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The CDP's Top 30 Movies Of The Decade (15-11).

"Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon." - 'Rorschach,' Watchmen

Welcome to the second half of the Top 30 Movies Of The Decade, courtesy of the CDP Decade In Review. Enjoy.

#15 – Juno

Diablo Cody will never make another good movie ever again; we all know this. Juno was a beautiful moment in time, a perfect snapshot taken at just the right opportunity. The cast, the story and yes, that screenplay that gets more and more ridiculous as the decade draws to a close, Juno deserved all the praise and indie recognition it got at the time, which is all we can fairly judge it on. I even went into the film with a bad attitude, and still emerged happy; although I still hate the Moldy Goddamn Peaches.

#14 – Watchmen

Whenever a new Harry Potter movie comes out, I have to listen to all of the hardcore fans bitch about the movie straying from the near-Biblical brilliance of the books. My advice to them is always "Stop reading the book for the tenth time right before you see the movie. It wrecks your perception." I mean, I haven't read the books, and I generally think that every film was decent in its own way. This is why I was a hypocrite when I read Watchmen (for the first time) just before checking out the film adaptation. However, I'm glad I did, because unlike Potter, Watchmen complimented the graphic novel perfectly (and in a good way). The cinematography was insane, the cast was near-flawless (should have re-casted Ozymandias), and Jackie Earle Haley's Rorschach will probably give this guy more awesome roles than he'll know what to do with.

#13 – Shaun Of The Dead

The funniest zombie movie ever made (you hear me talking, Zombieland?), this movie is the first in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's 'Blood And Ice Cream Trilogy,' which was followed by the wonderful Hot Fuzz and will conclude with 2010's The World's End. Any fan of zombie movies, comic books, British humor and movies in general will probably dig this movie. My personal favorite scene is when they're fighting off zombies in their backyard, fending them off by throwing records at them, and they're taking the time to rifle through the albums to pick which ones they want to keep. This is something I would do, zombie apocalypse or not.

#12 – Monsters, Inc.

I may be overdoing it, but I don't know if Pixar is capable of making a truly bad movie. I mean, looking back, their weakest production was probably Cars, and that still raked in about $120 million, so I'm sure they're not too sad about it. The idea of a parallel 'monster' world that's fueled by the 'scares' of real-world children is absolutely brilliant, and Monsters, Inc. is that fantastic combination of laughs (for the kids and grown-ups), voice casting and beautiful animation that made Pixar the forefront of the animation movement for the last decade.

#11 – Batman Begins

When I heard that Christopher Nolan (my favorite active director ever since Following) would be helming the Batman franchise, I about messed myself. I knew he'd take it exactly where it should go, shunning the cartoonish films of the past and starting fresh with an almost real-life tale of the masked vigilante. While I knew he'd do Batman right, I was concerned at how financially successful it would be. After all, Nolan was going to create a franchise that was void of plastic toys, fast-food merchandise tie-ins and probably not even really for kids at all. Could a Christopher Nolan Batman be successful and still satisfy the core following?

I'd say he succeeded. To the tune of over a billion dollars.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. The Top 10 begins tomorrow.

I freakin' loved Batman Begins, as well as Shaun of the Dead. I liked both Watchmen and Juno a great deal. I did not see Monsters Inc but suppose I'll have to rectify that eventually.

I'm tempted to put together a similar list, if for no other reason than to be snooty and point out how different it is from yours. What can I say? I see a lot of so-called "art house" movies. I like them, dammit!
I've been updating my netflix queue using your list ~ thanks. Again, you're a very good lister.

Oh, and...Warner Bros. REPRESENT!
Shaun of the Dead!! I love that record scene, so funny, and so true. Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost should probably never stop making movies.
I've seen all of the movies in this installmen, except for the one that I most wanted to see since hearing about forever ago - no one will sit down to view Watchmen with me. Mostly I guess it's because I'm the only person among my friends who had any idea about the movie being based on the graphic novel, and no one seems very interested in seeing it (same reason that I have 300 sitting on my shelf, unwatched).
EMILY - Go for it; I'm sure your list would be awesome!

REESE - That's really cool; thanks so much for following along with the countdown!

CAITLIN - You may see another Wright/Pegg movie a little later on in the countdown...

MAUS - I'll be there by 8pm tomorrow night. I'll bring Junior Mints.
A good friend of mine (and ex-boyfriend) is a comic book fiend; his idol is Batman. Of course, we watched The Dark Knight in theaters and it was amazing; one of my favorite movies ever. Also, we saw The Watchmen in theaters; the ex lent me the graphic novel to look through in prep. I closed my eyes during the uber violent parts (because I can't stomach that sort of thing), but it was an incredible film overall, even for a non-fan like myself. Jackie Earle Haley as bad-ass Rorschach was brilliant.

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