Wednesday, September 23

There Ain't An Outlet Big Enough For A Plug This Big.

There's nothing more satisfying than discovering a new band that you can't wait to share with as many people as possible. Therefore, there's nothing more interesting or worthwhile that I'd rather share with you today than this clip from Madison's newest (and best) new band, Little Red Wolf. Here they are, performing their first song at their first live show; so even if you weren't there, you can still earn hipster cred and say 'I saw 'em first!'

Some of you will recognize the scarlet-mohawked drummer as notorious Madison gadabout (and CDP Alumni), Emily Mills. Now, Emily is a proud member of about...oh...164 different local bands, but LRW to me, seems like the one most poised on the edge of something serious. Sure, they're all adorable and perky and whatnot (which doesn't hurt a bit), but their songwriting prowess, seamless multi-instrumentation (Ms. Mills plays both the accordion and drums at the same time) and gorgeous harmonies speak on a much larger plane than a group of musically-inclined friends with nothing better to do. These women are not messing around in the least.

So, for goodness sake, check out the clip. And hey, if you dig what you hear, click on the LRW link to hear a six-pack of free tunes and get in on something new and wonderful.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. If you haven't yet mailed out your Mix-Tapes, you still have until Monday before we release the hounds. Later.