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The CDP's Top 5 Worst Simpsons Episodes Ever.

#5 - 'Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious'
Season 8 - Episode 13 (Episode 166 Overall)

SYNOPSIS - Marge is stressed by the demands of motherhood and the Simpsons get a magical British nanny (Sherry Bobbins), who floats down from the sky holding an umbrella. The nanny is a miracle worker, who teaches Bart and Lisa how to clean and charms everyone. However, the Simpsons cannot stop living their messy ways and the nanny's spirit gets crushed. She leaves the family realizing that she has taught them nothing.

#4 - 'Bart To The Future'
Season 11 - Episode 17 (Episode 243 Overall)

SYNOPSIS - After their vacation in the woods is cut short due to a mosquito infestation, The Simpsons stop by at an Indian casino, where Bart tries to sneak in and ends up in the office of an Indian mystic who shows Bart's future in the year 2030 as a washed-up rock star living with Ralph Wiggum, while Lisa is the President of the United States trying to get the country out of financial trouble.

#3 - 'Saddlesore Galactica'
Season 11 - Episode 13 (Episode 239 Overall)

SYNOPSIS - The Simpsons rescue a diving horse named Duncan from abuse and keep it as a pet, but when the cost of upkeeping the horse rises, Homer and Bart train Duncan to be a racing horse and meet the ire of jockeys. Meanwhile, Lisa is upset over her school losing the band competition to Ogdenville unfairly at the state fair and writes a letter to Bill Clinton in protest.

#2 - 'The Principal And The Pauper'
Season 9 - Episode 2 (Episode 180 Overall)

SYNOPSIS - When a celebration is held at Springfield Elementary to honor his 20 years as principal, Seymour Skinner is revealed to be an impostor when the real Seymour shows up. The principal's real name is revealed to be Armin Tamzarian, an orphan from Capital City. Armin soon leaves to return to Capital City, and Sgt. Seymour Skinner takes over as principal. However, many, including Agnes Skinner, soon decide they preferred the old Seymour. After persuading him to come back from Capital City to be Principal Skinner again, the townspeople send the real Sgt. Skinner out of town on a railroad.

#1 - 'The Frying Game'
Season 13 - Episode 21 (Episode 290 Overall)

SYNOPSIS - Homer begins delivering Meals On Wheels to an elderly woman, Mrs. Bellamy, who takes a shine to him. She subtly guilts Homer and later, Marge, into becoming her personal servants. When Mrs. Bellamy turns up dead, having been stabbed with a pair of scissors, Homer and Marge are the prime suspects in the murder, even though they witnessed a man with braces leaving the murder scene, with Mrs. Bellamy's necklace. The people of Springfield are very suspicious of Homer and Marge, and Chief Wiggum does not believe their story. During an inspection of the house, Maggie is found with Mrs. Bellamy's stolen necklace, presumably given to her by the Man with the braces. Bart, Lisa and Maggie are adopted by Cletus Spuckler, who decides to change their 'city names.'

Despite no lie detector or DNA test given, the two are sentenced to Death Row. In a successful bid to spare Marge, Homer confesses it was all him. As he is sitting in the electric chair, it is suddenly revealed to Homer that he is on a reality TV show, Frame Up, that airs on FOX along with No Pants Island and Fart Date. The whole thing was part of an elaborate hidden camera scheme, the "man with the braces" was the show's host, and Mrs. Bellamy is guest host Carmen Electra in disguise.

Everybody hates the Armin Tamzarian one! I have to defend just for these reasons:

1. The name Armin Tamzarian - that's hilarious

2. "Armin's frozen peas, Armin's copy of Swank." "Can I see your copy of Swank, Armin?"

3. "Up yours, children!"

Other than that though, yeah, this episode totally sucks.

Plus "The Principal And The Pauper" killed 8 seasons of established back story between Skinner/Tamzarian and the audience. (but I did love how the season 15 ep. "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot" made fun of it)
Yeah "Up Yours Children" is the best line in that whole episode - it's made fun of in Season 11's "Behind the Laughter" as one of the storylines that made no sense. I'm surprised you didn't include "Simpson's Spinoff Showcase" in this list because that is a terrible episode in one of the best seasons (8... I think it's my favourite and the last truly "great" season of the show) - a terrible irony.

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