Friday, July 16

The CDP's Top 30 TV Shows Of The 90's (#5-1).

5. The Adventures Of Pete And Pete
Aired From: 1993 to 1996 on Nickelodeon (34 Episodes, 5 Specials, 16 Shorts)

4. South Park
Aired From: 1997 to Present on Comedy Central (202 Episodes)

3. Beavis And Butt-Head
Aired From: 1992 to 1997 on MTV (200 Episodes)

2. Twin Peaks
Aired From: 1990 to 1991 on ABC (30 Episodes)

1. The X-Files
Aired From: 1993 to 2002 on FOX (202 Episodes)

Thanks for reading. Sound off in the comments section, enjoy your weekend and check back Monday, as we count down the Top 100 Films Of The 90's. See you then.

Dude, this Sporcle's for you!
How can a show w/ one good season be at #1? I call shenanigans!
The X-Files had one good season? I think you're reading that wrong. Twin Peaks is #2 on style points alone.
X-Files clearly was awesome all the way until when Mulder left in season 7.

Twin Peaks was awesome too. :D
X-Files had me at 'David Duchovny in a speedo'. I was a teenager, so don't judge me too harshly there. Of course, the show was awesome, and influenced my taste in tv towards convoluted, multi-season arcing plotlines and the bizarro side of storytelling. Also really, really loved Twin Peaks.
STEPH/MAUS - Correct. We're not talking about the Robert Patrick stuff. And...I don't know, I just feel that even 1.5 good seasons of Twin Peaks were groundbreaking enough for a Top 5 showing. For me, at least.

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