Monday, January 4

Gimme Five.

1. "Hey, What Are You Reading Right Now?"

Eating The Dinosaur - Chuck Klosterman
Get In The Van - Henry Rollins
Y: The Last Man - Brian K. Vaughan

2. "Hey, What Are You Listening To Right Now?"

'She Came Along' - Sharam f. Kid Cudi
'Ambling Alp' - Yeasayer
Post-Nothing - Japandroids
s/t - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

3. "Hey, What Are You Watching Right Now?"

Sport-wise, a truckload of pro football, college basketball and mixed-martial arts. Now that the holidays are over, we'll see the return of shows like Modern Family, Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock, as we wait patiently for the 2010 Winter Olympics and the triumphant return of Lost. I'm still trying to find a block of time in which to watch WWII In HD, and determining just how negative a toll watching Hoarders is on my psyche.

4. "Hey, How's The Next Book Coming Along?"

Considering that I started actual work on it less than a week ago, very good. I'm in the process of drafting and tweaking no less than 60 pre-existing essays, in addition to crafting 20 brand new essays (I plan on cutting both of these numbers in half during the editing stage). I like to do my work in huge chunks and stages, and I'm currently in the groundwork stage that's relatively easy and stress-free. Come Spring, I'll be singing a different tune. This is a huge project that hasn't even approached its infancy yet; it'll probably take every second of 2010 before I'm finished.

5. "Hey, What Else Is Going On At CDP Headquarters?"

Back to the grind, I suppose. I've had nine of my last 12 days off of work, allowing my sleep schedule and rapid alcohol dependency to turn me inside-out. For a while there, me and the Missus were going to bed at 5am, and there's nary a scrap of booze left in the house. That all being said, the holidays were wonderful, I feel surprisingly healthy and productive, and I'm more than happy to be getting back into the swing of things.

Sound off in the comments section, let us know how you spent the holidays and enjoy your week. (@RyanZeinert)

I spent one part of my holiday working on making Martini's and, I have to say, I did well. And I have an empty bottle of gin to show for it. This is the best recipe I found online and is the basis for what I thought was the perfect martini.
I'm awake, I'm functioning on at least a basic level, and I'm back to work. I'd call that successful navigation of the holiday season.
My holiday weekend, in chronological order:
I left work early on Thursday to catch the Wisconsin - Ohio State basketball game (the Badgers looked dominant), then following a late lunch at the Old Fashioned I briefly fought the crowds at Woodman's Liquor, then gave up and decamped for Steve's. I went to my friends' place for their usual party and we missed midnight by a few minutes, almost a tradition now, and I topped off the Lake Louies with some subpar Spumante that did me no favors come morning. Friday was dedicated to the combination of the Winter Classic hockey game followed by the intermittent watching of bowl games. I started Nick Hornby's How To Be Good and decided my promise, made the night before, to hang out with my old roommate Friday night was just drunk talk. Instead I watched several old Westerns on TV. Saturday was dedicated to finishing the Hornby novel then going out to the Wisconsin - Merrimack hockey game. The sole Merrimack fan in attendance was sitting behind me, and while he was by no means obnoxious or rude it was still disconcerting - happily for me the Badgers pulled out the win. Sunday was spent playing around five hours of Wii Sports against my sister, who is better at tennis but doesn't possess my shoulder stamina, allowing me to finally win a few games. After the marathon tourney ended we went to the Overture for the evening showing of Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them. Overall it was probably the best NYE weekend I've had in a long time.
HOSS - The Martini needs to be prevalent at more of my gatherings. I need more Gin in my life.

EMILY - Damn skippy.

WALLROCK - Wow, that sounds absolutely packed (and fun). Wii Sports is the gift that keeps on giving; me and my friends rediscover it every few months and play it non-stop.
That's a cute picture of you!!
...kinda. Mr. Olive Hands kicks ass for sure, though.
We spent 2 1\2 weeks trekking all over Ohio with the babe, then spent last week looking at our house, cluttered with luggage, Christmas presents, and 3 giant bags of stuff I bought at Babies 'R' Us for an undisclosed amount of money that I don't really have (I had to get it all that day, you see, because I had a coupon) and wishing we had time to clean it. Spent the weekend cleaning, yet the house is still a wreck because I decided I couldn't put away my new clothes until I cleaned out my closet and dresser, which was a ruthless success (why did I still have clothes from high school? and a skin-tight shirt that said "I will not tease the boys" over and over? and even tighter red pants that, when I tried them on, actually showed a hint of camel toe?) but slowed down the rest of the cleaning process. New Year's Eve we finally got to have our Christmas together, and the sour cherry juice I ordered for Brent from Turkey (we tried it on our honeymoon in Istanbul and have been pining for it ever since) was a smashing success, along with his other gifts. He self-servingly bought me an awesome pair of boots because he loves to see his lady in boots, but it works out because I love to wear them. Then we put the baby to bed, drank some cheap champagne, watched Back to School (a Christmas gift), which is actually much more clever than I remembered, and began the long wait to try to stay awake until midnight. We decided to read for the last hour and since Brent was facing the clock I told him to let me know when it was 20 minutes before midnight so that I could pump some breast milk and be ready to go to bed immediately after the ball dropped. Instead he fell asleep, I kept reading until 2 minutes to midnight, then stupidly decided to go the bathroom, so I spent midnight peeing while Brent spent it waiting for the TV to flip to the right channel to watch the ball drop. I got back to the living room just as everyone was kissing and singing. Lame. However, I decided that missing the ball drop because I got absorbed in a book (for the first time since the baby was born) isn't all bad. And now I'm back at work and I have successfully made it through two entire days with Nathan at the babysitter's without crying at work (though I bawled for 20 minutes when he got home on Monday and again after I put him to bed last night). Starting to get into a routine, which makes me happy, and part of it is going to include writing: really, I swears it.
Berryjo, I finally got rid of all my high school clothes when we moved house last year (as did Ryan.) All toll, we had 14 bags of clothes for Goodwill. Sad, really :(

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