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Lost Friday - 'This Place Is Death.'

Season 5 - Episode 5: "This Place Is Death."

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss; welcome to the new CDP.

First thing's first. After celebrating our Fifth Anniversary yesterday, the CDP has undergone a complete makeover, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy it. Take a look around, check out some of the new sidebar links and leave us a comment letting us know what you think. This new look is the result of about a month of work, and I'm very pleased with the turnout. This is another good time to thank Aaron Miller over at Different Damage, who worked closely with me and created something that was streamlined and minimalist, yet somehow exactly what I wanted. If you're ever thinking about a similar website redesign (or something completely different, too), he should be the first guy you contact. The check will be in the mail on Friday, dude.

Secondly, this is a good time to mention that the CDP Webstore has also undergone a complete overhaul, featuring tons of new and beautiful merchandice for your purchasing pleasure. Seriously, there's some fantastic stuff over there, so please take a minute to at least check it out, because I get royalty money just by readers clicking through it. Thanks in advance.

Again, there's new CDP Merch, and it's unbelievable. Worth a peek, kids.

Now, onto today's Lost Friday. I quite enjoyed 'This Place Is Death;' far more than 'The Little Prince.' The off and on-Island flashes were nice and broke up the eventual monotony of both stories. I feel as if we're finally getting somewhere with the unanswered questions, even though it's taking an entire army of secondary characters and guest stars to get there.

Let's get on with it.

(At 3 years of age, Ji Yion Kwan became the CEO of her own cell phone company, making her the fourth-youngest Korean to achieve such status.)

("Yes Ryan, the new template looks fantastic. When can I see you again?")


(Who knew that Rousseau was, prior to going completely batshit crazy, sort of adorable? I especially liked the way she said 'Radio Tower.' "Ray-dee-oh-toe-wear.")

(The black smoke turned out to be nothing more than a nearby tire fire, causing this French researcher to waste a perfectly good pants-crapping for no reason.)

("Christ, I should have just stepped in front of that freighter bomb like a man. This place is ridiculous now.")


("With two Pendants of Life, the Silver Snakes are going to the Temple!")

("My name is Charlotte. I was born on this island and left with my mother when I was a kid. I became an anthropologist because I wanted to find this place again, and I think that Daniel may have traveled back in time here and rambled incessantly to me when I was a child. This is all the relevant information that my character has, so I can now die. Thank you for your time.")

("I can't get that damn Lily Allen song out of my head! Somebody shoot me in the face!")

(John Locke suddenly realizes that, for the fifth straight season, he has to single-handedly save the entire show.)

("No Charlotte, please don't die. I still have so many things that I want to half-heartedly mumble in your general direction!")

(This just in: I would still sleep with Juliet in a heartbeat. Don't think that I've forgotten about us, J.)

(Civil Unions are outlawed in California and Korea, but not on the Island.)

(In The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, the answer to everything is 42. Well, on Lost, the answer to everything is Christian Shephard. "What's the capital of Spain?" "Christian Shephard.")

(Locke had better hope that the Frozen Donkey Wheel can repair a compound fracture, because Christian is off the clock.)

Boom. Roasted. Thanks for joining us; sound off in the comments section, let us know what you think of the new design and enjoy your weekend. Oh, and check out the CDP Webstore on your way out. Thanks much.

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Aww, poo. I overshot it. Oh well. Like the new design, my friend. You grew up so fast. Just think, five years ago you were still angsty. Yikes.
I like the new design!

That "WAAAAALLLLTTTTTTT!!!!!" caption gets me every time. EVERY TIME... also, have you seen where poor Walt's career has gone? He is now in a Tyson meat commercial. The island IS death...
Also, Juliet has man hands.
"Civil Unions..." that was a good one. Love the redesign. Congrats on 5 years.
I love the new look! And the new merch!
Legends of the Hidden Temple reference! YES!
Dude! Looking good!
Digging the new look all the way! I truly enjoy reading theCDP and all the comments ~ thank you.

"He's Korean. I'm from Encino." Best line of the night! I laughed and laughed...that's SO L.A.
CARGIRL - Thanks! Yeah, good thing my angst is completely gone, what with my crippling authority problems and whatnot...

CAITLIN - Thank you! I have not yet seen the Waaallllt commercial,; kind of a bummer, although I'm sure the Tyson folks pay well. Hooray for meat! Whoo!

Juliet may have man hands, but I'd still let her paw at me.

EPHLAND - Thanks much, man!

HOSS - Thank you! The merch really is incredible; I think I'll be spending $500 this weekend buying everything for myself.

MIKE - Before they took the Nickelodeon GAS channel off of the air last year, I'd watch maybe two hours of LotHT a day. No fooling. I always liked how inept the host was at interviewing the kids.

SMEDLEY - Thank you very much!

REESE - Wonderful; thank you! Yeah, I think that Miles may be close to dethroning Sawyer when it comes to snarky comments every week.
Daniel might have snarky comments, too, but he mumbles so badly we can't hear them.
Very nice look, I dig it. I'm generally a fan of the less-is-more idea, anyway. :)

And congrats on 5 years!
The new look is very minimalist, which is good. It puts the focus on the content of the posts, not the stuff in the sidebars that cause people to navigate away. Verrrry nice.

I thought the actress who played the younger, preggo Rousseau was cute, too. Not at all how I pictured the character's younger self. I guess being alone on that island hardened her all up and made her really angular. And taller...

That image of John Locke with the...thing...protruding from his leg...I'm at a loss. My satellite feed dropped out just at the scene where Locke falls into the well, so I didn't know he got impaled upon impact. Plus the angle of the shot is...unfortunate, to say the least. Or is it just me? Seriously, turn your head and squint a little.
I nearly barfed when Locke's leg broke. Ye gods!
I got rid of the pop-up comments. Let me know what you think.
I like not having a pop-up. It's perty!
Well this is kind of different...
Love the site. Love having the sidebar on the left of the page. Especially love no more pop-ups. Nicely done.

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