Tuesday, February 9

Three Items Of Interest (If You Still Find Me Interesting).

1. I know we're just 40 days into 2010, but I wanted to give you a quick update as to how work on my next book is coming along. If you recall, I officially announced work on Book #2 at the beginning of the year, and true to the 80/20 Rule, things have been going smoothly as I take care of the easier tasks at hand.

I have completed first drafts of over 50 preexisting essays, and broke ground on a handful of brand new ones to boot. My goal is that by the end of Summer, I'll have about 20 more new essays to join the stack come editing time. A lot of these stories will no doubt be cut or heavily tweaked during the Fall, but I wanted to enter the compilation process with as solid and varied a selection of material as possible.

At Christmas, I promised my Grandmother that she'd have the book in her hands by the end of 2010, and we're right on track thus far. 65 Poor Life Decisions came out at the end of November 2007, and while three years between books was a little longer than I wanted (most of my 2007 interviews stated that I was already hard at work), I'm still pleased and confident that 2010 will see the release of my Sophomore effort.

2. For those that continue to ask, the next CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 7 will most likely take place in March. I already have the theme picked out, and I'll fill you in on everything you need to know just as soon as the date arrives. This will be our seventh Trade (we've had over 150 Mixes created by over 100 people), and I promise it'll be bigger and more creative than ever.

For those who have never participated in the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade but are interested, please keep an eye on the CDP in early March (same goes for the veterans, too); it should be a good time.

3. On Friday, I'll be driving the Missus to TLC Laser Eye Center for Lasik surgery. As not everyone can have Superhero-esque vision like yours truly, she will be going under the bladeless knife in an attempt to shed her lifelong near-blindness. She's eager, excited and optimistic, so if you have a minute, send some love and encouragement her way.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. Lost Friday is up next.

As you probably have guessed, I'm in the next mix. My bucket of songs tagged for a CDP mix is starting to overflow -- must be time to make another one. I hope my ideas fit the chosen theme, or I'm screwed.

So 50 edited essays and 20 new ones? Jeepers, you will be busy. The Missus should be able to read them even better now once she sheds her corrections. Good luck Cecilia!
Psyched for the next mix trade! I'll have even more time to pump out something fantastic this go round. :)

Also glad to hear the book is coming along nicely. You've reminded me that I need to get on the ball with my own novel.

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