Friday, April 9

Lost Friday - "Happily Ever After."

Season 6 - Episode 11: "Happily Ever After."

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

What 'Ab Aeterno' did for Island mythology, Desmond-centric episodes such as 'The Constant' and 'Happily Ever After' do for the Time Travel business. Arguably the best episode of the season so far, here are 20 rapid-fire captions for your consuming and belly-laughing pleasure.



("I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Hume, but I regret to inform you that you are hereby banned for life from all Carnival Cruise ships.")

("I can't live in a world without whiskey! And Penny! But mostly whiskey!")

("Hmm, you kind of look like a 'Faces Of Meth' Tiny Fey, did you know that?")

(The CDP falls asleep on the beach.)

(Google World Headquarters.)

(Want to know how sexy Desmond is? Ten seconds ago, Claire wasn't even pregnant!)

(Charlie's been in the Witness Protection Program, aka FlashForward.)

(Raise glass of alcohol to lips. Swallow. Congratulations, you're officially a bass player.)

(Desmond and Charlie combined can drink a table under the table.)

(John McCain attempts to read legislation.)

("Okay, Mr. Hume. This thing has a tendency to blast peoples' testicles straight through the top of their skulls, so you're going to want to lay as still as possible.")

(Alternate-Dimension Jack is still a surgeon, but he's actually good at it.)

(This is an Audio Joke.)

("Oh crap, she's dumb as a post, what do I do now?")


(I prefer the Douchebag Hat as opposed to the Douchebag Necktie.)

(Hey, look! It's an XKCD comic! And guess what? IT'S NOT F**KING FUNNY!!!)

(I bet that Faraday's music contains a lot of awkward pauses and stuttering.)

("Well, you're a total stranger, you're face is all cut up and you just fainted and pissed yourself, but what the heck? Let's grab coffee!")

There you have it, another Lost Friday in the books. Sound off in the comments section, enjoy your weekend and help yourself to a ton of Lost Friday backlinks and goodness. Later.

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I liked how the new non-feeling zombie Sayid still greets strangers by murdering them.
I was thinking the same thing that you wrote about Penny meeting Desmond...he never even explained how he knew who she was. Weirdo!
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A woman running stairs alone. In Los Angeles. I call shenanigans.
I called Yakkity Sax before clicking the link. Seriously - EVERY chase scence is vastly improved with that as the soundtrack. And you can see he's totally wearing shorts under that gown, otherwise...

Anyone else notice the slight pause and focus on the sailboat in the harbor during the scene right before Charlie drives the car into the water? Foreshadowing like a mo' fo', I'm guessing. Looks like Desmond and Penny have traded places - she's the one going to go sail that ship to win her father's approval.

I prefer douchebag tie to douchbag hat. (In terms of nerd-love from yours truly, musicians < scientists)
"Desmond and Charlie combined can drink a table under the table." Yes, both get drunk and then drive around ... no wonder they ended up in a body of water. Eloise seems to be very aware of everything all the time, she's deep in this mess.

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