Tuesday, November 10

The CDP's Top 30 Movies Of The Decade (20-16).

"I ain't never seen a one-legged stripper. I've seen a stripper with one breast. I've seen one with twelve toes. But I ain't never seen one with one leg...and I've been to Morocco.
" - Planet Terror

The CDP Decade In Review continues with #20-16 of our Top 30 Movies Of The Decade. Enjoy.

#20 – Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Goblet Of Fire, the only Harry Potter film to make my list, blew me away when I first watched it. As a man that has been dragged to every Potter film at least two, maybe even three times each, I was starting to grow weary of our wizard friends; mainly because I've never read the books and have no plans to. So when I saw Goblet, I finally saw a stand-alone movie; a film that required no knowledge of the book series or the films that proceeded it. It was entertaining, full of action, as violent and dark as any Potter film had been up to that point. From that point on, I became a fan of the series, and Order Of The Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince haven't disappointed.

#19 – Good Night And Good Luck

Nominated for six Academy Awards, Good Night And Good Luck follows the true story of the conflict between veteran journalist Edward R. Murrow and Joe McCarthy during the height of the Red Scare. Beautifully shot in black-and-white, directed by George Clooney and subtly tense and brilliantly-acted from beginning-to-end, this was a movie that I'm really glad I jumped at the chance to see.

#18 – Planet Terror

I didn't see Grindhouse when it hit theaters in 2007, but I finally caught it on HBO a few months ago, and loved the hell out of it (I mean, you either get it and adore it, or you hate it and are confused). Death Proof was run-of-the-mill, but Planet Terror was- and I'm serious when I say this- probably the most fun I've ever had watching a movie in my entire freaking life. Had I seen it in the theater, I would have probably geeked out to the point of annoyance (I was laughing the entire time). If you're ever looking for a modern Zombie movie that throws absolutely everything at the wall and goes completely for broke, it begins and ends with Planet Terror.

#17 – Paranormal Activity

Forget it. I'm not giving anything away. There's a reason it's the most profitable movie of all-time (surpassing The Blair Witch Project, and for good reason). This movie has been selling out theaters for months now, finally opening to a wide release last week and taking the #1 Box Office spot (over Saw VI!). We caught a midnight showing, and there were people so frightened that they were swearing at the screen. Someone threw up and ran out; no kidding. Loved the hell out of it, but chances are that the hype machine might be too loud to enjoy it on any sort of mysterious level nowadays. Worth a shot, though.

#16 – Cloverfield

Remember what I said about Planet Terror being the most fun I've had watching a movie? Well, Cloverfield was the most fun I've had at a movie theater all decade. Sure, some people threw up and passed out because of the way it was shot, but man, JJ. Abrams knows what he's doing when it comes to people having a good time at the movies (and on television). If you're a fan of classic monster movies (Godzilla and The Host are prerequisites, too), and the 'found footage' twist that we've seen with Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch, Cloverfield is an absolute blast.

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Goblet of Fire was, in my opinion, one of the the weaker books in the Potter series, and as a result I'm pretty MEH about the film.

I haven't seen any of the other movies, though.
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Planet Terror!!! Have you seen all the fake trailers that were between the two movies? They are hilarious, especially the Edgar Wright directed "Don't".
Don't was great! I also dug Thanksgiving, only because it was so spot-on.
If you ... are thinking ... of going ... into ... that house ... DON'T!

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