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Lost Tuesday - Season 3 Caption Edition.

In honor of Lost's Fifth Season finale taking place this Wednesday, we here at the CDP are devoting the entire week to our favorite Island-based Time Travel drama. Today, 43 of the best Lost Friday photo captions from Season 3. Enjoy.

Hey, it's Desmond!
(Desmond packed light, opting to only bring along 48 back issues of Maxim magazine.)

Hey, it's Eko!
(Eko, suddenly remembering that he has Superpowers, flies off the island.)

Hey, it's Hurley!
(In the distance, Hurley spots a tree made entirely of Slim Jims.)

Hey, it's Kate!
("Wow, is that a tree made entirely of Slim Jims? Hurley, get over here!")

Henry freaks me right the hell out. Again.
(Henry Gale's MySpace photo. Funniest caption ever.)

Come for the view, stay for the eggs.
(Ben's restaurant had great food, but the parking was terrible.)

What's the deal with airplane food?
(Jack's rendition of 'Over The Rainbow' blew away the judges at the Prison Talent Show.)

Damn it!
("I'm so sick of Internet nerds making fun of my screencaps! WAAAAALLLT!")

I guess the rumors are true.
("Wow...you should really have that looked at.")

I feel just terrible for you.
("I never made the connection that cheating on a hitman's wife was a bad idea! RAAALLLLT!!!")

Please let me kill someone.
(In just under 30 seconds, Sayid murders a thousand people in his mind.)

I don't draw good.
("This is you. You suck.")

Desmond In The Raw.
("You've got to lift it up, brother!")

Locke Is Thinking. Simmer Down.
(Years too late, Locke comes up with the perfect quote for his Senior yearbook.)

Damn, I'm smooth.
(Desmond peers two weeks into the future to see how awesome his beard's going to look.)

You're lucky my chick's not here.
("As a new character, I envision a long and happy life here on the island.")

("Knock it off, Roy! You're like, 5 feet away from me!")


That's why I use Pert!
(Juliet's annual face-lift didn't pan out quite so well this year.)

That's why I wear a mask.
(Jack becomes suddenly aware that on the mainland he was recognized as a locksmith, not a spinal surgeon as previously assumed.)

Nice ass.
("...And thaaat's how I got into commemorative spoon collecting. You?")

Talk about a Hot Karl!

Drink Coke!
(Brought to you by the Emo Goldfish Council.)

Hurley's drunk...on ham.
(Hurley is completely drunk....on HAM!)

I love alcohol!
(This looks just like my Dad's senior yearbook photo.)

Claire at her best.
(Claire, putting on one of her better performances in awhile.)

I picked a bad day to give up smack.
("Crap...the producers just realized that I'm irrelevant.")

Can't You Read?
("See? Right here, it says 'No Dogs Allowed.'")

Sometimes, it's too easy.
("Nice rack, Kate.")

Where's my kidney, you ass!?
("You may have my kidney, but at least I'm not paralyzed!")

Things were going so well...
("Whoops, I think I just paralyzed myself again.")

I think I can peg him from here...
(Just for the hell of it, Desmond takes a point-blank shot at Charlie.)

I'm already in hell, what more do you want from me!

I'm Feeling Stabby.
("Heh-heh...I guess the whole kidney thing was pretty funny.")

I'm under a lot of stress!
(Suddenly and without warning, Locke's appendix bursts.)

He looks great for a thousand years old.
("I haven't shaved in 800 years.")

(Sayid gives Karl CPR directly to his spinal cord.)


Not crazy.
("Liam, be honest. You got bit by that zombie, didn't you?")


Every dentist in Britain is bankrupt.
("You all, gingivitis!")

("Have you see my BAYYY-BEEEEE!?!?")

Please....don't drink and shave.
("Could you kindly restart my heart?")

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. Another massive helping of Season 4 captions arrives tomorrow.

Sadly, my favorite caption did not make the cut.

"Here, we see Christian Shepard having nine simultaneous heartattacks."

That was what got the CDP bookmarked.
Hmmm, I wonder what happened to that one. I don't even recall seeing it when I rifled through the old stuff. A 'Lost classic,' I presume. Guffawguffawguffaw.
"You all, gingivitis!"*snerk*
My top faves from this season:
"In the distance, Hurley spots a tree made entirely of Slim Jims" (followed by Kate's observation of said tree)
and, one of my all-time favorites:
"In just under 30 seconds, Sayid murders a thousand people in his mind"
also, the emo goldfish. But honestly, these are all just fantastic! Season 3 was a good one for you!
One of my three favorite Lost captions of all time is here:

Jack's rendition of 'Over The Rainbow' blew away the judges at the Prison Talent Show.
I like "Jim...Belushi...is...a...comedic...treasure." Because he's not, see?
"This is you; You suck."

My favorite. Anyone want to remind me what the Hell Mr. Locke was drawing for Chuck?
He was writing something, because his voice was gone. I think he wrote "follow me".
MAUS - That's a personal favorite of mine; always makes me giggle a little.

CAITLIN - Thanks! I still hold that the Emo Goldfish Council would be a great name for a punk band.

CARGIRL - What are your other Top 2 favorites?

HATHERY - I'd like to think that Dharma was helping ABC promote their comedy lineup at the time.

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