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The CDP Year In Review - 2009.

(CDP World Headquarters.)

2009 was pretty far from the Worst Year Ever, but most of us would have a damn hard time justifying it. I mean, it makes sense that the closing year of the 'Decade From Hell' or 'Lost Decade' would continue the process of stomping our faces into the mud for just a little while longer. When I look back on it personally, it feels like everyone either failed, died or let me down in some way; or a little of all three in a few occasions.

But hey, we have to stay positive if we're to make the '010's any better. We need to once again pull ourselves up by the collective bootstraps, wipe the crust out of our eyes and get some work done. For me, 2009 was about nailing down everything that I intended to keep, leap headfirst into a ditch and hope that most of what I've worked for remained intact after the Apocalypse. For the most part, it did, but for a lot of us, it did not.

Yeah, me and the Missus were each furloughed at our respective places of employment, a State money-saving measure that probably took somewhere in the neighborhood of $3500 directly out of our pockets so far. We missed this money, had to tap into our savings at times, and really cut back on the unnecessary puff and fiffle that we normally blow our hard-earned cash on. While I still want that cash back, I can say that being more broke more often has reminded me to appreciate having any money at all, and forced me to be more wise with my investments. I grocery shop more intelligently. I've learned to handle my checkbook like a pro. I'm doing more with less, which has to be the American motto for 2009 (if you're a normally-functioning human being, that is).

Here on the CDP, the tide ebbed and flowed. So, if you're just catching up, or can't get enough of what I'm bringing to the dance, let's take a look back at the year that was, through the eyes of the Little Blog That Could; the CDP. Take time to check out the links and dig in, because it's going to be up all week for your reading pleasure.

And if you're still longing for more recent nostalgia, here are links to the last four Year In Review posts I've done. Enjoy.

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(My buddy. My Nephew. Evan.)

Who knew that eels were so terrifying?
Every liquor changes me in some drastic way.
Ziggy's chubby hand of fate ruins my day.
Lost Friday returns for Season Five!
I get the worst virus of my life; vomit streak ends.

(I've never drank more than I have in 2009. I blame the economy.)

The CDP turns 5 years old. Can't legally drink, but still does.
This kind of thing only happens on my birthday.
Jack and Kate do it.
I compose the greatest motivational speech in history.
I quit blogging forever...for three days.

(I lost one cat and gained two more this year. Here's one.)

Local News is hilarious.
Actual, photographic proof of the paranormal!
QVC is hilarious.
A new batch of MySpace Poetry for your aching soul.

(Sometimes I get bored at work. Pac-Man Scone!)

One of my funnier Lost Friday captioning sessions.
The Missus busts her elbow all to hell during a roller skating session.
I partake in Digital Detox Week; local media finds this interesting.

(I miss you.)

I survive Digital Detox Week and return to tell the maddening tale.
The best Lost captions from Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 and Season 5.
Relive the Lost Season 5 finale with one of my better recaps.
Remember, it's all okay.

(If you ever need to know what I'm doing, chances are it's this.)

June was 'Simpsons Month,' where I became your new best friend by painstakingly counting down the 100 Greatest Episodes Of The Simpsons, including 30 Honorable Mentions and my choices for the Worst. Episode. Ever.

(This photograph wasn't staged.)

Nothing ruins your night faster than a rabid hedgehog.
I go missing. Hit the road. Blow this pop stand.
My Top 20 Super Nintendo games.
My Top 20 Sega Genesis games.
My whereabouts are finally tracked to Iowa.
My Top 25 UFC moments. Quite a good list, actually.

(If I keep using my iPhone so much, I'll need glasses like these for real someday.)

What am I doing at a casino?
What am I doing on the Mississippi River?
Is this the greatest toy store on Earth?
What am I doing in Dubuque?
The 2009-2010 Fall TV Preview is my biggest and best yet.

(I try to keep my workspace interesting. This is all overflow from my home office.)

The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #6 was a huge success.
The Forward Music Festival rolls into town. I see nobody.

(Damn! Hip-Hop Scone be draining my iPod!)

I spent the month of October personally reviewing each and every Mix-Tape that was sent to me for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #6, as well as gearing up for the first-ever CDP Decade In Review.

(I don't remember when this was from, I just hope I wasn't by myself.)

My favorite instantly-cancelled TV shows of the decade.
The most popular TV shows of the decade.
The worst TV shows of the decade.
My favorite overall TV shows of the decade.
My favorite films of the decade.
My favorite music videos of the decade.
My favorite books of the decade.
My favorite concerts of the decade.
My favorite video games of the decade.

(I'm working on a surprise. I'll tell you next week.)

My favorite albums of the decade (75-51).
My favorite albums of the decade (50-31).
My favorite albums of the decade (30-11).
My favorite albums of the decade (10-1).

Well, there you have it. 2009, revisited through the eyes of the CDP. Sound off in the comments section, enjoy your week and spend some time digging around and checking out some things you might have missed. We will return on Friday with the CDP's Favorite Albums Of 2009, then gear up for the 2009 State Of The CDP Speech on December 21.

Be seeing you.

"Hey Lapidus, Autopilot this bitch for a second. I nailed Kate!"
That scone sure gets around.
If I were to review my year, it would be very dull: walking the dog, picking up dog poop, grading papers, cleaning rabbit poop, and telling myself I am going to exercise.
I call a personal foul on the crappy weather this past summer. Super lame. Still, there have been worse years overall. Glad we all seem to have made it through to the other side.
I'm somewhat ambivalent to this past year since I don't have many memories of it. 2009 goes down in my book as the year lost to work - no vacations, working weekends & the constant fight against being overwhelmed. I'm not complaining, because instead of dealing with the worst economic crisis in my lifetime I instead had my busiest year ever. For all intents and purposes I was burned out by summer, but like the back half of a marathon I find myself approaching the finish line exhausted but in good spirits. I used what spare time I did have on friends, music & Badger games, all lubricated with plenty of booze.
MIKE - I'm rather proud of that one, too.

CELIA - That scone was Employee of the Month from February to October!

HILBELINK - Sounds...poopie. Come on, it can't all be bad!

EMILY - Damn right; most of us are still standing for yet another go-round.

WALLROCK - There is a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes at the end of a year; certainly at the end of a decade. If Life is a zero-sum game, then we all deserve to pat each other on the back for surviving.

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