Friday, May 15

A TKO From Tokyo.

As you may have noticed, the final Lost Friday of the year has been moved to next Monday due to time constraints. And before you start bitching, understand that I wanted to put enough time into it that it would be worth the wait. Also, there won't be another new episode of Lost until February of 2010, so I'd say that we have more than enough time to milk it a tad.

Three things I wanted to mention before I cut you loose for the weekend. First off, we got a new Punch-Out! game being released for the Wii on Monday (see above clip). Any child of the NES-fueled 80's should already be well-aware of this fantastic news, and they're probably already camping outside their local Best Buy. God bless 'em; I'll catch up with them in the morning. Rumor has it that the game is loaded with Easter Eggs, unlockables and various other goodness that old-school Punch-Out! fans will appreciate. Personally, I'll just be happy with a Bald Bull appearance.

Secondly, we've got a new Green Day album out today. Now, say what you want about their legacy; how they went from pop punk masterminds to bloated superstars, but understand that they've arguably never released a bad album (from the head-scratching Warning to the pandering pomposity of American Idiot). Even in the midst of the Digital Age, I'll still pick up 21st Century Breakdown on CD, probably on Monday when I snag Punch-Out! Wii.

Finally, I'll be on a legit vacation for the next 10 days. The main purpose of the sabbatical is for Spring Cleaning, but I'm sure I'll use some of the time to exercise, putter around the house in my pajamas and stand on the deck, flinging coffee at birds. Lost Monday will arrive on...well...Monday, and my Twitter updates will probably be through the room for the duration, as I try hard not to fall off the roof or spare my wife the embarrassment of finding my bloated corpse wedged underneath the sink. I'll uploads photos, too; it'll be awesome. So check back early and often all next week.

That's all I have for you today. Take it easy this weekend, sound off in the comments section and enjoy your week.

I'm sure the last Lost Friday will be worth the wait, as there is much to discuss.
That's all I'm saying til Monday...
CAITLIN - Did you notice that when Sawyer called over Vincent, he was holding a treat in his hand? BLOOPER!

EPHLAND - Damn right there is. I've got 2000 words alone on that white Title Card.
Oh man, I can't tell you how much time I used to spend working my way through King Hippo, Don Flamenco, and Piston Honda. Of course, it took some years before I realized how filled with terrible cultural stereotypes that game was...but it sure was fun. Dammit.

My only question is, who will be the final opponent? Can't exactly stick Mike Tyson back in there.
Awww, Vincent gets a treat!!!

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