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Lost Friday - 'The Little Prince.'

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss. In a second.

First off, I want to remind everyone that next week is going to be fairly-to-totally awesome here at the CDP, as we not only are celebrating the CDP Fifth Anniversary, but unveiling a brand new layout and merchandise. I'll have a sneak peek at the new design on Monday, and it goes live on midnight on Friday morning, which will also bring a minty fresh new Lost Friday to boot.

Not too shabby, considering that I've been rather busy around the house. Me and the Missus finally merged our checking accounts after six years of living together (I guess this relationship is going to be permanent or whatever), and I've taken complete control over the household's finances. This sort of fiscal move normally turns in favor of the wife, but I guess the PowerPoint presentation really won her over, and I was left to handle the overall future of our health and well-being as a functioning married couple. No pressure or anything. After all, only 50% of marriages end in divorce, and only 75% of those divorces are over money.

For years, I've had my bill-paying cycle down pat. I knew exactly when my bills were going to show up, and I knew exactly when to pay them, in such a way that I never had to go weeks without eating or showering with hot water. Now that I had a new slew of the Missus' bills to monitor, I somehow bankrupted us for the entire month of February in just three days.

My completely incorrect and bafflingly preposterous strategy was to pay every bill immediately, including the mortgage, which left us with approximately $200 to last us the next two weeks. Sure, this will leave us with an abundance of cash towards the start of March, but until then, it's cheese sandwiches and drinking out of the water cooler for yours truly. Methinks I need to tweak my Excel spreadsheet a bit and spread the wealth throughout the month just a little bit more.

On to this week's episode. I quite enjoyed it, as the off-Island plans started coming together rather nicely, and the on-Island folk continued to get warp-whistled through space and time, answering no questions whatsoever and suffering unfortunate nosebleeds along the way. It was certainly a step up from 'Jughead,' in that it wasn't centered mainly around Daniel Faraday and his cavalcade of increasingly-annoying stuttering. I swear to God, if people just answered the questions that they were asked like a normal human being would, the entire run of this series could have been eight episodes long.

Now let's start making fun of this stuff so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour.

(Sun continues her around-the clock surveillance of Jack Shephard's beard.)

("Daniel, you're leaking red tempera paint out of your left ear; you know that, right?")

("Faraday, if you don't take that tie off, I'm going to shoot you on general principle.")

(Charlotte hit the raspberry Gushers a little too hard, but can you blame her?)

("Daniel, you ruined this television show; you know that, right?")

(During some of Hurley's more looked-forward-to hallucinations, the ceiling would turn into glazed ham.)

(Nobody tries to tranquilize the lead singer of Coheed & Cambria. Nobody.)

("No way, dude.")
("What do you mean? I called it first.")
("Doesn't matter. I've known him longer.")
("That means nothing regarding Shotgun Rules. I called it first, and that's final.")
("Jack, who gets shotgun?")
("It's not up to Jack! I called it first!")
("Why do we keep having this argument?")
("Because you keep being a jerk about it!")
("I really should have killed you back on the Island.")

("Jack, I don't want to startle you, but you may want to get out of the road. There's a cement mixer that's barreling down pretty--")


(It's stale, flat, canned and at least 30 years old, but it's still better than Old Style.)

(Claire's best acting in four years.)

(Ben silently waits for Jack to look in the other direction so he can covertly change CDs.)

(It had been awhile since Juliet hit the Dharma-issued cocaine. It wasn't as good as she had remembered, but it got her through another night with Faraday.)

(Apparently, the Island only flashes back to major storyline plot points. It never seems to just flash back to a April afternoon in 1985 where absolutely nothing at all happened.)

(How do you say "I just messed my pantaloons" in Korean?)

There you have it. Sound off in the comments section, enjoy your weekend and come back next week for the Death & Subsequent Resurrection of the Communist Dance Party. Oh, and here's a link to previous Lost Fridays this season, if you're just catching up. Later, kids.

Season 5 - Episode 1/2 Review.

Claudio-oh, dear Claudio-oh...

Annnnnnyhow. I'm annoyed that anybody from the freighter that got that silly nosebleed died in less than an episode(seemed that way at least), but can we get rid of Charlotte? NoOooooOoOoO. She's going to hang on until some plants an axe in the base of her skull.

Also, the warping is getting old.
I am definitely enjoying the off-island sequences more than the on-island ones. Faraday is a little adorable to me, but he doesn't carry an episode all that well.
Faraday and his stupid tie...
If I was stranded on an island and I wore ties, that thing would've totally been off by now.
Wow...I almost wish I actually watched Lost. However, it is fun to imagine these are the things that really happen.

It reminds me Literal versions of videos.
Hah! Jack Shepherd: Evolution of a Beard

Naveen and Claudio do have similar hair! I hadn't really noticed that before.

The scene with Sawyer seeing Kate in the past was kind of sad. But I got over it, because I really don't like Kate and she's going to end up with Jack anyway. I KNEW Jin wasn't dead. That whole Sun mourning and swearing graveside revenge thing was the most obvious foreshadowing ever.
IMS - Indeed. Everyone on the freighter went crazy and offed themselves in a matter of days.

HATHERY - I didn't think I would enjoy action that takes place off of the Island, but I've realized that the characters are still the real stars of the show, not necessarily the plot.

CAITLIN - All it says is that he hasn't bathed in weeks. Or worse yet, he has bathed, and yet continues to put the tie back on.

HILBELINK - The 'Head Over Heels' literal video is my favorite.

MAUS - And also concerning Sun, she would have no reason to not kill Ben and refuse to return to the Island if it wasn't for Jin's survival, so it's important for the storyline that he still be alive.
How does Sun know that the bomb that blew up the boat was hooked up to Keemy who Ben killed? She wouldn't have know that...
She doesn't know that. I think she just wants to kill Ben on general principle.
You see that an anagram for the name of a van in the eppy is "REINCARNATION"? I think Jin or Locke or maybe everyone is supposed to be reincarnated.
DOM - For sure, that's what's going to happen to Locke. He's coming back to life once the Oceanic 6 get back to the Island.

What I don't want to see, however, are characters coming back as other characters, as reincarnation goes. That would be a little too much for me, even on a show with donkey wheels that send people through Time.

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