth Played his last Major League game with the Boston Braves and Johnny U hung it up with the San Diego Chargers and no one cares, just like no one will ever mention Michael Jordan playing for the Wizards except as a meaningless bit of trivia.
That's about a 9 on the Tension Scale, Will. This was supposed to be funny.
I think Favre should just freaking retire - how many good years does he have left, after all...
Laugh all you want now, CDP, but just wait until Lovie Smith buys Favre. The world as the Midwest knows it will cease to function.
MAUS - In my opinion, he's had two good years out of the past six, and even that's debatable. Not necessarily someone I'd give up a first round draft pick for.

You know there have been talks about him coming to Tampa Bay, right?

CARGIRL - Favre playing for the Bears would be an amazing professional sports swerve, but I'm doubting it will happen. Our round-the-clock coverage tells me that chances are slim, and that it may or may not welcome the apocalypse.

I wonder how Chicago would welcome Favre if, for whatever reason, that actually happened?
I saw TDK for the second time this past weekend. Not as tense this time, which was good. Watching a movie with my butthole just under my sternum is difficult.
Yeah, TDK will do that to you. I bet that the second viewing allowed you to really take in more of the storyline and imagery and whatnot. I need to treat myself to that this weekend.

You have to be careful of that; my uncle died of Butthole-Sternum.
I did pick up on little things and could appreciate things more because I knew what was coming. The movie feels a lot longer than it's 2.5 hr runtime, but it never drags either.
Oh, and unfortunately, Butthole-Sternum is hereditary in my family. We thought that it might have skipped me, but after a tragic day in middle school of doing push-ups in PE after a big lunch, that hope was dashed.
As much as I have shied away from watching football in the past few years (I usually go to the library to avoid listening to my husband yelling at the tv as though they can hear him), I actually have developed an opinion of the Favre situation. I am disappointed in him. He has made it seem as though he would be nowhere without the Packers, and it seems as though he is abandoning the fans and the team by turning around and saying, "Yeah...I think I want to play for another team." It is pretty disappointing for someone who has lived in WI their entire live.
I am currently watching the episode of Freaks and Geeks where Joel is playing the DJ at the disco. Fun times.
Watching a movie with my butthole just under my sternum is difficult.

That's got to be included in the new CDP T-shirt line!

My opinion on the FAvre situation is that he's a ween-bot, and I never liked him anyway. I may have actually watched the Packers and halfway enjoyed it if he were gone and I didn't have to look at his flabby rump. He wants me to suffer.
Every U.S. citizen should've known this was coming the day he graced the cover of Madden.

Brett Favre went to Du...

Give it two more weeks. I'll finish, then.
Maybe John Madden is to blame for everything wrong with everything. I'd never made the connection until just now.
Holy poop, Moe, you're right! I was just making fun of that Madden cover the other day, and didn't make the connection.
You know there have been talks about him coming to Tampa Bay, right?

Oh yes, our sports reporters are all salivating and wetting themselves. Of course, they're also very excited about the possibility of the Bucs taking on the inflated salary of a QB now probably in the twilight of his career (who may/may not have been unceremoniously dumped by his old team and told to not let the door hit him on the rump on the way out the door). How anyone in the organization could think this would be a good move for the team is really beyond me. Then again, I could really give a flying flip about the Bucs, so the media frenzy and then subsequent backlash when he doesn't live up to expectations would be kind of amusing to watch!
The fact that it's overshadowing the Brewers/Cubs series right now is embarrassing.
(who may/may not have been unceremoniously dumped by his old team and told to not let the door hit him on the rump on the way out the door).

I believe you meant *floppy* rump! beh heh heh.
This person sums it up for me perfectly, although not necessarily eloquently.

And yes, I know someone who has verified that Brett did indeed cheat on his wife...as do most pro athletes.
I believe you meant *floppy* rump! beh heh heh.

Ewewewew. EW.

Now I have to run off and try to erase the damage done by that mental image by Googling Vinny Lecavalier.
It's a broad generalization that 'most' pro athletes are unfaithful. Yeah, the percentage of infidelity is probably higher among the rich and famous than us common folk, but that's about it.

Favre is one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game for a number of reasons, but his off-the-field behavior isn't one of them. Sure, launching a charity or throwing money at a church is one thing, but cash does not a good character make. I know plenty of rich assholes.
Half-naked ladies will make everything better.

Just don't look at 'em while you're at work. Unless you work at a bordello. Then you're probably OK.

