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Lost Friday - "He's Our You."

Season 5 - Episode 10: "He's Our You."

Another Lost Friday is upon us. Hey, I'm on Twitter!

If you've noticed the mini-feed over in the sidebar, I'm using Twitter as a way to keep in touch with the vast CDP Network in between essays (I'm on pace for over 25,000 hits this month; thanks much). I came up with the idea after spending Tuesday afternoon in a hospital waiting room, and realizing that I really wanted to update the CDP with my iPhone. So check in even more frequently than usual and enjoy an even deeper peek into whatever the hell it is that I do with my time throughout the week.

Speaking of Waiting Rooms, I just got back from the Dentist's Office, where I'm once again cavity-free, yet I feel as if I've had my molars bashed with an aluminum bat. They have demanded that I get my wisdom teeth removed this Summer, and I'm only looking forward to it for the comedic potential and good drugs. Oh, and it's all covered by insurance, which will eliminate my Plan B Payment Cycle, which called for eight months of cheese sandwiches and a crash course in how to make low-grade methamphetamine.

I enjoyed this week's episode of Lost. In order for us to get from Point A to Point B in this series (or is it Point B to Point C to point A?), something needs to happen that causes the Flight 815'ers (and stray Dharma folk like Juliet) to retreat back into the jungle for a final showdown. Judging by the way things are going down, I predict one hell of an Episode 12. Deaths and kaboom and whatnot.

And hey, your guess is as good as mine what Sayid's dusting off of Little Ben does for the outcome of the series. Did it change the future? Did it do nothing? Will there still be a purge? Did it cause the entire show to no longer exist? Do I still exist?

Beats me; be patient. Now, make with the funny, Joke Monkey.

("...And then the grasshopper says, "you have a drink named Steve?" LOLOLOLOL!!!1!")

(Settle a bet for me. Are serial killers naturally drawn to this particular style of eyeglass frame, or do the frames themselves create serial killers?)

(Gene Wilder makes a Sweeps Week cameo appearance.)

("Why don't you recycle that Gene Wilder joke one more time, Robin Williams? Maybe this time, someone will laugh.")

(My cat does the same thing when we have to administer her ear medication.)

(Case in point with the eyeglass frame thing. The casting of Oldham was so good, I actually thought they just pulled a guy off Death Row and told him to act natural.)

(Stupid, stupid Sayid. Never accept a square-headed prostitute's proposition for sex in a hotel lounge. That's Hitman Rule #1.)

(The lead singer of the Shins is relieved of his security duties.)

("Here's breakfast, guys. I ate most of it on the way over here, but there's plenty of fruit left.")

("Hmm...I think I'll shoot a child in the heart today.")

(Hey, you know what they say. 'If this van's a-flaming, don't bother trying to drive it, because it's on fire, you dumbass.')

("You see, if I kill Ben Linus when he's a child, then he'll never grow up to be responsible for the death of my wife, Nadia, which means that I'll never take misdirected vengeance against the wrong people through the manipulation of Ben, which would lead to my arrest and eventual crash-landing back on the Island in 1977, giving me the opportunity to kill Ben Linus as a child.")

(Tim Geithner tries to make toast. We're never getting our money back, kids.)


Well, there you have it; another Lost Friday in the books. Start the conversation in the comments section and enjoy your weekend. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed all weekend, and come back on Monday for more funny stuff. And just in case you need a little more company today, here are links to every Lost Friday so far this season. Later.

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Ah, now this week brought funny. Very nice. Did you catch that lunchroom scene where Hurley mentions the ham in the waffles? I almost fell off my chair. And the scenes of Naveen Andrews in the leather coat ensemble were the highlight of the episode, I think. Balanced out Sayid going super unhinged.

Welcome to Twitter. It's my new obsession.
Oh man, I commented on the leather coat ensemble too. SEX- to the- EXY!
I just noticed that the Dharma jumpsuit patches have little symbols on them indicating what kind of job each employee does. Hurley's looks like...a chicken?
MAUS - "Haaaam!!!"

The chicken patch would be funny, as he is a former Mr. Cluck's employee.

Thanks for the Twitter invite. I'll be adding you as 'Followed' tonight.

HATHERY - He's a good-looking man, but my main problem with Naveen Andrews is that he seems like sort of a wenis in real life.
...he seems like sort of a wenis in real life.

Because he's IN THE BUBBLE.
OK, so I haven't seen an episode in awhile, but I did guffaw a-loud when I read the final, "WRENCHES!" caption. I love me a good non sequitur.
MAUS - I just figured it was because he was British.

EMILY - I just got a kick out of thinking that was Juliet's only word of advice towards Kate's new profession. Sometimes I'll see a still photo, and the caption will write itself.
Naveen Andrews just knows he's awesome; that's why he acts that way. It's hard not to just go around screaming "I'm awesome" all the time when you're so self-aware.
...and impregnating ladies.
Ben is soooooooooooo not dead. Movie/TV show rule #1: unless you shoot someone in the face 5 times, they are not truly dead. This is perhaps why he needs that operation in the future? And perhaps another reason why he is so evil? Not only does he get beat around by his dad, he also gets shot as a 12 year old ... that would mess someone up.
Oh man...Ben's heart condition! Caitlin, you're brilliant!

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