Wednesday, February 11

Non Ridere, Non Lugere, Neque Detestari, Sed Intelligere.

Happy Hump Day, kids. We're just one day away from the CDP 5th Anniversary, and just two days away from the launch of the All-New CDP. In honor of this, here is yet another fantastic CDP design that you'll soon be able to purchase on a whole litany of various merchandise. Like pretty much everything else this week, today's logo was created by Aaron Miller from Different Damage, and I suggest you check him out the next time you need to make your website awesome.

'No More Entertainment' is set to be the new creed, mantra and manifesto of the CDP for a number of reasons. It's equal parts sarcastic, hypocritical, snobby, tongue-in-cheek, passively confrontational, pop-cultural, catchy and downright idiotic; all of the same elements that went into naming this place the 'Communist Dance Party' in the first place. I think it's a perfect fit; the inspiration for which came during a particularly profane rant by yours truly after accidentally watching the E! channel for more than two minutes simultaneously.

You know, I can't believe that I've been actively blogging for five years. I say this mainly because it has felt more like ten. Considering the sheer amount of evolution and personal growth I've experienced since 2004 (college graduation, 5 years of marriage, 5 years of full-time employment, 3 apartments, 2 cats, 1 house, 1 published book and 1 rung higher on the tax bracket), the life I've lived in the last half-decade has been more rapid than my first 20 years combined. I suppose this is true of any man's first few years of true adulthood, and it's been more than I've ever expected or deserved, frankly.

On a more global level, the last five years have probably been similarly accelerated for all of us. After all, there's been a lot going on since Bush stole his second Presidential Election and continued ushering America closer and closer to the Apocalypse. The War, the Gas Prices, the next Great Depression, Katy Perry's inexplicable celebrity status. And hey, I haven't even gotten around to our new President yet, and get this, he's kind of black! Crazy times, man.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a mid-February sunrise of unseasonable warmth. The dozens of inches of snow had melted away, winter jackets were tossed into the backseat and the Midwest experienced that same temporary feeling of rebirth that we always cling to around this time. I've long since realized that these few warm days wedged between snowstorms are just Mother Nature's way of keeping the suicide rate down, but we love and appreciate them just the same. It's a gift; our chance to start over every year. To feel new optimism. To feel motivated. To feel good, even when all the signs around you are pointing towards more badness. In my own little way, I get to do this with the CDP on Friday, but in a more unified sense, we all can.

Tomorrow is the CDP Fifth Anniversary. Sound off in the comments section, and tell everyone how you have evolved for the better over the last five years.

Your comments about the unseasonably warm break in the Midwest made me inexplicably sad and nostalgic. We've had the same break here and it's been great, but it's not the same as it is in the Midwest. Yeah, it's been bitter cold here this winter and the wind is much worse than back home, but we don't get the snow, so I think the break is somehow diminished. My biggest joy in it is that my heating bill will be lower this month: what kind of unadulterated joy is that? I long to take one of these warm days, toss my coat in the backseat, and drive on the open road, soaking in the serotonin with my windows down and my music loud, and without the choking east-coast traffic. Instead I just get a warmer wait for the train and still have to listen to all the idiots with their walkie talkie cell phones (why are those legal?). It just makes the February break lose something of its magic, y'know? So enjoy it and its powers fully.
The only thing even remotely watchable on E! is The Soup. There's another show that has a panel format that is kind of interesting, but I always forget when it's on (and what it's called). The rest of the programming makes me weep for humanity's future.
Love today's new image. And can't wait to see CDP2.0 ... not to be confused with its cousin, C3P0.
Our president is "kind of black." I love that :)
As much as I enjoyed the warm weather, I couldn't help but be slightly unnerved by it. 54 degrees in early February? No, we're not frakking up the environment at all.


On a happier note, I was on the teevee last night (at about the 1 minute mark) doing my book reading thang. For a completely unrelated news segment. :)

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