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CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #5 - Wrap Party 6.

Finally, after two weeks of sifting, listening, drinking, typing and deciphering handwritten track listings, I've managed to make it through all of the Mix-Tapes that were so generously sent to me for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 5. Thank you very much; I appreciate it.

I wanted to take a brief moment to spotlight all of the great mixes that were sent to me, as a small way of saying thank you. Therefore, for the remainder of the week, I'll be doing just that. Please enjoy.

Mix #11 - Mike Hoss.

Mike Hoss is a neat guy. Computer nerd. Die-hard family man. Tremendous taste in music, which seems to be the case with every Nebraskan I've ever spoken to. When it comes to Mixes, he's as reliable as a foreign car; you're always going to get solid tracks from superb singers and songwriters, and myself and the Missus always look forward to getting his disc in the mail.

This time around, Hoss' theme was the cryptically-titled 'Top 10 Songs Mike Hoss Legally Downloaded For Free,' which is clearly a winking nod towards the piracy side of song collecting, as driven home by the cover art, featuring a Dollar sign with a line through it. Hey, pilfered or otherwise, this Mix is fantastic, bringing guitar rock, acoustic pop, electro and radio rock. Without question, there are more than a handful of tracks here that have comfortably burrowed their way into my weekly rotation.

#10 - True Affection - The Blow
#9 - Listen Up! - The Gossip
#7 - Rockin' The Suburbs - Ben Folds
#6 - The Story - Brandi Carlile
#2 - When The Summer's Gone - Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken
#1 - Criticism_As_Inspiration (Live) - Pedro The Lion

Mix #12 - Regan Jacobsen.

First-time Mix participant Regan brought yet another supremely creative Trade theme, crafting her Top 10 songs that set the scenes from some of her favorite movies of all-time. She took into consideration not only the song itself, but the magnitude of the film scene it enhanced, crafting an intimately personal Mix that also resonates deeply with anyone who has ever experienced and enjoyed the films themselves. I swear, you all have really outdone yourselves this time around.

I should also note that I would love to settle in for a movie night with Ms. Jacobsen, as her tastes in film seem to be similarily close to my own. You know where to find me.

#10 - Don't Stop Me Now - Queen (Shaun Of The Dead)
#9 - Paper Planes - M.I.A. (Pineapple Express)
#7 - Head Over Heels - Tears For Fears (Donnie Darko)
#3 - Hotel California - Gipsy Kings (The Big Lebowski)
#2 - Plainsong - The Cure
#1 - Hardest Geometry Problem In The World - Mark Mothersbaugh (Rushmore)

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day; Part 7 arrives tomorrow.

*blush* I'm all humbled inside . . .

Most of the songs on the mix where one of iTunes Singles of the week (including 10,9 and 6 above). I at least give it a listen each week and then download it. If I decide that I don't like it, I delete it. Most of the songs are merely OK, but sometimes you find some diamonds amongst the coal and I put some of those diamonds above.

Other songs came from my caffinee addiction. No it's true -- Pepsi had a thing last summer where you got a code you enter in and so many points could be used to download music from Amazon -- which I did. That includes 7 and 2 above.

And still other songs came from the best source -- the artist themselves. Mr Bazan and Company let you download a complete concert (from Omaha no less!) off their web site -- that's where #1 came in. And the other Derek Webb song off the Mix was from an experiment that Mr. Webb did where you could download it for free if you send the link to five other people. And that album and tour brought in more money than any previous effort of his. So he and his friends started a little business based on that model.

And sorry Hathery -- Webb and McCracken are married.

BTW, I really don't like RIAA and how they take money away from most artists.

On another note -- I think I would like watch movies with Regan too!
That Brandi Carlile record is fantastic all the way around, by the way. Man oh man, that voice!

Also, I'm practically chewing through my finger bones over here waiting for you to review my mix. Saving the best for last? I think so.
I'm undecided on Brandi Carlile. When I first ordered The Story I listened to it many, many times, and I do truly love her voice. But her lyrics tend to be a bit of a letdown, and lyrics are a big part of the package with artists like her. So I really, really want to love her, but I find that I can't quite make the commitment. Maybe her lyrics will improve with age.
I like her first album quite a bit more than "The Story."

And that's too bad on Mr. Webb, Mike--he's quiet saucy in the vocal department.
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