Thursday, June 4

The CDP's Top 100 Simpsons Episodes: #85-81.

#85 – ‘Maximum Homerdrive

Season 10 – Episode 17 (Episode 220 Overall)

Synopsis – While at a steakhouse, a trucker named Red challenges Homer to an eating contest, ending with Homer losing the match and the trucker losing his life. To make it up to him, Homer becomes a trucker and takes Bart along for the ride. Meanwhile, after deducing that only Homer and Bart get to do the fun things in life, Marge and Lisa decide to excite their lives by installing a new doorbell.

#84 – ‘Homer’s Triple Bypass
Season 4 – Episode 11 (Episode 70 Overall)

Synopsis – Due to his many years of eating unhealthy foods, Homer needs to have a triple bypass surgery. He has to choose between the $40,000 operation set by Doctor Julius Hibbert, which he can't afford, or the $129.95 operation by Doctor Nick Riviera. When he chooses the cheaper surgery, Homer begins to accept that he may die.

#83 – ‘Homer The Great
Season 6 – Episode 12 (Episode 115 Overall)

Synopsis – Homer discovers that Lenny and Carl are members of the ancient secret society known as the Stonecutters. Gaining membership through Grandpa, Homer takes great pleasure in the society's many privileges and events. Unfortunately, during a celebratory dinner he unwittingly destroys the Stonecutter's Sacred Parchment. Homer is stripped of his membership, until it is discovered that he is the 'Chosen One' who will lead the Stonecutters to glory.

#82 – ‘El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage Of Homer)
Season 8 – Episode 9 (Episode 162 Overall)

Synopsis – Homer begins to hallucinate after eating a dish laced with potent Guatemalan peppers at the chili cookoff. In this hallucination he meets a mystical coyote, which tells him to find his soul mate.

#81 – ‘Homer The Heretic
Season 4 – Episode 3 (Episode 62 Overall)

Synopsis – While skipping Sunday's church services, Homer discovers the joy of staying home and having the house all to himself while Marge and the kids experience a rambling sermon from Reverend Lovejoy. Homer decides to start his very own religion customized for himself, despite Marge's continuing objections for giving up his faith.

The Mysterious Voyage of Homer is one of my absolute favorites. I feel so much like Homer when Marge mentions his love for blinking lights, like the little guy on the don't-walk sign.

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