Tuesday, December 2

Plaxico Burress Is A Freaking Moron.

Move over T.O. and Ocho Cinco; there a new Biggest Idiot In The NFL. One more strike, and he'll be approaching Michael Vick territory. Keep reaching for that rainbow, Plax!

Keep e-mailing me your choices for the Best & Worst of 2008. You have until Friday; thanks much.


Also, w-t-f kind of name is "Plaxico"? Sounds like a company that manufactures plastics.
When I first heard about him, I thought somebody shot him. Way to go Plaxico!
There is so much stupid to this story that I hardly know where to begin. All I'll say is that I do not understand how someone making that much money for playing a sport would think it a good idea to tote around an illegal handgun, presumably with the damn safety off, too. Ugh.
Yeah; I'll keep this brief:

1. Plaxico is one of the best Wide Recievers in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl with the Giants last season.

2. Plaxico was suspended earlier this year, when he decided to simply not show up for work, instead attending a family BBQ.

3. Plax decided to go to a nightclub two days before a Giants game that he was NOT playing due to injury.

4. Plax decided to bring a handgun along, too, just in case. This, of course, is already illegal.

5. Plax fumbled with the gun at the club, and shot himself in the leg.

6. He checked into a hospital under an assumed name, and now faces anywhere from 3 to 15 years in prison, not to mention the fact that he shot himself in the damn leg and will probably never play football again.

Sheer dumbassery.

Just another shining example of how you don't have to be very smart to play a professional sport and potentially make more money than people whose skills encompass more than: running, falling down, and pushing others down through the sheer force of bodily impact...but you do have to be *just smart enough* to somehow not screw that up.

Although I still enjoy a good hockey game from time to time (I think that most hockey players generally have more actual athletic ability than most football/baseball/basketball players...plus some of them are rather fetching), this kind of crap is why I stopped paying much attention to professional sporting events/athletes.

I've replaced spectator sports with science. You don't see biochemists and physicists engaging in these shenanigans, do you?
Only in James Bond movies, Maus.

Also, soccer players are way more good looking than hockey players (on average).
MAUS - I like hockey because some guys are paid to just pummel people. Also, a lot of those guys can have careers lasting over 20 years.

EMILY - I agree with you on the average. Rugby, too; but I think this has more to do with our attraction towards more exotic looking ladies and gentlemen.
I forget about attractive soccer players only because I find soccer really boring. Now Rugby, on the other hand - that's a violent game that I love. Australian Rules football is also kind of fun. Plus, the players usually have more of their original teeth. :)
$7.85M/year clearly doesn't buy you smarts. However, it does buy a bodyguard for a night. Or it *would* have.
MAUS - I respectfully disagree. I seem to recall a certain astronaut making a cross country trip wearing a diaper with a murder kit in the trunk not too long ago.

Most professional athletes are very intelligent, but are largely focusing on the game. I remember watching Troy Aiken interviews when I was a kid and thinking what a moron he was. After he retired to be an analyst I was amazed at how well he grew into the role. He's really a sharp guy.

Now if I had a talent someone was willing to pay me huge amounts of money to use. I think I could put off mere education for education's sake for a while. I'd much rather study the arts and sciences later at my leisure than worrying how to pay for it now.
Oh, true - I'd forgotten about the craaaazy astronaut. But aren't astronaughts just glorified pilots?

(I keed...to any insulted astronauts out there, please don't stalk me cross country and attempt a botched abduction involving plastic tubing and duct tape, pleasethanx!)

While most athletes may be intelligent, based on anecdotal evidence *and* the worst examples getting the most press, to me it implies the contrary. Of course, I have a bias because I think that culturally our priorities are ridiculously skewed when athletes are lauded as heroes, role models and worthy of astronomical salaries.

Trust me, I'd be just as likely to take the money and say higher learning is for chumps, but it just doesn't seem right that it is seen as something to be endorsed and encouraged to the degree it is. We've got football players on athletic scholarship who can barely pass their classes and keep their GPAs high enough to stay on the team. When they don't get picked up by a pro team because players on their level are a dime a dozen, if they actually graduate they've got a piece of paper saying they posess a general lib arts degree but no real knowledge or applicable skills, and in too many cases they've got no contingeny plan. The ones who skip college completely to go pro often don't have anything to fall back on, either. Those are the ones that I hope find themselves a good accountant.
Of course, I have a bias because I think that culturally our priorities are ridiculously skewed when athletes are lauded as heroes, role models and worthy of astronomical salaries.

Don't you mean astronautical salaries?

eh? eh?

I am so droll.
Professional Athletes make enough money that they should hire designated thinkers.
That's what an entourage is for. I always bring one with me when I go out.
I thought "entourage" was French for "worthless, money-grubbing hangers-on"?

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