Thursday, February 12

5 Years Of The CDP.

(2004-2005 CDP Template.)

(2005-2006 CDP Template.)

(2006-2007 CDP Template.)

(2007-2009 CDP Template.)

(2009 CDP Template: Arrives Tomorrow.)

Today is the 5th anniversary of the CDP, and the death of the 'old' CDP as we know it. Please pay your respects and eulogize in the comments section, and prepare for the launch of the next chapter of the CDP at 12:01am Friday morning, kicking things off with a new Lost Friday.

Thank you very much.

I shall wear black.
Happy 5th Aniversario!

That new design looks really bright. I should wear sunglasses tommorow for the new blog.
Haha, the new design doesn't look like that; I just altered the screenshot to keep the mystery.
Here lies CDP v.4, may its soul rise up to Blogger heaven, where it might enjoy the company of html 1.0, the blink tag, tag clouds, and other such outdated but well-remembered web doodads.

Lord of the Blog, we commend the spirit of CDP4 unto thy loving bosom (huhuh, I said "bosom"). May it sit at the noble feet of Saints Blogger, Wordpress, and Typepad, and be forever free of trolls.

However hyped about this I am, I won't be watching Lost until Sunday, so you may have to await my final verdict on the new layout.

But I'm easily pleased, so I'm sure it's excellent.
That's what she said.
Tres exciting! I am too lazy to redesign my blog. Fortunately, I also have no design skills, so that's convenient.
goodbye old design ...
hello new design that looks classy and clean (from what i can tell...)

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