Monday, October 4

Once You Go Zombie, You Never Go BRAINS!


On Halloween, the six-episode First Season of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC. This adaptation of the wildly successful comic namesake looks to be Television's saving grace this season; a zombie apocalypse TV show hasn't really ever been done to these depths before.

So, I'm excited. I read the comic, I like Frank Darabont, and from what I've seen of the show so far, it looks through-the-roof awesome. So much so, that The Walking Dead just might be the thing to fill the void left by Lost last season...and you know what that means.

The Walking Dead Fridays.

I'm dusting off my recapping skills for Season 1 of The Walking Dead, so be sure to come back here every Friday following each episode for some old-fashioned CDP awesomeness, Zombie-style. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope you are too.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. News on Aerating The Mashed Potatoes is coming soon.

I want to watch this series, but my already delicate psyche almost broke after reading World War Z, so I don't know if I'll be able to. I plan on *recording it*, but...and I'll look forward to the recaps that much more if I don't know what's actually going on.
This show looks so friggen cool. Psyched that you'll be adding your voice again to throw some recaps at us!
I am looking forward to this soooooooooo much. Sweet zombie action!
EMILY - Damn right; the light went off in my head a week ago, and I knew what had to be done.

CELIA - Whoooo! I should mention that this is the ONLY comic that Celia reads.
I recently had a dream about zombies...I keep telling my students about it, and they keep telling me that I already told them.
Almost looks like a better take on Richard Matheson's I am Legend. The short story they absolutely DESTROYED in the movie of the same name. Read it if you haven't already. I still can't believe he wrote it in 1954. blows my mind.

I will be watching this. Thanks!

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