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Lost Friday - "Follow The Leader."

Season 5 - Episode 15: "Follow The Leader."

Another Lost Friday is upon us, we have much to discuss. Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick.

I'll make it quick, kids. ALL NEXT WEEK WILL BE DEVOTED TO THE LOST SEASON FINALE, so remember to tune in to the CDP every day next week as we count down to the two-hour Season 5 climax. We'll be digging through the Lost Friday archives and fishing out some good stuff for you crazy loons. Over 100 classic captions, breakdowns and...well, that's pretty much it, but it's going to be fantastic, so stick around.

Oh, and I hated this episode even more than that one with Nikki and Paulo. I'm itching to vent, so let's go.

("How in the hell did we get to this point?")

(Sadly, this isn't the first time that Jack got drunk, rooted through Kate's makeup case and passed out.)

(Even in death, Faraday continues to stutter incoherently.)

("Check it out, I found Jacob! Turns out he's a boar!")

(All things considered, Jack seems to be taking this Time Travel thing in relative stride.)

("I mean, Jesus! We've done such a good job developing our incredible characters, and for what?! So we can share titter-worthy dialogue while watching your doppelganger communicate with an ageless metrosexual? Do we not deserve better?")

(Charles Widmore was the frontman for...I don't know...every British band from the 80's ever.)

(Forget the imitation 'Nilla Wafers, Hurley! Look at the size of those cheese puff barrels!)

(Awesome, Sayid's back. Playtime is over, bitches! He'll straighten this flipsy-flopsy bull rip with one sideways-pull of the trigger.)

(If you're glad that Sayid's back, say 'HOOOO!!!')

("For God's sake, nobody even wants to do recaps of this show anymore! Remember in Season 2, where every fan would scour the web for hours at a time, desperately looking for clues to where we, in our infinite genius, were headed? As it turns out, the most obvious and ridiculous explanation was right! I mean, what in the hell?")

(Locke finally gets a chance to check out his ass without the aid of a mirror, and he likes what he sees.)

(Now, where have I see this before...)

(Booyah! Katesquatch!)

(For a show that produced the most expensive Pilot episode in television history, this is, without question, the saddest thing I've ever seen. Sadder still, there was absolutely no reason to show it. This shot was the equivalent of watching your dad get taken in a fistfight.)

("The-the''! AAAAUGH!!!!!")

(So...Marvin abandoned his wife and kid...because his kid told him to. Well, guess we can't really hold a grudge, now can we? All of your resentment was your own fault, Miles! Suck on that!)

("I got two paychecks this week!")

("Look. The economy is in the toilet, movies suck, Green Day has a new album out, Manny Goddamn Ramirez is on the juice and everyone's got Swine Flu. We...our the only shining light left in this bleak, godless existence, and this is what we go and do? I'm never going to win an Emmy! And I f***ing DESERVE one! WAAAALLLLLLT!!!!")

Sound off in the comments section, start the argument and enjoy your weekend. Season-end Lost festivities kick off Monday, and run all the way to the end of the week. Get caught up by checking out links to every Lost Friday this season. Later.

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You think the plot like on Lost is messed up? Wait until you see Star Trek. I think a few stray pages from some Lost scripts found their way in.
*Like, I meant to say pot line. I mean plot line. Heh, heh. Plot line.
Also, HOOOO!!!
All the ladies in the house, say 'HOOO!'

Actually, 'Pot Line' makes more sense nowadays. If the writers just came out and told me they were baked for the last two years, I'd probably cut them a little slack.
Aughhh, that cheap CG submarine was the worst. And in the preview for next week, Sawyer, Juliet and Kate looked like they were back on the island.

Those Sasquatch jokes never get old, by the way.
MAUS - I saw that, too. Looked to me like they gave away a plot point by showing those folks back on the Island.
I cannot believe how awful that submarine looked. I thought the polar bear looked bad in Season 1, but this is officially the worst thing I've ever seen. Even worse than the smoke monster flashbacks swirling around Ben's head a few eps back.
Aw, man, you've got to cut the penultimate episode of the season some slack. It's traditionally the setup volley to the season finale spike. And next week we've got one group trying to blow up a hydrogen bomb to change the future, and another group going to visit an invisible ageless spirit so their leader can assassinate him!


I agree that the submarine shot was pointless considering that the preview showed them right back on the Island, but it also featured Doc Shepard going insane and firing randomly into a Dharma crowd!
I thought that Horace was the one I really wanted to see die, but now it's Paul Giomatti (not sure what the guy's name is on the show.)
I liked this episode. Jack's a jackass (seems appropriate). SO happy that Sayid is back, and I'm enjoying clueless Ben. Also, throughout the entire episode I had this feeling that Sawyer was going to die, so I'm really glad that didn't happen.

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