Monday, September 22


CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade #1.
Date - September 2007
Theme - None
Participants - 18

CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange: Volume 2.
Date - February 2008
Theme - Love & Sex
Participants - 24

CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange #3.
Date - June 2008
Theme - Covers
Participants - 26

Get ready for the biggest Mix-Tape Trade yet.

All details will be revealed on Wednesday.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

MOAR MOAR MOAR! This is all you can give us?

You're killing me, CDP. You are.
Sorry about this, but I need to do some shameless self-promotion.

I'm going to be doing some pretty epic Heroes reviews for my old friend at his blog. If you guys are interested, I posted a preview for Season Three. Feel obliged to spam the comments section for me. Thanks, yo.

I'm done.
Currently in a journey of reinvention and self branding. Probably won't be around much.

Needless to say..I'm out
And I have...stuff to do. Yeah, Full of numbers and spreadsheets. :(
Hmmmm... perhaps I will actually get in on this one, as opposed to just lurking in the shadows...

Have a chance to check out those DVDs yet?
Maus: it could be worse -- your morning could be full of meetings like my morning is. :(

Is the next theme TV/Movie soundtracks?
That's true, a Monday morning full of meetings might make me more morose...


Now I have coffee, so I'm feeling less crabby.
I'm anxious to see more about this mix tape stuff. Oh yeah, HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!
1) I am so in on this. Consider me pumped to mix and trade!

2) I am so exhausted from this weekend, but in a good way. Glad to see the CDP made it out alive, too.
I'm officially all atwitter
This weekend was exhausting but completely worth it. Today I've already zoned out in a planning meeting and carried out three disjointed incoherent phone calls. I only wish I could have seen more acts on Saturday night, but I was stretched thin as it was. I also wish I would have bought a D4 shirt before they sold out of 'em. Not that I really need another band t-shirt or anything but it's hard to pass up.
Mix tapes -- what fun.
I haven't made a mix tape since ... um ... I'm not sure I ever have, actually. Reading about previous trades makes me feel a little self-conscious and too inferior to participate, but maybe I'll be less cowardly after I have more details. I'm intrigued ...
Seeing how I'm still rebuilding my music library from my last computer crash, I'm up in the air for now.
Seeing as for the past two trades I've been involved in, I've recieved two excellent mixes (props to Sherry and Fiona), I think I'll sit this one out. My CDs phail in comparison to the stunning taste out there.

I'll join in when I feel more confident about my taste again.
If I could say anything to those on the fence, it would be to wait until you see the theme on Wednesday before making a decision. It's going to be a good one. Chaotic as hell for me, but no doubt the best Mix-Trade idea I've come up with so far.

Also, and I'm not saying this so you jump on board or anything, but I never forsaw myself doing any more than 5 of these Trades, so your time is getting slim to hop on board, before I move onto another timeless artistic triumph.
You know I'm in no matter what. I can't wait to get some awesome mixes. I've been building and preparing for a possible mix-trade for a while. I have a large number of obscure albums now, and I'm ready to face off with anyone.

I can't wait for Wednesday.
JT: that sucks. I try to back up my machine at least once a month. With our new digital camera I may be upping it to twice a month. I've heard good things about Carbonite but right now I'm just backing up to a 250 MB USB drive.

CDP: 5 will not be the limit on trades, even if we have to take matters in our own hands.
"I have a large number of obscure albums now..."

Like Coolio? Lulz. I was just thinking about that yesterday.
HOSS - As long as it keeps growing, you may be correct.
HOSS: That's the problem. My 500GB external also got zapped by the power surge.

CDP: It's not that I don't want to participate, it's just that I may not have enough material. We'll see.
I am in. Like Flynn.
I hope Rick Springfield and the Spice Girls figure into the Mix somehow...
Giddyap! I'm in, of course.

Oh, and instead of IV, perhaps you could just put four runes as the symbol for this mix tape trade. I only wish that the Mix Tape Trade 2 should have been tagged "Electric Boogaloo".
SMED - This is certainly a Led Zeppelin IV reference, and I fully expected you to know that. Forgot to add the runes, though.
I'm in on the trade, assuming I'm alive then. I feel like death today.
Everyone's waiting with baited breath to hear the theme tomorrow.
...I was watching 'Heroes'
...I was writing a four page essay on the actions of characters in act 1 of MacBeth...

Wait a I wasn't.
I was constructing an elaborate shrine to the CDP in my hallway closet. There are more chocolate pudding Snack Packs involved in this endeavor than are probably legal.
For the first time in, gee...years I bet...I'm sick as a dog with the flu. I don't know where it came from, but I'm down for the freaking count.

Bigtimestuff tomorrow, kids.
Do dogs even get the flu?
Go get yourself a bottle of Rock & Rye. It cures everything.

Hope you feel better, buddy!

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