Thursday, January 1


I get the feeling that, from time to time, you say to yourself, "Man, I really wish I could get destroyed at MarioKart Wii by the CDP." Well, dream no longer, because I'm finally wired and ready to race.

My Friend Code is 4812 1323 9390. Let me know your code via Comments Section or e-mail ( The goal, much like the world-famous Mix-Tape Trade, is to get a bunch of CDP readers together for an Intercontinental MarioKart smackdown.

Oh, and if you're a Wii owner that wants me to get on board with some other online games, just let me know. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy the first weekend of 2009.

I got Mario Kart but I haven't played it much since I got gold in all modes. I'm playing a lot of Animal Crossing. That game is really addicting.
Sounds like a challenge!

Well, if you're ever interested, send your Code my way. The best-case scenario would be if we got a handful of CDP readers together for a few races.
The only good thing about heading back to work today is that it's Friday, so I get two more days off.

Everyone in my house (including myself) have been ill sometime over the holidays, so I'm just hoping that with the new year comes better health.

Happy New Year everyone!
I will also be a part of said MarioCart-ing. I always come in last, so have no fear about being embarrassed! :)
Your house sounds like ours, Mike. Ryan and I have both had horrendous colds for a week or so--I am not sure which of us sounds worse!
Unfortunately, I live in a cave without any gaming platforms whatsoever, let alone a Wii, so there will be no Mario Cart smackdown for me.

I did, however, have a very nice new years and hope you all did, too!
We also now own a Wii as of christmas... I do not own mariokart racing though... but even though I gave myself an entire night of practice prior to even showing my soon to be 6 year old son Star Wars The Clone Wars Light Saber Duels he already has told me several times 'I beat you' 'I'm better than you' 'Wow did you see how I whipped you right there?' 'You losed again'...
Emily makes me feel better about not owning a single game system and having never even seen a Wii up close and personal. Approximately 90% of my office lunches are spent talking about Wii. On the plus side, this allows me to get BBQ sauce all over myself with no one really noticing as I work through my chicken sandwich.
Hmm...intriguing. I'll have to look my number up when I get home.

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