Thursday, November 12

The CDP's Top 30 Movies Of The Decade (10-6).

John Nichols: "I sleep at night with a gun under my pillow."
Michael Moore: "Aw, come on. Everyone says that."
- Bowling For Columbine

Here is the first half of my Top 10 Films Of The Decade. Not the greatest set of celluloid ever compiled in the history of Man, but certainly plenty decent nonetheless. Enjoy.

#10 – Best In Show

Next to Spinal Tap, the funniest mockumentary ever made.

#9 – Spirited Away

I didn't know what to expect when I checked out Spirited Away (I typically don't see movies like this), and I was absolutely floored.

#8 – Hot Fuzz

What Shaun Of The Dead did for zombie film homages, Hot Fuzz did for buddy cop films, and what resulted was one of the funniest, smartest and most violent movies of the decade.

#7 – Bowling For Columbine

I grew up with a hunting, trapping, animal-murdering man's man in my father. I've been around guns, and killing things with guns for most of my life. That being said, they've always scared the shit out of me, regardless of what my political beliefs are. Bowling For Columbine attempts to understand America's fascination with guns, and in the process, made Michael Moore an infamous household name.

#6 – WALL-E

I had heard a lot of positive buzz about WALL-E from a lot of people that didn't seem to be the Disney/Pixar type. When I finally got around to watching it, I saw a beautiful love story, a solid sociopolitical statement, an amazing landscape (unquestionably the most beautiful Pixar film), and a very un-Disney-like movie (the entire first act is done without dialogue, and it's remarkable). WALL-E is just one of those movies that succeeds on just about every possible level, and I don't think I'd have a problem recommending it to anyone. Amazing.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. The conclusion of The CDP's Top 30 Movies Of The Decade will round out our week.

I actually liked "A Might Wind" significantly more than "Best in Show", and I liked "Shaun of the Dead" quite a bit more than "Hot Fuzz." Weird.
Hey, I'm just happy you commented.
When it comes down to 'Shaun of the Dead' vs 'Hot Fuzz', I have a really hard time choosing a favorite. I think I might lean towards 'Hot Fuzz' ...

Simon Skinner: He murdered Bill Shakespeare.
Nicholas Angel: What? Oh.
'But he had one thing that you didn't have...'

'...What's that?'

The 00's will be remembered by me for the decade where I missed most of the movies. Something about getting married and having a kid puts a damper on your movie watching. With that said, let me add an Honorable Mention list:

The Incredibles -- While Wall-E is great, I still think The Incredibles is Pixar's best movie to date. Brad Bird is a genius. His "The Iron Giant" is the most unappreciated animated movie ever. Go rent it. Go. Now. The Incredibles is almost as good at that.

Marley and Me -- it made me cry, so that says something. It's probably a waste of time if you aren't a pet lover but if you are, grab the tissues.

Batman Begins -- Really, if Nolan does it, it will be fantastic. This was the movie that got us all saying "A superhero movie can be like this". And then he slapped us upside the head with "The Dark Knight". But this movie sets that one up.

Superman Returns -- While Nolan's Batman movies and The Watchmen are deconstructing superheroes, this movie dares to reconstruct one. When Superman does return, he comes back to a harder situation than the one he left with. The world doesn't think they need him. But Superman is willing to die for those same people. My daughter and I watch this about once a month and it gets better with each viewing. It helps that I think Bryan Singer is a genius as well.
I wish more people would watch so-called kid flicks and view Spirited Away. I own that one, and for good reason: It's gorgeous, and I always tear up near the end. So much depth and imagination to be appreciated if ordinary folk would look past the Japanese anime / kid stigma.

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