(these are some shots from the show I put on over the weekend, in case you're wondering)
I don't believe that infidelity among athletes is a generalization. It's not a rule, but it's certainly a norm. Any job that requires you to travel frequently away from your family will naturally have a higher percentage of infidelity cases. That's just logic; has nothing to do with athletics. Same goes for actors, traveling businesspeople, carnies, pilots, etc.
Especially carnies. They're irresistible to country bumpkins.
EMILY - Password-protected Flickr page! D'oh! Why must you tease me so?

HATHERY - Carnies bring their families along! It's the Carnie Code!
That's just logic; has nothing to do with athletics. Same goes for actors, traveling businesspeople, carnies, pilots, etc.

That just made my week!
D'oh! I didn't even notice that it was protected. I have an account, so I'm pretty much always logged in, which I guess means such things are usually lost on me.

Small, non-password protected taste here.
Your Drag King persona dresses a helluva lot like I do. Paisley ties FTW!
Ryan, don't be looking at questionable content at work. I really can't afford to have you fired.
But I work at a brothel!
That second link doesn't really have anything questionable in it. Well, there are two that probably straddle the line, to be fair. :)
EMILY: So, was the creepy guy who only seemed to record stripping parts of the show sanctioned? If so, he really needs to be reeled in a bit in the future. Not only would he stand directly in front of people with his arm raised high and his baggy shirt obscuring the view, as soon as whip girl pulled out her whip he started he became even more visibly excited and fumbled around with a power shot and began recording with two cameras. I also think he may have been humping the speaker.

I recommend badges for sanctioned photo/video people when you do Hot Mess 2: Hot Messier, because he made more than one person uncomfortable and was sort of rude.
Good point, Comet. You can't have random weirdos shooting unauthorized film and rubbing up on stuff, even if the person in question was me.
That may actually have been our official videographer that you're describing, and to be fair, he's super gay, so any agitation/excitement on his part was purely over the thrill of the show, and not so much the ladies bits on stage. :)

But yes, having badges in the future is probably a good idea. There were so many details to cover, though, that I missed a few. It would have been nice for the photographer and videographer to have had a roped off section to use, so they didn't get in anyone's way or vice versa, too. Next time!
I remember seing Cherry Pop Burlesque at the lingerie party the CDP helped sponsor last year. They were a blast.

Also, I think that was the night I started talking to Comet. We shunned the leather and nudity for Ms. Pac-Man. Good times, man.
Hehe, "super gay". :)
That means he's exempt from being 'reeled in.'
Lunch: A grilled cheese sandwich with cheese fries and a side of cheese curds at the Great Dane Brewery in beautiful downtown Madison.

So long, colon!
Colons are : overrated. :::
Oh, you are just brilliant.
NOW I get it.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oh, noes. I just found out that they're doing repairs on my office building, and they have to shut the water off for the remainder of the afternoon. All toilets are out of order.

I see a classic CDP essay in the making.
I say you poop in the utility closet, or wherever the water shut-off valve is.
I'm assuming it will come to that point within the next couple hours. Everyone else got warned ahead of time, but I was at lunch!
I hope you were at lunch enjoying a delicious bean burrito and bran muffin.
Nope--grilled cheese & cheese curds. He'll be good and stopped up, so no worries.
There has to be something else we can talk about.
5.8 earthquake in Los Angeles today. Y'know what this means? No one wants to move here anymore!
Totally. I e-mailed Will and Nina awhile ago to make sure they were...you know...not dead.
Did they...you know...reply?
Twitter was...well...all a-twitter with news of the earthquake!

I'm going to look for George Clooney; he may need comforting.
It appears so. Nina's fine, and I'm sure Will's okay, too. According to Nina's Twitter, they just had a few broken glasses at the house and that's about it.
Thankfully, Chuck Norris prevented it from becoming a 6.0.
REESE - Always looking out for people; that's what I like about you.
MOE - The 5.8 was merely Chuck Norris using his Total Gym. Had he been doing a full abdominal workout, California might have snapped off into the Pacific.
Pangea has been renamed "Chuck Norris" in parts of the Indies.
Chuck Norris' first baby steps broke Pangea into 7 pieces.
I know how you feel...I still can't forgive Paul McCartney for Wings.
Wow, a comment that pertained to the original post! I had to pause a minute and figure out what in the hell you were talking about.

Ringo doesn't count, because he never was anyone's hero.
That's me. I go against the conventional current.
I thought Caveman was being all artistic or something...forgot all about the original post. haha.
Caveman's comment had me laughing for a while, especially before I figured out where it fit into the post. Before then it just seemed like something you eavesdrop on the subway and it ends up sticking with you for the rest of the day or, depending on how much stock you put in McCartney, the rest of your life.

Having never really paid a whole lot of attention to football watching this whole Favre debacle unfold made me really embarrassed for him.

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