Friday, November 21

Doctor, Fugitive, Fat Guy, Baby, Hitman, Asian.

I'm working on another big essay for Monday, so to tide your over, here is the official Season 5 Lost trailer from ABC. You may want to have an extra pair of pants on hand.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your weekend.

Wow, I forgot the island disappeared. Taking a step back for a moment, that actually seems really dumb.
I forgot all about the donkey wheel and the island disappearing, too. Is Cha'lie still dead? For the love of all that is cheesy, I hope so.
At first I thought this would be "A doctor, a fugitive, a fat guy, a baby, a hitman and an Asian walk into a bar..."

I don't know anything about Lost besides it was written by Joe Negron.
The secret is in the baby's spew.
I wonder if Claire had to use the Asian method of early potty training since Aaron had no diapers?
HATHERY - Now you know why I was so upset with the Season 4 finale. It's about as far as the writer's have asked that we suspend our disbelief, and considering some of the Lost plots, that's pretty damn far.

Who am I kidding, it'll be awesome.

IMS - Welcome back to the comments! Charlie is still dead, although he still shows up in Hurley's hallucinations and will probably show back up if the Island went back in time (yeesh).

MIKE - Joe Negron did write Lost, but I also wrote a screenplay that turned out to be an almost identical plot to Season Two, so I deserve some of the lawsuit monies, too.

EMILY - Isn't it always?

Oh, and I know there's a slight typo in this post ('your'), but I'm not changing it because it would take far too long to re-paste that damn YouTube clip. Blogger hates YouTube clips for whatever reason.
I got goosebumps again. I think it is funny that you warned folks to have a spare pair of pants on hand, because I am not ashamed to admit that when I saw this on TV last night, I almost peed myself.
This Season has serious hit-or-miss potential. On one hand, people might be turned off by all the off-island drama and character development that takes place finding out how and why the Oceanic 6 have to return to the Island. On the other hand, the change of pace might do it good, and the much-hinted-at storytelling device they plan to use might be refreshing, as well.
Oh man I still have so much catching up to do. Between this and the most recent DVD set of The L Word, I'm likely to end up confusing the plot lines of the two.

Come to think of that, that might make an excellent show!
If they can just hook me up with some zombie-Eko this season, it'll be the best season ever.
EMILY - I think I paid $9.99 on Pay-Per-View to see that movie in question, and for the record, it was incredible.

The strange thing is, I used to be properly obsessed, to the point where I'd spend at least an hour a day on forums, but since towards the end of season three, I've just stopped caring as much. I still think it's the greatest show my generation has had a chance to watch from the beginning, but I stuggle to analyse it as much as I used to.

Even so, I can still remember practically every episodes title, plotline, centric character, and major theory. And I doubt I'm ever going to forget it either.
I don't remember anything. Like most Americans, my memory is approximately 2.4 days long. I know there is a smoke monster and Mr. Eko...that's all I remember.
Yes! I've often said that a zombie Eko would be great - just like original Eko, but with twice the badass. I'd also like to see Nikki and Paolo return. JUST for the chance to see them buried alive AGAIN. Worst. Background characters who became regular and recurring that still no one cared about and were happy to see killed off. Evar.

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