Thursday, February 19

This Concludes Our Broadcast Day.

The above footage comes to us courtesy of my buddy Benjamin over at Killer Sandbox Productions. And when I say 'courtesy,' I mean that he works for NBC 15 in Madison and took the footage directly from the editing room.

When you're a TV History nerd like myself, something an inconspicuous as the death of Analog Television is a major event for you. I had been waiting almost a decade for the switch to be flipped, and at 11:55pm on Tuesday, NBC 15 decided to go out in style, killing the signal with the old school Indian Head Test Pattern, one of my personal favorite images (and a CDP logo for almost three years).

I care about Television history so much, that I actually wanted to sync up the unveiling of the new CDP design in conjunction with the Analog/Digital switch, but got spooked when rumors of a pushed-back deadline went into motion. Either way, I'll add this moment to the ever-growing list of historic pop culture that I've been able to see in my lifetime. Goodbye rabbit ears, goodbye tinfoil on the antenna, goodbye shimmying around the Living Room for hours on end to get a good signal.

Goodbye Analog. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day; Lost Friday arrives tomorrow.

I thought the shut down got pushed back to June. I guess that's not the case here then.
The Indian head test pattern reminds me of Fallout 3. I've been playing that game too much.
Technically they don't have to switch until June, but most stations were ready so they decided to just do it.

On station here played the old-school America the Beautiful that they played when they went off the air every night (which they haven't played in 10 year). But the Indian Head above just rocks!
MIKE - Right, the deadline did get pushed back, but stations were also given the option to ignore it, especially if it were a budget concern.

HOSS - Yeah, I was really glad that Ben grabbed this clip. I didn't see it live on a Rabbit-Eared set like I wanted to.
I'm just waiting for one of the stations down here to sign off with "Dixie."

I know that none probably will, but it would be pretty cool just for nostalgia in my opinion.
It's cool that the stations are making a production of signing off. I sort of thought they'd just inconspicuously flip the switch in the middle of the night.
My old roommate and I used to use our ironing board to get a signal (which meant we actually used our ironing board for something!). Occasionally, one of us would have to stand in a certain spot to make it come in clearly. Those were the days. < /nostalgia>
Ditto on Fallout 3.
One Of My Favorite Analog TV Essays:
During college, when we didn't have cable but just rabbit ears, we picked up the major local networks, PBS....and National Geographic. I never understood how it was possible, but it actually came in better than pretty much any of the other channels.

Now? No such chance.
Aaaaand Lost Friday is locked and loaded.
In case you are impatient like me you can skip ahead to 2.40 and see what I would be terrified to see happen if I was half asleep in the laz-y-boy when this happened.
Nuclear attack! Duck and cover!

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