Tuesday, April 14

CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #5 - Wrap Party 2.

Finally, after two weeks of sifting, listening, drinking, typing and deciphering handwritten track listings, I've managed to make it through all of the Mix-Tapes that were so generously sent to me for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 5. Thank you very much; I appreciate it.

I wanted to take a brief moment to spotlight all of the great mixes that were sent to me, as a small way of saying thank you. Therefore, for the next several days, I'll be doing just that. Please enjoy.

Review #3 - The Missus.

The Missus is not a fan of countdowns, which differs drastically from her husband, who always finds the need to categorize and rank everything in his sights. So in defiance, she created her most creatively-themed Mix to date, by compiling 20 tracks that had the numbers 1 through 20 in their song title or artist’s name. This seemingly random collection had all the ingredients for a disastrous result, but thanks to our ridiculously awesome iTunes library, this Mix turned out to be a great gathering of deep cuts that came from a super clever idea.

#19 – Holland, 1945 – Neutral Milk Hotel
#14 – Uma 14 Times – Zoinks!
#8 – Eightball – The Impossibles
#6 – U16 Girls - Travis
#3 – Measure 3 – Matt Pond PA
#2 – Neighborhood #2 (Laika) – Arcade Fire

Review #4 - Tami.

Tami is another first-time Mix creator that came through with another creative theme that runs deep in the history of Pop Music: song titles that are also girl’s names. Some of the best pop songs ever written are about the fairer gender, and this collection spans the gauntlet of decades and genres, plucking out the best stuff and presenting it in a decently-ranked countdown. Punctuated by quality songwriting, one-hit wonders and guilty pleasures, the ‘Top 20 Songs That Are Girl’s Names’ is a winner.

#20 - Jenny (867-5309) – Tommy Tutone
#13 - Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
#11 – Angie – The Rolling Stones
#7 - Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners
#4 - Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
#1 - Maggie May – Rod Stewart

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day; Part 3 arrives tomorrow.

Oooh, Tami's mix sounds fun! I'll need to toss that one on my iPod too when I finally decide to charge the dumb thing and put songs on it.
If it was a Top 21, the Misses should've included "2112" by Rush.

Did the second list have "Jessica" by The Allman Brothers and "Hey Sandy" by Polaris? Those are the only 2 others I can think of.
How many Material Issue songs are in the name mix? I can think of four on the first record alone! Oh, and then there's "52 Girls" by the B-52's, which I think named only 24 or so, but of course they didn't name all 16 dances in "Dance This Mess Around". I guess Fred & Co. weren't for completeness. And I'm hijacking a thread. CDP - see you tomorrow or Thursday?
Hathery's Songs with Numbers is a good one -- I would have never thought of that.

The Beatles also have a song called Maggie May, but it's, er, different -- "Dirty Maggie May they are taking you away." It's also quite short.

It's cool that the themes are so varied . . . their maybe groans when they see mine. :)
I like yours, Mike :)
Clever themes! I like it!
I never got my mixtape :( ... JT, if you're out there, I'll still accept it anytime!
The Beatles Maggie Mae was an old Liverpool drunken sing-along / English folk song that probably has been heard and told in about 319,259 versions in its past. I'm surprised Fairport Convention didn't record it. BTW - Maggie was an old slang term for 'prostitute'. Most all of the above facts are from Wikipedia, so please, use wisely.

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