Tuesday, June 30

The CDP's Top 100 Simpsons Episodes: #5-1.

#5 – ‘The City Of New York vs. Homer Simpson

Season 9 – Episode 1 (Episode 179 Overall)

Synopsis – Homer allows Barney to use his car when Barney is picked to be the designated driver for that night at Moe's Tavern. However, Barney disappears for two months with the car and returns without it. Homer searches for his car and eventually receives a letter from the City of New York. The family is excited to go there to obtain the car, but Homer, who had a bad experience in New York when he was younger, is reluctant.

#4 – ‘You Only Move Twice
Season 8 – Episode 2 (Episode 155 Overall)

Synopsis – When Homer accepts a new job at the Globex Corporation, the Simpson family moves to Cypress Creek. Homer enjoys his new work and his easy-going boss, but is completely unaware that his boss is an evil genius and that the company is a vehicle for international extortion. The rest of the family have trouble settling in Cypress Creek and Homer must make a choice between Cypress Creek and Springfield.

#3 – ‘Selma’s Choice
Season 4 – Episode 13 (Episode 72 Overall)

Synopsis – Marge's Great Aunt Gladys Bouvier dies and the Simpsons, Patty, and Selma attend her funeral. During the reading of her video will, Gladys tells Patty and Selma not to die lonely and miserable like she did. Though Patty doesn't care, Selma decides that she wants a baby. Meanwhile, Homer eats a spoiled hoagie, and becomes dreadfully ill. As a result, he can not fulfill his promise of taking Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens and Selma agrees to take them instead.

#2 – ‘Colonel Homer
Season 3 – Episode 20 (Episode 55 Overall)

Synopsis – After Homer's behavior at the movie theater embarrasses Marge, they have a large argument, causing Homer to head to a redneck bar where he meets a beautiful barmaid named Lurleen Lumpkin with a talent for singing. Homer becomes her manager and does everything he can to make Lurleen famous, but it takes a very long time for him to notice Lurleen has fallen in love with him. With Marge already upset and thinking Homer's the one with the roving eyes, it's time for him to decide on his romantic future.

#1 – ‘Last Exit To Springfield - READ THIS!
Season 4 – Episode 17 (Episode 76 Overall)

Synopsis – After learning that Mr. Burns' decision to revoke their dental plan has coincided with Lisa needing braces, Homer convinces his coworkers not to give up their dental plan and becomes the new head of the workers union at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He holds talks with Mr. Burns, but these go badly because Homer is not intelligent enough to understand Burns' sly innuendos. The plant goes on strike and Mr. Burns decides to take away the electricity for the entire town. However, this encourages the workers union and Burns decides to reach a deal with Homer.

Interesting choice for #1. I like that episode, but I don't LOVE it. I doubt I would have put it in my top 10, although it's SO hard to choose. Selma's Choice would likely be #1 for me, or A Fish Called Selma. I guess I just like Selma episodes; they're very sad :)
The CDP has been a complete snore-fest for the last month.
Thanks for sharing, Cool.
My favorite scene from "The City of New York" is when Homer needs to the use the bathroom and has to run to the other tire.
Cool is a tool! haha.
Even though I've missed the usual CDP shenanigans, I've still really enjoyed this countdown. I've gone and rewatched countless episodes, and found out about loads more quality ones. Suck it, Cool.

To be honest though, I think that without the amazing Grampa Simpson monologue in 'Last Exit To Springfield', it wouldn't be regarded anywhere near as highly as it is. Good episode, but not my personal favourite.
I'm with ya, Carrot Duff. The Grandpa Simpson monologue really is what makes the episode :)
Thanks, everyone. New essay tomorrow, bitches!

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