Monday, March 23

The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 5 Deadline.

Today is the deadline for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #5, so get those mixes in the mail by the end of the day today! Unless you haven't already gotten back to me and your Mix Buddy with a damn good excuse (like an emergency appendectomy, out of the country on Spring Break, creating a 100-track Mix, or suffering a broken elbow), don't expect any sympathy from myself or the CDP faithful when it's discovered that you've gone deadbeat. It's just like when you don't get the Big Wheel around all the way on The Price Is Right; even the elderly and frail get booed when they're unable to accomplish such a simple task. Don't let me down.

As I've mentioned before, any Mix-Tapes sent my way by the end of the month will not only be reviewed right here on the CDP, but also enters the creator of said Mix into a drawing for a FREE CDP MIX-TAPE SHIRT. Not too shabby.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy the first Monday of Spring. More funny stuff tomorrow.

Mine have been sent out. I sent my address to my sender (Cargirl I think) so I'm just playing the waiting game.
Got your mix in the mail, Mike; thanks so much! Love the artwork.
I just addressed the packages and will be heading to the Post Office soon. So CDP Headquarters should be getting a package soon with illegible handwriting on the front with two CD's in it.
My package is in the hall and ready to go the second someone with a car arrives. I also took advatage of the fact Emily lives so near theCDP, and just kindly requested that she drops his mix off whenever she next has the chance.

I'm so cool.
DUFF - Works for me, man. Hope you're feeling better.

HOSS - Looking forward to it; thanks!
Mine will be in the mail today. And the liner notes will be sent soon via email. DON'T OPEN THEM UNTIL YOU GET THE PACKAGE! Also, I'm sending my sender my mix(es) as a reward.
BTW, has Johnny Longbow told you about his chili?
SMED - Aw, man; now I have to watch Track Of The Moon Beast tonight.

"Stop talking, Johnny Long Bone!"
Oh, and I'm really looking forward to the mix!
Oh I see how it is, I have to work for my mix! Now I have to actually interact with Ryan in person. Do you know how hard it is to get him to leave the confines of CDP HQ? I'll have to offer free drinks or sacrificial lambs or something....

My mix for JT (and a copy for the CDP, of course) made it into the mail today!
I only leave HQ for vegetarian burritos and Irish whiskey.
Ever been to Pablo's in Marshall? They do a fine, fine vegetarian burrito.
I overslept this morning, and ran out the door sans pants. Clearly, if I forgot pants, I forgot the mix. It will be mailed tomorrow, and I look forward to my punishment spankings with a mixture of fear and desire.
My car ran out of gas on the interstate today (no, I'm not a complete moron, my low fuel light never came on)- so I didn't make it to the post office in time. It will go out tomorrow Carrot Duff!
These have been the best excuses ever, seriously. Do what you can, kids.
Make the excuse that you forgot to wear pants, ran out of gas on the interstate, and then used your pants-less state to flag down and seduce a policeman who helped you get back into town...and then we're on to something.

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