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Lost Friday - "Everybody Loves Hugo."

Season 6 - Episode 12: "Everybody Loves Hugo."

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have very little to discuss.

So, I'm calling a quasi-audible this week for a couple of very good reasons. First off, 'Everybody Loves Hugo' functioned in a mainly utilitarian function, which is to say that it set things up more than it answered anything tangible. These episodes happen with frequency as Lost nears a season (or in this case, series) finale, so we're left to play it as it lies, knowing that they have something fantastic in store for us next week.

Secondly, I attended a Q&A with Lost Co-Executive Producers (and UW alums) Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz on Wednesday night, for which I was asked to write an article for Dane 101. For Lost fans, this was a rare and special opportunity, so I'm digging in this weekend to poop out the report proper (I'll link to it on Monday when it goes live; HERE'S a pretty good news video of the festivities).

Before anyone asks, I was indeed drunk when I attended, so I hope that you didn't try to talk to me if you ran into me that night. I took legible notes, though.

So, this week's Lost Friday might be meager, but I have a good excuse and you'll get a neat story out of it next week. Let's go.


Hurley’s using his lottery money in a humanitarian fashion. Libby runs into him and tries to convince him that they know each other from an alternate life, but she’s a mental patient, so the conversation doesn’t sink in too well. Desmond, who’s on a mission to show the 815’ers the light, convinces Hurley to give Libby another chance. On their date, Hurley and Libby kiss, to which Hurley begins to remember his alternate life. Meanwhile, Desmond attempts (but doesn’t succeed) to kill substitute teacher John Locke, assumingly because he realizes what he will become.


Hurley's Group:

Ilana and company heads to the Black Rock for dynamite to destroy the Ajira plane. Ghost Michael appears to Hurley and tells him not to do such things. Ilana insists that by destroying the Ajira plane, the Black Smoke will be unable to leave the Island. Just then, the unstable dynamite explodes and kills Ilana. Before anyone notices, Hurley goes through Ilana’s things and takes Jacob’s ashes.

As the group is headed back to the Black Rock for more dynamite, Hurley sabotages the mission by blowing up the Black Rock entirely. He claims that by doing this, he’s protecting people. Richard throws an honest-to-God spazz fit and heads off to the Dharma barracks for whatever explosives he can find. Hurley, Jack, Frank and Sun go to speak with Locke. On the way, they hear the whispers, to which Hurley finds out what they mean. According to Michael, the whispers are of those who ‘cannot move on.’

Locke's Group:

Locke is waiting for Hurley, Jack and Sun to show up, as they’re not able to leave the Island unless everyone is together. Later on, Locke and the newly-acquired Desmond go for a walk. They go to a well, where Locke talks about how the builders were looking for answers. Locke states that Widmore isn’t looking for answers, but power. After Locke questions as to why Desmond doesn’t seem afraid, he goes and tosses Desmond into the well, just for the hell of it.

Back at camp, Hurley, Jack, Frank and Sun show up, to Locke’s delight.

Smash cut; blah-bloo-blee.

Shazam; we're outta here! Sound off in the comments section, enjoy your weekend and cuddle up with the following links while we're apart. More Mix-Tape reviews next week, too!

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Just want to point out that Locke didn't seem "happy" to see Jack necessarily. And it just looks like Desmond is functioning as Jacob's proxy in the alternate timeline, by orchestrating certain events.

Richard's spazz-fit was one of my favorite Lost moments ever. He looks hot even when he's throwing a 'tard tantrum.
I would be frustrated if I were Richard. First, he wants to leave and go to Locke, but everyone's all like "tell us what to do." He becomes convinced to do this by Hurley, and now Hurley is all "we're going to go to Locke." I'd throw a fit too.

Also, didn't the Lost producers swear that the island wasn't purgatory? Because: "According to Michael, the whispers are of those who ‘cannot move on.’" sounds like purgatory to me.
MAUS - I figured Locke felt that his plan was coming together nicely. I also love how they continue to keep Jin and Sun apart. The buildup is amazing.

CELIA - That scene with Richard was not subtle. He threw a tantrum.

CAITLIN - Yeah, it seems a lot like purgatory to me, too. While I don't think that will be the big 'answer' to the show, I wouldn't doubt it in a metaphorical sense. Especially considering that, through redemption or relapse (good or evil), they always seem to meet their actual fate shortly thereafter.

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