Friday, September 5

It's All Before You Was Born.

Winneconne High School - Class of '81.
Nickname - 'Munchies.'
Quote: '(Indecipherable Mumbling)'
Drink: Blatz, Schlitz, Pabst
Groups - Photography, A/V, FFA

Man...the things I do for this site. In less than five minutes, I fully expect a phone call from my mother, exclaiming how much I look like my uncle Tim.

What better way to waste away your Friday than to Yearbook Yourself and look forward to the weekend? The CDP has some big things planned for the rest of September, and it all kicks off next Monday. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

NEXT WEEK - The Kama Sutra of Kissing, the 'Lost' Mix-Tape Trade Review, a Supermarket Brawl and a Real Ghost Caught On Film!

Monday, September 1

In Dog Years, I'd Be Dead 60 Times Over.

Today, we celebrate the 800th entry in the almost 5 year history of the CDP.

For those keeping track at home, you'll know that since the launch of the CDP, I've averaged around 15 essays a month, which calculates out to about one essay every other day. Not too shabby from a kid that was told his short attention span would be the death of himohmygod, I have fudge in the fridge! I gotta go!

In honor of this momentous blogging achievement, I'd like to once again turn the soapbox over to you, the amazing CDP fans. Please sound off in the comments section and share with everyone some of your favorite CDP moments. They could be classic essays you've liked over the years, comments and conversations that you've enjoyed, being unbelievably privileged enough to meet me in person or anything else that the CDP has done to make your life a little more entertaining and tolerable since 2004. And hey, if you've been looking for a reason to jump in and start commenting, what better time than right now to join our phenomenal community? Without all of you, Post #800 simply does not happen.

Thank you. Please start the conversation in the comments section and enjoy your week. The CDP will return on Friday.